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Amelia Jan 16
You've spent so many hours,
So many days, wasting your time and tears
On a different kind of idiot.

You doubted yourself
And hated yourself
Because your father
Didn't cherish you.

It's time for the pain to stop.
It's time for you to realize
How amazing you are.
It's time for you to stop being a victim,
And start being a fighter.

Show him how wrong he is.
Showcase all of the fantastic things that you do.
Make him regret pushing you down.
Make him jealous of the people in your life.
Make him wish he would have stayed.

Let go of the broken little girl,
And make way for the strong queen
That you have become.

Dry the tears on your cheeks
And make room for the smiles
That will appear.

Give yourself the love
That he didn't give you.

Some may think it's arrogance,
Others, confidence...

But you will know that what you
Allow the world to see
Is strength.
This is the final part of a poem that I am extremely proud of. Parts 1 and 2 are on my profile, and I hope you enjoy them as well. Thank you for reading!
Amelia Jan 16
I start to hurt just enough
To where I feel nothing at all.
My lungs feel like
They're filled with fire.
Burning me from the inside out.
My poor, fragile heart
Takes one too many hits,
And beats toxic blood.
I can feel the memory
Of the once vibrant and beautiful
Butterflies that used to reside within me.
But now they're just

I can't breathe.

I can't see the beauty
In breathing.

I absolutely...


This is the final part of one of my favorite poems. I was in a very bad place when I wrote this and I remember crying while writing it. It made me feel so much better, and I hope reading it will make someone else feel better. Parts 1 and 2 are on my profile if you would like to read the entire poem. Thank you!
Amelia Jan 16
I feel paralyzed
With the heartache I feel.
My mind doesn't stop jumping
From conclusion to conclusion
On why my friend didn't text me back.
I genuinely cannot comprehend
What I did, or do,
That compels everyone to run
When they see me.
I hear that little voice in my head,
Telling me exactly why
They didn't want me in the group chat.

I feel so suffocated with
The feeling that no one
Will ever want me.
I feel like I'm drowning
In the sea of self- doubt
And self- loathing.

I hope you enjoyed Part 2! This poem is a very emotional one for me and I am really excited to share it. Part 1 is on my profile if you would like to read it from the beginning. Thank you!
Amelia Jan 16
Like right now,
I can't breathe.

Sometimes I sit and stress
About things that
Engulf everything.
Sometimes it's late at night
And I have a test tomorrow,
But that doesn't stop me
From obsessing over my imperfections
As I lie in my bed.
My hands start to shake
Because people ask me
"What do you like about yourself?"
And I have to really try to
Come up with something.

I can't see the light at the end
Of that godforsaken tunnel.
It's just a dark abyss that I
Have no way of navigating.

This is part one of another one of my lengthy poems. The rest is to come soon! Thank you so much for reading.
Amelia Dec 2018
A Guide on Burning Emotions
1. Get your heart broken
2. Contemplate your existence
3. Vent to a trusted friend
4. Realize you both hate emotions
5. Utter two simple words: "**** it."
6. Agree on a meeting spot
7. Meet at midnight (because that's when it hurts the most)
8. Hug each other
9. Dig out the shattered pieces of your heart
10. Lay them on the logs cut from behind the Heart- Breaker's house
11. Shed your final tears over the imbecile who didn't see your worth
12. Get the black matches that mirror your future soul
13. Both of you light a match by the tip of your painted nails

14. Light the place up
This is something I wrote after venting to a friend after getting my heart broken. We have plans on ruling the world one day, as you will see in a future poem.
Amelia Dec 2018
You've cried on the bathroom floor,
Asking yourself why you weren't good enough.
You've changed everything about yourself,
Multiple times,
Just to make him love you.

But this wasn't for a boyfriend.
This pain was endured for the one man
Who was supposed to make sure
That you were never hurt.
All of this suffering was caused
Because the guy that was supposed to be
Your first love,
Didn't deliver.

The man who was supposed to make you
Feel perfect...
The man who was supposed to give you
All of his love...
The man who was supposed to tell you
That there is nothing wrong with you...

He failed.
I hope you enjoyed part two! To read the beginning of this poem, visit my profile, I am planning on posting some different stuff very soon. Thank you!
Amelia Nov 2018
This poem isn't one about boys.
This poem isn't a tribute to the girls
Who got their hearts broken by an idiot.
But I pray for them too.

This poem is not  plea for attention,
This poem is not a bargaining chip.

This is to the little girls who's
Fathers hurt them more
Than any boy ever could
This is an ode to the girls who cry over
An abandoned office.
This is for the warriors who fought through the pain.

You've wondered if it was your fault.
You've wondered if there was anything
You or anyone could've done.
The nights you've seen pass by
As you contemplate why he didn't stay
Are countless.

You've written poems about the
Emptiness you've felt
Because of his absence.
You've rehearsed in your mind what it would
Be like
If he came back.
You've thought about how it would be
If life were perfect.

This is the first part of this poem. It's fairly lengthy so I'm breaking it up into parts. I hope you enjoyed Part One!

— The End —