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17.5k · Jul 2014
Eid's faithful whispers
Mary Ab Jul 2014
Our hearts and souls were so blessed to fast Ramadan sincerely
To be enlightened by its super mercy and extreme prosperity
purity abiding around my heart, kindling my every part

a gift from Allah came along to bless our hearts
to spread  peace and love, to dig faith in each part
A blessed bounty to wipe away our tears
to zest our souls and vanish our fears
to sparkle with faith with our keenest beliefs
and twinkle light in our bright smiles
oh dear eid, you can't help it but sowing seeds of joy,
Capturing joy and happiness in every single countenance ,
of a child's enthusiastic joy kindling a thriving inner radiance
joining hearts and souls with the deepest crystals of love
revealing such a fancy artistic touch of a peaceful dove
feeling the gratitude for Allah's super merciful blessings
praying to pluck the roses of peace each single moment

pounding hearts of affliction and yearning
missing your everlasting passion getting sick of poisoning
yearning for their peaceful deliverance
to catch glimpses of happiness
that once has been hunted by a sudden death of a loving part of soul
until Allah will send a cheerful hope,
just be patience to get over all the mope
smile and share the joy of eid and love  ,
work even harder to cherish the heaven above ....
This is the first draft of the poem " imprinted feelings"  written jointly with my dearest poet Amina ♡
Check the final version ^^
7.7k · Oct 2014
Like a flower
Mary Ab Oct 2014
So radiant and fascinating is a flower's beauty ,
Protected by its thorns revealing a loyal duty ...
So inspired by roses *_*
6.4k · Jul 2014
Mary Ab Jul 2014
R is for the radiance of the relaxation of  pure souls that float in the highest degrees of faith !
A is the awesome pure morals we try to keep in our minds and hearts
M is for the mercy of Allah that covers our hearts with blessings and love
D is for the duas and honest prayers we pray every night seeking Allah's super mercy
A another A for the ardent spiritual hopes of vanishing all the sins and mopes
N is for the new better version of our hearts with brand  new beats of faith, joy, love and mercy

Ramadan is our lantern of hope and blissful chance to get the blessings of Allah and spread peace and love all over our surroundings ...
Ramadan is the most fascinating chance to change towards the Best and to blossom the entire year with faithful flowers ...
Mary Ab Jul 2014
Thirty days have passed by,
purity abiding around my heart
Our souls were so blessed
to fast Ramadan deeply sincere
To be enlightened by its vast mercy
and the extreme prosperity

a gift from Allah came along to bless our hearts
to spread peace and love, to dig faith in each part

A blessed bounty to wipe away our tears
to rest our souls and vanish our fears

to sparkle with faith with our ambitious beliefs
and twinkle light in our bright smiles

I can't explain the sadness,
that all of it is already gone

Yet I am unable to express,
all the happiness that came along

Oh dear Eid,
you can't help it but sowing seeds of joy,
All the little children jumping out of ecstasy,
or something more

We gather all of us in a room,
cheering everything we have got
the child's enthusiasm kindling a thriving inner radiance
joining hearts with the profound crystals of love

feeling the gratitude for Allah's merciful blessings
pounding hearts of affliction and yearning
attempting to catch glimpses of happiness
that once has been hunted by a sudden death
of a loving dear soul

I have two sides today,
in my spirit is something wrong
but it's real, and I can't hide it
and let the feeling in my heart just lay

A beaming smile, so doleful eyes
As I said I have got two sides
And still can not decide.

This great festival meant a lot,
now it is just a reminder,
to all the years that have flown
celebrating a day without her.

It is just a replay,
to the digging nostalgia in my core,
until Allah will send a cheerful hope,

just be patience to get over all the mope
work even harder to cherish the heaven above.

Yet you see,
this movie will come again, the next year
and the melancholia, tingled with nostalgia
might keep you deaf and blind
along your long road.

Remember that Allah's door of repenting is always wide open

Waiting for your heart to get back and mind be awaken...
Happy eid for everyone ♡♡
This is my first collaboration with the most adorable poet Mina  ^^ (( )) ===> check her poems , they are so awesome ^^
I was so happy working with her ^^ ♡ hope we can write together so often ^^
May Allah bless her and protect her ^^
El7amdulillah for everything, Ramadan changed us to the best ,and El eid is a gift from Allah to spread love and peace ;)
And no matter how life gets tough  , just be patient and strive , fight until you'll find your way and Allah will reward you and make it up for you ;)))
Always pray , may Allah guide us to the straight path ;)
5.5k · Mar 2014
Blushed Snow :$
Mary Ab Mar 2014
While the snow reveals its keenest love for the sun ;
Its snowflakes start to dance and  it melts with blush ...
I just adore the glowing snow  under the radiance of the warm sun rays ^^
4.1k · Aug 2014
Mary Ab Aug 2014
We all have pain and this is the night ,
May Allah heal us , and sleep us tight
3.0k · Oct 2018
Things We Take For Granted..
Mary Ab Oct 2018
Close your eyes and open your heart,
Can you hear the silence!
Can you see the darkness!
Be grateful for the little things you have in life,
For all our lives are full of bounties and blessings..

Mingling with other people from different backgrounds and Ethnicities inspired me and made me wondering in the deepest meanings of life

Allah created us for one aim which is to worship Him alone..
He empowered us with all the tools that would help us to achieve life's goal
The holy Quran will heal your heart and the sunnah of our prophet Muhammed PBUH will enlighten your path..

A letter to one's self..

Thank you is the least word I can utter to express my gratitude for you my lord
You created me out of love before I was nothing,
You gave me everything..
From the beauty to the health and wealth
The eyes, ears, hands, legs and heart :")
A muslim family that helped me through,
The Arabic language that allows me to enjoy Quran,  
You made me walk through your path to discover your light
Thank you for the awakening moments you granted me
Thank you for the air I breath the beauty I see and the food I eat
Thank you for the birds and trees
For the water and leaves
For the seasons and planets
For the sun and the moon
The clouds and the sky
If I ever start I can never count all the blessings you granted me

It is really important to step back on your life and start thinking and Talking to your self
To give your soul the boost to continue this life
To empower your faith and renew your tawakul (reliance on Allah)

I felt the need to cry when I attended today's speech by one of the sisters
She spoke about how insan needs to always rely on his Lord
Yeah sometimes you really get confused in the realms of life and you forget all the bounties that you've been blessed with
Shaytan comes to you  and start whispering that you always need more..
It's okay to always need more because Allah loves when his servants
pray to him and asks from him,
But this doesn't mean to forget all what you've been blessed with

It's really important to specify an hour each morning to reflect upon your life and to thank Allah for every single moment you have

Allah has created you out of love,
You are a unique version of your self
Nobody is completely like you
You are you and you should love yourself because Allah wants you to be like that..

All praise is to Allah!
Humans should always thank Allah for all the blessings and bounties! you will certainly face difficult times in your life because this life is a test!
all you have to do is to rely on Allah and always seek his help and satisfaction <3
2.7k · Oct 2014
She Has a Dream
Mary Ab Oct 2014
As I sat in the library waiting for my lecture to start,
A beautiful girl came along  and stood near to my heart

As she sent me peace with a smile full of delight,
Revealed such a beauty of hidden appealing light

Her eyes somehow met mine in a sudden peep
Took me somewhere over the rainbow leap

her eyes were iridescent with every shades of hope,
kindling sparks of spiritual faith and defeated mope

As I was wondering among her beautiful face ,
I heard her voice ,tingling my heart to race

She asked how to improve her langage to fulfill a dream,
To call for Islam and invite people to know this perfect Deen

She loves Allah more than you could ardently imagine ,
Her eyes glowing with the radiant of this noble message

I was fascinated by her alluring faith and love ,
by her appealing beauty and optimism shining above

Her heart was a precious peace of sincerity and faith
Studded with the most redolent shimmering gems

A full blossming hour spent without a doubt ,
Bringing faint hint of smiling sunshine ,

Pure love of Allah mingled our spirits ,
refreshingly flourished my heart and lissomed my soul

Islam is our biggest bounty so let's be grateful,
Let's relax our hearts and spread this bliss all over ...

The tips I gave she kept with an excited determination ,
To realise her dream and be among the callers
For this native religion and truthful decision,

With a glorious gratitude we ended our meeting ,
Promised our souls to get to strengthen our faith,
To noble our path and find our truthful basement

Speechless expressions are all we were able to keep,
In  front of Allah's super mercy and grateful deeds

she was  a pretty faithful soul that entered my heart,
Took me higher , and sowed love in every single part ...

Thank you Allah for all your bounties and fascination
Blissful we are to belong to your super fetching creation ...

I've been inspired by her faithful soul , embedded between her radiant light and fascinated by her pure love for Allah ...
Masha'Allah ♡

I met a precious jewel this morning who stole my heart and melted my soul ...
2.5k · Aug 2014
Mary Ab Aug 2014
Like the fabulous shooting star in the brightness of the night
Over the beaming moonlight and sparkling twinkling stars
Viewing this enchanting spirits gathering together
Enlightening your path and revealing your faith ...
May Allah bless us and protect us by His everlasting mercy and blossom our hearts with His purest love ♡
2.4k · Oct 2014
Mary Ab Oct 2014
Heart beats capturing glimpses of a giant dream ,
Nothing is impossible!go chase it and let it beam ♡

Oh yeah ^_^
Yes I can do it !! And I believe Allah will help me through ♡♡
2.1k · Apr 2014
A Journey In The Milky-way
Mary Ab Apr 2014
It's enchantingly stunning how nature's gleam took me away,
Put me in a rocket and send  me to wander in the Milky-way!
It's so fascinating , my tongue get twisted,no word left to say  
Meditation in the stars, planets and comets as they display,
A special kind of music that has so much beauty to convey
This journey enlightened my soul ,appealed it to stay
Fancy is this galaxy,where I will sail every single day ...
;) inspired when my eyes was  wandering in the glittering stars up in the darkness <3
1.9k · Mar 2015
I Came to Know LOVE ...
Mary Ab Mar 2015
I Came to Know LOVE ...

I came to know love the moment I knew you
I came to know love , the moment I came close to You

It's only when i remember you that i feel secure ,
That my heart reaches the highest degrees of faith and declare that it's pure,

I closed my heart from everyone except you ,
And I started whispering knowing that you already knew
what's there in my heart and what I've been through. ..
"Oh Allah,the ONE who sees secrets of hearts while we don't see you ,
The Most Merciful and Forgiving ,
I declare my repentance for you ...
For you are the only one who loves me more than I even do love myself ...
Oh my Lord,
With each hearty glimpse of love I do possess in my heart ,
I ardently have two types of love for you ...

The love of inclination when your remembrance keeps me away from everything but you ...
And truly the love you are WORTHY of is when you unveil the veils for me to see you ...

All praise is for you my Creator ,
You privileged me with every purchase of happiness,
The very significant of love and care ...
From creating me a human being and not other creature ,
For the fancy perfect religion of Islam ...

Oh Allah,  my heart beats would speak more eloquently than my words would be able to do ,
Cause no word is worthy in front of your greatness , no meaning could be shaped ******  ...

Ya Allah , please grant me deep faith and belief in you ,
Mold my heart into a precious pearl ,
One that encompass pure love,  benevolence and grace ...

Oh Lord of el3alamin;
Make me close to you the way you want me to be righteous and pious ,
Guide my steps to ensure the right path of true belief and happiness ...
And make me contribute in spreading peace and happiness ,
Through spreading the light of Islam all over the nations ...

Ya Allah don't let my heart beat for anyone except you,
For your love is the pure and all the rest is just an illusion ...
El3alamin : all the mankind
Mary Ab Jul 2014
When the night is here ,and all the eyes are asleep
Mine refuse to close,I crave to taste your meeting
I lose myself and regret my sins
My spirit starts to mingle in faith
My soul states Allah's super vision
His miracles , His super power and holy pure love
I yearn for that special corner
which gets perfumed by my sincere tears
Yet,I yearn for it with extreme heartiness

I start yelling to His majesty ,
expressing my situations well aware that He know more than I actually do !
Keenest in my heart! I do feel His mercy
In that corner , I feel my faith's warmth
and I feel your closeness for that you're closer that the vein !
And when I gather my feelings with sacred rain
and perfume my mouth with your holy presence fragrance
I get overwhelmed with the deepest purest emotions of relaxing !
and my heart is wondering and regretting ! "how much I lost from my life like this night ! "
In your presence , Time passes sweeter than honey and prettier than roses !!
Than my tears start pouring like rains ,mixed with regret salt and happiness sugar of such moments !!
A sudden shadow sends me arrows of pain and roses of hope !
I start calling upon you with a shaking heart !
Oh my LORD ! I came with regret! I'm repenting to you !
Forgive me my lord ! I seek your mercy !
I have no one but you ! I run from you towards you !
whenever I remember a sin that I've committed !I get burned with the deepest shame and vexation !
i get melted ,I kneel and bite my fingers' nails from regret and sorrows ...
Ya Allah , you are the most beneficent , the most merciful !
please ,hear my call ,guide me to the straight path and forgive me for I'm a week slave of yours :")
Forgive me ...
May Allah heal our souls and minds and may His guidance sparkle all around our hearts and spread faith ♡
1.5k · Apr 2014
A Wish ...
Mary Ab Apr 2014
I only wish you could see yourself in the mirror of my eyes
And hear my heart beats playing that charming lullaby !
Dearly beloved Ray ,it's the only way to let you see
How much I do appreciate you,how much you really mean to me ...
For my dear lovely best friend ! love you Rayene =)
1.4k · Oct 2014
To Her
Mary Ab Oct 2014
Even though you made feel like i was invisible for no clear reason ,
Ohh dear , I forgive you but I couldn't Forget that tough season ...

That's why I kept my smile when I saw you ..
No hatered would be kept in my heart , I assure you ...
1.4k · Oct 2016
Mary Ab Oct 2016
P===>Put everything aside, get away from your worldly problems, let your soul fly in the skies of faith by the starting point of "takbirat elihram" Allah is the Greatest , and everything is just none ...

R===> Relax your soul and refresh your mind , let your every vain of heart be filled with the purest glimpses of light, of pure love and eternal true belief ..

A===> Awaken your soul from its oblivion and remember that every single creature on earth is praying to Allah,  the Almighty ..

Y===> Yearn for paradise, imagine its eternal beauty and enchanting rewards with every move in your prayer ...

E===> Engage in your salât with the deepest concentration and embrace Allah's marvellous bounties on you ! Be a thankful grateful servant !

R===> Repent to your Lord whenever you sin ... Repentance is embedded in your salât, Allah is the most merciful , just be sincere and declare your honest repentance ...

Rule your life the way you want , YOU ARE THE LEADER OF YOUR OWN LIFE.  

أقم صلاتك ... تستقم حياتك !
by : Meriem.A
Salât : Islamic prayer
Mary Ab Sep 2014
Looking high , staring down
Have you ever wander ?
Falling cry, having to deny
Have ever surrender ?
Being near , missing dear
Have you ever yearned so closer ?

Dancing memories on the melodies of your charming hearty beats ,
Playing the old fascinating blessings from the moment you meet

Catching hope
Spreading happiness ,
Defeating mope
Hugging heartiness

Holding a pure blessed heart within your soul ,
Shedding innocent tears , hoping for a merry call
Marvelous beauty stands there in your hearts ,
Sunnshine , moonlight drops mingle as pretty parts
Rosy buds of honey scents and outstanding roses ,
Radiating fascination and admiration
A thousand pure sights from deep inside your innocence,
Landing with spiritual wings on the lane of happiness

There appeared the glittering fluttering butterfly ,
Lightening your way through the moping way
And you stand there and say :
Oh dear flying beauty , vanish all the darkness away
Send me faith and happiness everyday
Go along and watch me pray ,
Faithful grateful trills every single day ,
That everything will be perfectly okay ...
1.3k · May 2014
For a Teacher ...
Mary Ab May 2014
This poem is for the one who made a difference
Who shaped our minds and become a truthful reference

When we look back through the eight months we passed together
Speedy running thoughts flashing with the great memories ever

Hesitation was living in our souls
Stress and worries divided us all

And then our glances caught a shining light
Enchantingly moved our souls and brought us light  

It was your lantern of HOPE ,
Came all along to remove all the mope

With your fascinating outstanding British
Revealed our passion for our dearest English

You gave us the strength to climb up that bright star
To show our hidden powers ,to sparkle so far

You inspired our souls ,
and opened the locked doors

Awakened our blinking ,
and kindled our bright thinking  

To love and  value our goal,
to work hard and answer the call  

And today we're standing here ,
feeling so confident  without a single fear

your students will always remember ,
your precious motivation
For they were our glittering lanterns
To get rid of all the hesitation

you had completely changed our mood
made it better ,shift it into gratitude ...

Thank you for all the deeds you shared ,
they were honest  hints showing how much you cared ...
1.3k · Jul 2014
Please don't leave !!!
Mary Ab Jul 2014
Please don't leave this world  pure soul ,
You're gonna survive , this is something for sure
I wish I coud **** your pain and wipe your tears ,
I wish I could see your smile and vanish your fears ...
Can't help it but to cry , teary eyes and bleeding heart ,
All I can do is  to pray , pray and only pray ,
That Allah will heal your soul and body ,
That your life will blossom and all the pain will be forgotten ,
That your heart will feel pure love and your mind will enlighten your soul

Knowing you was such a blissful chance for me and you ,
To bring you light and be always there for you ...
Watching you surviving the pain and sickness ,
Weakening my heart and hunting my soul ...
But I want you to know that no matter what would happen ,
You'll always be there in my heart as a very precious part !!

Allah is the best planner for your fate ,
He'll plan the best and bring you back to life ....
And if you're not here again !! Ohhh , I'll bleed for you
But , be sure that I'll send you honest prayers everyday ,
To be your hopeful lantern that will guide you home ,
There in heaven surrounded by Allah's blessings
There , so happy and free, with your parents as it meant to be....

May Allah bless your soul and heal your body,
May you come back and sparkle in the highest sky ....

Praying for you :"(
1.2k · Jul 2014
Secret Prayers
Mary Ab Jul 2014
I'll secretly protect you with my duas,
Cause my love for you is neither a speech nor a pen drawing ,
My love for you is a dua that only Allah knows ♡
Dua (plural: duas) : prayer in Arabic language ^^
1.1k · Mar 2014
Snatch Your Fears Away ...
Mary Ab Mar 2014
When life seems like a barren field frozen by the snow;
Lure  your fears into a bumpy trap,get rid from its blow
Kindle a spark of brave spirit in this bruised row ;
Then appeal the sun to melt it down and let your seeds grow ...
=) Brace up and struggle until the end ^^
1.0k · Mar 2014
Mary Ab Mar 2014
You have faced the greatest challenges of your lifetime
You've been knocked down time and time again
But you rise back up every time you are knocked to the ground
You push forward when others would have given up
Cause quitting is not within your vocabulary
Be optimistic and face your troubles with strength
Fight for your dreams ; sacrifice ; give  them all what you've got
These obstacles only strengthen your resolve
These struggles build your character and shape your legacy
With each failure ; you are that much closer to your inevitable victory !
Enter the Kingdom of success
Wear your glasses of hope
Remove all the facing mope
Drink  your cup of ambition
Hold your pen of inspiration
Write  all your shining dreams
With the optimistic ink
Draw your passion path
Take your colors of faith and color the smiles of your life’s pages
Set your alarm up on hard work
Hold your innovation and ambition as weapons
Fight ! Fight ! and  FIGHT but never loose hope !!

Change to the better !!
And whenever facing problems ,hold your faith eraser and make sure to vanish all the trials ; fears and rewrite with the spirit of success !!
Build your whole life and come with something innovative !!
Start NOW !! you will not loose
You’ll make the impossible possible !
This is your defining moment …
Be :
Determined …. Focused…. Relentless ….. Intentional…..Decisive…. Unstoppable…..Thankful ….. Faithful and Ambitious !!
Live you Passion !! Live your Life
Live you Purpose !! Live your DREAMS !!
Not rhymed but expressive!! :p

Hope that you’re going to  like it ^^
988 · Mar 2014
If ...
Mary Ab Mar 2014
If only love would be able to know how much I love you !
He would  now be passionately wishing to be my beloved ...
love you mom <3
978 · Mar 2014
Your Inspiring Eyes
Mary Ab Mar 2014
When I'm with you !
My heart wanders in an endless horizon
Dancing between the clouds
Smiling  with the colorful butterflies ...

Your tears glow in the deepest worlds
Of your astonishing glitter mysterious eyes ...
Pouring piles of inspiration on your blushed cheeks ...
Your eyelashes reveal such a  harmonically merry symphony ...

Such a luster and radiance spread all over my heart
Once my eyes meet yours and staring in rhyme ...
Your sights create such a fascinating art
Overwhelming me with your love and slender kindness ...

Your love is a special aromatic fragrance
A fascinating scent
Spreading all over my heart's secret gardens
Reveals a special feeling
Knocks the keenest gleam of your honest sincere innocent heart ...

So grateful is my current state ,
Finding such an ideal soul mate ...
Those few expressive honest lines are for my best friend !! She has a terrific inspiration in her eyes !! whenever my eyes meet hers, I just get overwhelmed in happy thoughts of that optimistic world !! <3 <3 <3 may Allah protect and bless her ... ^^
971 · Apr 2014
Surprise !
Mary Ab Apr 2014
My soul has been hunted violently by surprise ,
How much hatred and envy she carries in her eyes !
Haters are always going to hate ! just don't care for them !
960 · Mar 2014
A Glimpse Of You... (15w)
Mary Ab Mar 2014
Your smile,your eyes ,your pretty voice ...
Brought me light ,appealed my soul to rejoice ...
Mary Ab Mar 2014
It was a special peaceful Monday
Spreading hope as any happy day
Sitting there in front of the bus window
Observing,thinking,enjoying nature's gleam
Playing with words,revealing an artistic beam
Meditating with focusing mind and cheerful heart
Leaving all the mope far apart
The gentle breeze kissed my cheeks
Vanishing all fears of my countless breaks...

A certain station was reached by the bus
Some people left and others stepped up
Among them was an old lady
Her features conveyed sort of a weakness
Oh! her age didn't permit ! she can't stand up
A sitting girl by my side leaved her the seat  
The old lady smiled cheerfully spreading her gratitude
And thanked her with every heart beat ...

As she sat by my side
we both indulged in the ride
Didn't know how I felt
An awkward feeling has been just sent
I turned back my eyes towards the window pane
To continue my meditation dreaming in a fairy tale...

Suddenly an ice cold hand hold mine
It was the lady's hand so fret and frown !
I comforted her with a smile so bright
"Oh granny ! don't panic we're alright "
My meditation twisted towards her light
As she appealed my keenest staring sight !

She looked exactly the same as my passing  granny !
Her  wrinkly skinny hand with appearing blue veins,
Wearing beautiful golden rings mingled with silver bracelets on her arm !
Her red nails and amazing henna in her palm
Refreshed my memory and turned me up side down!

I slowly sent a peep checking her face features;
She looked excellently as my beloved granny !
Her everything was more her than herself !
Expect the color of the eyes !

Her deepest features took me higher  
Bringing me old ,happy scenes tighter
Oh my granny is here by my side! I secretly shouted !
Wanted to kiss her , hug her all along this ride !
I was swallowing my tears of yearning ;
Couldn't breath ! oh! I was suffocating !

My hasty heart beats played a symphony
Called my super magical fairy !
Heart beats enchantingly danced !
I listened carefully to what they performed   !
As the merry trills were floating in the air
A cute little fairy showed me her care !!
She was there to embrace my desire
To achieve my dream and put out this fire !

Oh dear fairy, for a while , just stop this time
Let me feel the moment and fix my rhyme !

In a glimpse of an eye ,there was nobody but us
Living the dream,getting her back here in that bus!

At that moment poetry rang the bell
Asking my heartbeats to play the shell
Rhymed verses flowed fluently in side my mind
Toying and tickling with words happily from side to side !

My granny was here sitting by me
Couldn't believe it ,she was there with me!
I kissed her cheeks and so her front!
A warm cozy everlasting hug was about to start
To whisper a very special love mingled with tears!
My heart drowned in a deep peculiar sea!
Her icy blue eyes that had just been fixed on mine !
I was  the dreamy princess and she was my happy queen ;
A dazzling terrific moment that could be clearly seen !
Once upon a midnight, there in the kingdom of my dreams !

My fairy moment had been reached its absolute end;
Planting a special inspiring roses on my heart fertile land !

The old inspiring lady reached  her station
Leaving me with a blossomed sensation !
She had sort of magical features ,
Took me beyond the limits of place and time
Magical was the looks in her deep brown eyes ;
They outlined heavily such a fascinating story with glitter ...

As she left the bus, her place was vacant
I've been folded inside a rose pud
My memories refreshed my longing heart !
Distance melted in the melody ...
Of what once was between her and me !
It was yesterday that I dreamed of what we could be
Together once again you and me !!

When you died , I didn't have a clue
That horrifying moment shifted me blue !
I struggled and faced the reality that I clearly knew;
I found my escape and relief through writing !
Filling pages by honest expressions;
Dictated by my loving heart
And perfumed by your pure love !!

Thoughts of you I can never let go
They will be with me wherever I go
The impact you had on me , I strongly know
As I grow older, the lessons you taught me start to show !

Spreading love ,
Sending hope ,
Vanishing all the mope !!

My lord awakened this meditation feature inside of me ;
So whenever I miss you,I'll pray and sent blessings for you ...
Life is so beautiful , even if we lost precious features !

I awakened from this astonishing dream
In a glimpse of an eye,finding myself beneath another's gleam ...
I was wandering in a picturesque sparkling field;
Of blossoming flowers and dancing butterflies !
That stranger lady softly refreshed my love ;
Her magical countenance kindled my inspiration candle ,
Brought me lessons about  how to handle !

Optimism,yearning,joy and magic
Were kissing softly the blossomed petals
Bleeding gently in the meadows...

Piles and piles of dreams were drown
On a colored paper by that shining crown ...
My granny passed away in 2009!! It was a dreary moment !
Once she left I found my escape in writing !! she's my biggest inspiration !!
may ALLAH bless her soul and may she rest in peace !
This poem was inspired in the bus in front of that lady,when I had a deep eye contact with her !!
874 · Jun 2014
Not enough !
Mary Ab Jun 2014
Not often enough do I tell you
How much you mean to me
Not often enough do I show you
How your love has sat me free ...
Mom & Dad ♡♥
870 · Mar 2014
Pure Soul
Mary Ab Mar 2014
We wandered in the old streets of our fantastic town !
Under the pure drops of rain that cleaned deeply our hearts !
Your teary magnificent eyes stole a piece of my heart !
I can't stand watching your pure soul torturing !!
You're so innocent and honest !
You should be proud !
Only pure hearts can comfort with true tears !
Having you in my life is a bounty
from Allah's super mercy !
Pouring tears,oh! it's not a crime !
You're a sweet heart in the meadows of mine
written for my cute friend !! she felt that her tears are a sign of weakness! but I kept on spreading hope !! her true innocent honest tears are the drops of pure soul !
845 · Mar 2014
Blank page addict ...
Mary Ab Mar 2014
Sometimes I get this special mysterious feeling ,
Sourced from the bottom of my heart
And spread all over my hand ...

That feeling of the keenest need for writing
Yes , I need to hold that pen and start toying with words ,
Pouring them all over that blank page ...

Words start spreading like never before
Their letters dancing gently
Following the inspiring trills of my heart beats
Drawing  fascinating picturesque lines
Waiting to be born once they are read ...

Filling one blank page after the other
Seeing the infinite universe opening in my sight
Thoughts running ,
Words laughing,
In the terrific nature's gleam and radiance
Prevailing such a flimsy slender touch of art ...

Need to be drawn, need to be felt
Spreading light , inspiring hearts
But if I don't hurry !!
They will soon loose their power
And I'll loose my super feeling ....
Writing is my passion <3
800 · Mar 2014
Hopeful tears (10w)
Mary Ab Mar 2014
Glowing tears of shining hope
Defeating all the current mope ...
771 · Mar 2014
Come Back ... (10w)
Mary Ab Mar 2014
Don't vanish
dear hope ;
I've got a brand
new scope !!
751 · Mar 2014
Lost & Found
Mary Ab Mar 2014
I lost myself between the folds of a fairy tale
Enchanted, embedded beneath a deep scale,
Seven years old ,I was a  little girl with pony tail
So excited as  a happy duck learning how to sail,
Holding my mom's hand so tightly trying not to fail ...

We went for shopping in that happy spring day
Enjoying the gentle breeze in that month of may,
So curious was me to follow a colorful butterfly
As i jumped and crossed over  the street ,
A peculiar oddness  spread in a hasty heart beat ...

Suddenly my heart felt a weird ache
Once I saw no mother's hand to take ,
I felt a mysterious melancholy stretching all over my veins
As I muttered "mom!" with jumbled voice and teary eyes ,

There was no one to hear my call but a gentle guy ,
As he  took my hand and comforted me with a cheerful smile
Calling me :"oh ! dear princess ,don't cry it's all about a crossing mile",

I drunk a bittersweet cup of water mingled with my salty tears ,
Waiting in his coffee shop for minutes which seemed like years..
Long I stood there , Deep drowning in my dark  fears

My mom's heart was earnestly sunk in her keenest frustration
For she lost her luster  of soul and  glimpse of inspiration ..
She tried her best to find this lost playful doll,
She asked  a police man who didn't care at all ,

She got over her fears and followed her heart
Which alluded her to that coffee shop standing apart;
Finding her little girl watching her favorite cartoon,
While she sent a warm hug with a shivering heart so soon ...

Our both hearts melted ardently with rapturous happiness
For we restored our souls with loving cheerful radiance ...

So grateful was mom's esteem for my savior dear gentle man
He was a my charming hero who  kept me as safe as he can ...

It was as delicate as a butterfly's wing
And as menacing as a knife in the dark ...
Still lingers in our memory immersing deepest feelings,
Thanking Allah  for the delightful rescue and healing ...
It was when I lost my way while I was shopping with my mother when I was seven years old !
I can never forget that dreadful moment  mixed with the pompous happiness of returning to my mother's arms once again so safe and sound !
675 · Mar 2014
Oh! Rain ...
Mary Ab Mar 2014
My granny says : "night rains are angels spreading in merciful hours ..."
She had never used to sleep at that time
And she used to wake me up to celebrate with them...
She also told me that they used to be happy with rain
Just like a foreigner who've been along on travel ...
Rain's sound was just like an alarm announcing the dawn before its time ,
and that their night was a happy ceremony ...

She used to tell me :"Oh daughter ! we were rain's friends "
And NOW ! after she had passed away !
Rain doesn't know us anymore!
It is just like a stranger !comes only to finish a hurry mission and go !!
It's voice is no more warm !
And my granny doesn't wake me up! oh yeah;not anymore !

Dear rain ! your friends have gone !
And town's  night looks as ugly as a girl wearing a ghost mask !
For the sake of roses ! oh dear rain ;
Be generous ! don't be sad ,
Kids will celebrate  with parts of you ,
Parts that are no more hunted by desertification !
They will dance in the mud
And shout out aloud ! "Rain! Rain !" =)
Oh yeah my friend ! you were and you still ! actually you'll always be the precious gift from the sky ...
Admiring Rains <3 * . *
517 · Mar 2014
Again & Again ...
Mary Ab Mar 2014
Again and again , the sky is blue
The sun is shining through !
Again and again , children are growing up
Creating their personalities
Shaping their legacy
Challenging new trials
And discovering their hidden powers ...

No matter what they said about you..
Or whatever they are spreading over you ..
keep going in your proper way ! yes you..
Give it all away to keep your keen attitudes and beliefs
so pure and white ..

Just keep going ! Never surrender !
The only thing you need in this life is your deepest faith in Allah !
Walk through His proper way ! Do whatever it takes to please His satisfaction !
keep faith ,ambition,inspiration and hard work ...
Seek for your smile's reasons and spread happiness and optimism all over your surroundings !!

Again and Again =====> Never stop believing !
Be grateful of life's bounties
464 · Mar 2014
Mary Ab Mar 2014
Hope is that glimpse of light
A glimpse appears in the painful darkness
Hope !
Is that tiny floppy bird singing happy merry trills
Dancing ,flapping with gentle breeze
Beneath branches of wishes and optimistic expectations
Hope !
That beauty which draws dreams and colors them with flying colors !
Dreams without hope have no value ...
Hope ! gives life to dreams and wishes
It simply  conveys merry spirits and strength ...

And whenever hope is gone !!
ohh! there are no more dreams ...

Not rhymed but inspired by me ^^
350 · Oct 2018
You Are a Survivor..
Mary Ab Oct 2018
Take a moment and ponder upon your life,
The moments you were depressed and hopeless
Aren't they over,
Didn't you find a better situation,
Reflect upon all the things that happened to you,
Even if it might seem that you've been alone and no one was there for you,
In fact Allah was always there,
Helping you through and providing you with all what you need while you were away consumed by your fears..  

Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart,
Shout to it to calm down, Allah is here always to help you ..

End your worries and start a peaceful fresh beginning with the chapter of your life,
Name it "Reliance and Certainty"

Be forever grateful for your lord for every single bounty that He provided you
You are  blessed to be here and do ardently know that Allah will give you the power and patience to continue and shine in your life..

because you are a S U R V I VO R ...

— The End —