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Mary Ab Oct 2018
Take a moment and ponder upon your life,
The moments you were depressed and hopeless
Aren't they over,
Didn't you find a better situation,
Reflect upon all the things that happened to you,
Even if it might seem that you've been alone and no one was there for you,
In fact Allah was always there,
Helping you through and providing you with all what you need while you were away consumed by your fears..  

Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart,
Shout to it to calm down, Allah is here always to help you ..

End your worries and start a peaceful fresh beginning with the chapter of your life,
Name it "Reliance and Certainty"

Be forever grateful for your lord for every single bounty that He provided you
You are  blessed to be here and do ardently know that Allah will give you the power and patience to continue and shine in your life..

because you are a S U R V I VO R ...

— The End —