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Nov 2019 · 208
police br*tality
Fatıma Nov 2019
The city is melting in the screams
In the dead of night,
From thick skins to thin skins, 
So accustomed to fearful, bloodied scenes 

As you walk through or past 
blinking in the putrid smokes rising up like an atom explosion  
compelling you to gouge your eyes out 
or rip the flesh off your bones 
You're knocked out in a floundering hill of carcass 

I was there 
I was scared 

Unidentifiable in the crowd adorned with courage
As my people should be 
They targeted me anyway
Emptying the barrel of a dozen revolvers
Hundreds of black-clad Darth Vaders 
besieged my space once taken to be safe 

Gone are those days entrusting 'law and order'
unmasking itself as a little less human 
cutting innocent lives shorter and shorter 
learning that it's after all a shape-shifting demon 

"When I grow up I want to serve in the plice
Fools, you see what they want you to see 
A provocation or condemnation 
And they give you a taste of merciless damnation 

My people play no part in the conflict 
And yet. The demons in blue and green 
orchestrate and construct minefields to **** 
And yet. We don't plan to forfeit 

I say 'We' on behalf of journalists 
I say 'people' on behalf of journalists 
also happen to be People with Emotions 
Finding middle ground when the earth under your feet 
crumbles. Living in Commotion

Power-hungry bodies are dark voids during a war 
because money buys protection 
because status breeds greed 
Empowered bodies are overcome during a war 
because all they feel is pain and fury 
of measures shaking them to the burning core 

They fired shots after shots 
manhandling our right to exist 
Our weapon of choice is the pen
we'll show them
tyranny is so close to its end
Aug 2016 · 314
should we meet?
Fatıma Aug 2016
every attempt i try to forget all that we created
together in memories infused with sugar and salt,
water and flames, love and enmity,
I fail.

I fail and fail until my world comes crashing down in fear of losing a jewel-
Encrusted with the gleam you inhale me with,
Reflecting on my sun-dazed skin
to cement our enmeshed bond.

A voice.
An image.
i’ve never met your gaze, your deep gaze
but I can.
Yet you disillusion me with your ignorance and

i ask, “are you deserving of my love?”
“No”, says my wits
“Always”, says my soul.
Mar 2016 · 404
Fatıma Mar 2016
I’ve been distant with myself
from what i want to do
places i want to go.

a flicker of flame burns in my flesh
calls out to the ***** moves i make in chess.
its not really me but the
devil wooing me to digress.
God is with me. I’m safe.
but these voiceless words devours my heart
unable to feel anything but below par

believe me, this is the longest war theres ever been
me versus me
not as loathing as the Russians and Americans
The sole vigor of wanting to win
comes from my faith in our Creator
till it plunges into the darkness once more.

never-ending, this **** in the mind
i won’t stop. i won’t stop before its defeated
the Duality of myself turning into a single voice

i won’t stop.
current disposition
Jan 2016 · 635
accidental relapse
Fatıma Jan 2016
My Monday morning blues receded early
I owe to your touch, a generous touch of
Your dainty words formed as a garden
Painted with care, with love, with you.

The pavements track your footsteps
Those same light strides, ever so careful not to trample on the delicate sprouting life
Growing from concrete. They remember you.

The recluse river we used to reach out to
when either of us needed to disappear
Far from the world of overwhelming events of hostility, hate and harassment.

To sit and mull over bandaids to these ailments you believed could recover. See,
my intent was to just listen.
Listen to your wise whims of hope of this
Plagued world you incessantly unearth.
Beautiful, I thought.
The look of benevolence on your hands as you spread to the vastness of the dimming sky.
The pitch of ambition in your voice as your lips curve and unfurl to the strength of the pacing tides.
The glistening light of beauty in your eyes as you passionately look into mine and see nothing, but admiration.

Now bringing back those golden moments isn't viable or a breeze. Time has torn a rift between the vivacious vitality of Us.
Closing my windows and stargazing your Touch can only relieve me of my painful sighs.
Dec 2015 · 444
Fatıma Dec 2015
I think we were perfect
- too perfect.
That's why when we
you left me on earth
to dance with the stars.
Dec 2015 · 1.0k
Fatıma Dec 2015
Beneath yours
My love lies
Don't want
The fire that rips
Open the schism
The water that feeds
Souls keeping us
Our love
Nov 2015 · 173
wash out
Fatıma Nov 2015
I stood in the storm
and prayed that the rain
would wash away
the want of you.
Nov 2015 · 440
obscene clarity.
Fatıma Nov 2015
Oh, how beautiful is your heart.
Smeared with Piper nigrum
now maligned your Delphi art.

your full-of-**** ignorance.

would-be innocent souls

like me.
Nov 2015 · 742
Fatıma Nov 2015
The incessant turning of cogs in
an instrument ran by heart
Stoic, admonishing words
frolicking about as frail, free-floating petals.
Beneath it all the clamorous tug gibing with the
Very voices you kissed me with.
Cold, but
unwinding the taut flesh.

I stayed

By your darkest demons, caressing with
Silk comfort.
Imbuing them with a dancing light lull:
your Reign of Melody.

To projectile your serenading strums,
To stretch out your fingers jangling,
on all the metal of the strings;
Gnashing the ivory saws of your teeth
you severed my bones.

I’ve become your music to trifle
I’ve become your naive, small bell boy.
“We’re not two, but one” you’d say. When
You knew all along, this song steered and dwindled
into paleness.

Sour hush.
Jun 2014 · 301
Young love
Fatıma Jun 2014
That risible laugh you say I cause and that you like
That husky voice that you speak in inhales my soul and I'm emptied with everything but love

I don't know what to call this
Random smiles at work

Though never seen you
But there's something about you
Everything you do is
And I admit
Is appealing
My world changes

You think I don't like you
But I do
I do
Personal feelings
May 2014 · 708
Fatıma May 2014
And it hurts that I
Can't be what everyone wants
Or what anyone needs
And it hurts that I
Can't be what
I want
Or what
I need
Because I'm not enough
And won't be enough
And I'll never be close to enough
And I'm just so **** tired
Current feeling sick
May 2014 · 459
Fatıma May 2014
Yesterday I watched
The sun touch the horizon
In such a way
That even the sky blushed
And I thought about what I'd do
To do something like that to you
From a guy's POV
May 2014 · 792
Fatıma May 2014
Broken bones
Of love
Used to be taut
But now all for naught

What did I do to deserve this
Endure this ordeal
Unasked for
Unprepared for

Beneath the shadows I lie
Torn limb from
My shut mouth
Made no moan


I see a light
Of hope
To mend the bond

It faded
By the ever-growing cloud
Of hatred
Making rifts
Between the loved

Bombardment of needles thrown
From all directions
Twinge you
Bleed you
Every droplet exuding my suppressed despair

Death is an option
But even death has a cost

There is no escape
Only pain
Only pain
Spewed my feelings.
May 2014 · 255
Fatıma May 2014
I will write
 of a world together

into every inch

of your bare skin,

while you sleep

So you wake

to verses of us,

etched into

the blood vessels

of your being
Dear love
May 2014 · 799
growing young
Fatıma May 2014
my mother says her

vision is fuzzy
it is 
difficult to move 

she takes more naps 

than she used to 

it seems as i

grow up she 

grows down 


before me so 

slowly it takes a while to 

notice i am becoming 

the parent as she 

becomes the baby
Mar 2014 · 260
Fatıma Mar 2014
You’re confusing

To say the 

And the longer 

I follow your 


Trail of logic

The more lost 
I truly 

Feb 2014 · 370
When loving isn't enough
Fatıma Feb 2014
You have sadness that 
hasn’t lifted for weeks 
and I get scared to ask

about it because I know 
I can’t fix it.
I’ve pressed

myself into your skin like

a bandaid but haven’t

been able to soak any of

it up; I place my hands on

every part of your body 
leaving a layer of fingerprints

that will fail to warm you. 

You get quiet when you’re 
sad and the silence drips 
with all the ways I’m useless 
to help.
Jan 2014 · 540
Bitter truth
Fatıma Jan 2014
The crinkled paper of misfortune
Dumped into seclusion
No more will it jab my uneasy heart
But that was just anticipated
It never happened

Floods of tormenting tribulations
Washed away my entombed
Pathetic desires
No more will it surmount reality
But that was just anticipated
It never happened

Echoing lethal voices in memories
Dies with the magic of eternal
Now moving forward to posterity
But that was just anticipated
It never happened

Sought love
Youthful aging
Innocence far and wide
Idyllic world
Bloodless demise

But that was just anticipated
It never happened

Mind you
It never will
Jan 2014 · 1.0k
It Happens..
Fatıma Jan 2014
It happens in a Nano second

when your brain bursts

like a water balloon

and flavored ideas

of Snickers and sour dill pickles

run from your brain

down your arm 
to you hand, 
that magnificent five fingered

tool gifted at birth

then picks up a pen

and scribes the cleverest

inconceivable thought

ever known 
to mankind

you have just blown

your own mind

it happens…
Jan 2014 · 289
~To Where, From Here~
Fatıma Jan 2014
December turns to May again;

Dead flowers - do not rise.

In water my reflection’s cast,

but gazing back – Your eyes.
Jan 2014 · 2.9k
Secret Admirer
Fatıma Jan 2014
The distance ever so touchable
Yet you're still far afield

The glimmering glitter in your blissful
Translucent almond irises
Waiting to deviate from them
Yet they have imprinted themselves
Now affiliated with my heart

Seeing your lips brimming brightly
Rejuvenating your flawless visage
Embodying my love
Not even half your beauty

Inwardly made you mine
Realistically destined for another

Drastic jaundiced waves
Crashing the shores of heartbreak

Thus the eminent work of
Enshrouds my blooming admiration
For you
Unfastening my feigned ethos
For you

I comprehend the significance of dignity and family

But my love
Ceaseless and eternal

But my love
Yours only
Jan 2014 · 433
Fatıma Jan 2014
Huffing the scent of love
Roaming about

Chronicles the mind
To where it all began

Hush Mind
You subvert

Only one
Cries for
Your love

As I.

Only one
Prays for
Your soul

As I.

Only one
Loves you

For you

As I.

One day
The sea

Will kiss
The shore

The search

Will be

Jan 2014 · 791
Dying love
Fatıma Jan 2014
The dazzling stars plunge
Into chasms of hell
With your dying love

The crimson rose withers
Until thorns unveil
With your dying love

The tepid sea of flames
Impales my bleeding heart
With your dying love

The magnetic friction of hand in hand
Now frigid and frail
With your dying love

This poem in spilled red ink
You're oblivious to
I'm cemented to
From each devoted blooddrop
With your dying love

Indelible memories
Crystal touches
Perspiring redolence
Interlocked fingers
Gleaming beauty

All evanescing
With your dying love
Jan 2014 · 521
Yes, I Love You
Fatıma Jan 2014
I love you, yet lack the words to say 
It often seems no matter how I try

I can’t find the proper way to show it 

Did not the rhymes get in the way
and a tear or two fall from my eye

I’d gladly say I love you as a poet

My love grows stronger every day

the sight of you makes my heart sigh
and I need a way to let you know it

Bear with me please, here it goes
since I can’t say it with poetry or prose

I love you, I love you, I love you
nothing more and nothing less

I simply, madly, truly do

Yes, I love you
Jan 2014 · 658
Fatıma Jan 2014
Curvaceous fringe of her physique
Emphasized by the fuchsia garment cordially shaping her commendable Figure


Fortunate I am in possession of her Wondrous, voluptuous
Breath of life

Where I delicately whistled
Love-permeated air
Now an integrant part
Of me

Hue of
Accomplished with every touch she grants

"Silence will suffice your devotion of love" I retort
When impotent she is
To declare her love

Don't complain
Don't ask

Just love me
Till I die
Jan 2014 · 415
You again
Fatıma Jan 2014
Once again 
you have intruded- 

forcing my attention from 


self recrimination

You always appear

With your beautiful words

Like uninvited roses

Or- Sunstreams

Piercing the clouds
Jan 2014 · 993
Fatıma Jan 2014
Once upon a time,
The night of rendezvous with him
Went like the scent of daisies everliving.

Selectively rising to meet mine
Wearing meek and hesitant makeup
Concealing the flushed feelings
Towards one another.

Enjoined to avoid bursts
Of cackles loving the latter's
Dissembling yet verifiable
Between us.

Alas, 'eternity' shall never persist
For this remains a pipe dream
Shackles of his indifferent family
His aura bipolar to mine

Carpe Diem
A sole motivator
Diminishing the mirage of hopelessness
Flourishing his debonair charms
Spell bounded and cherished


The End
Far afield

The Story
Began to see daylight
Jan 2014 · 1.7k
Growing Dim
Fatıma Jan 2014
Cords are becoming loose,
Affections floating the boat
To the island of Disappointment

Oxytocin no longer rushes
Staying stagnant
Until a trigger releases the manacles
Tied stiffly

Assumed there is a chance
But you waived the golden opportunity

Embarked on the journey
Of self-indulgence
Into your picked avenue


Hypocritical Not I
But you showed me
I will decry
Jan 2014 · 636
Fatıma Jan 2014
Something draws me down on earth
To you

Something invokes the inner compassion
For you

Something wakes in silent longing
To be with you

This sleepless spirit yearns the fuel of your caressing graze
your melodic voice
your anguish to abridge and
Protect you from any harm

O Love
Return with your arms full of warmth
And never leave

For I'm your gravity
Burying your love in my heart
Jan 2014 · 647
Fatıma Jan 2014
air of cold and treachery

air of longing and love

grip the stars of infinite exuberance

return to fraught hypocrites

pillars of sound hope

reach the luminous sphere

contemplate the gift before me

tamed tender desires

beauty and ugliness

cycle of life
Jan 2014 · 1.5k
Fatıma Jan 2014
Clogging real life,
lost in the Great Barrier Mind.

It's attacking,

Never seen,
Never touched.
Yet this affection,
Grows stronger.


Of his whereabouts,
Temperament and
His love of religion.

Who is he?
Every detail,
Unknown and

Yet I profusely yearn.
Yearning for his bejewelled devotion.
Yearning for his inimitable self.
Yearning for his yearns for me.

That is
If it subsists.

— The End —