Ammar Dec 9

i've always provided you
with something better
so if you ask for silence
watch me give you
something greater

the losing will be yours
and in the end it'll just
be me & you
who'll both be lost

the only reason all this happened is cuz you said you lied yourself and now you're saying you didn't lie......kindly decide
and trying isn't putting down some random rhymes....trying is fixing which you won't do cuz 3 basic rights are too much for you to commit to...
Ammar Dec 8

you asked with silence
"so now what"
and i said
you asked again
"its over?"
and i still said

you see its not that easy
and its not that fair
to run back and away
in the same breath
while still crazy
and madly
in love and well
i hate to admit it too
but what do i do
when its true
but unlike you
i can't be untrue
to you or myself

so to answer your
queries more explicitly
though silence is an answer too
but rather unclear
and i speak from experience
and i speak from my heart
and maybe that makes
me a fool of all sorts
and this write is a
foolish act of love too
but haven't i always
been an idiot of sorts
only for you

and so here i go
telling you that if
you are to ever see
our future
the one you dream of
or think about
much like me
and if you really
understand this part of

then will you vow
(i don't want a promise)
to never speak false
words that lie
and will you vow
to correct all that
which you lied about
or does it matter to you
so much more
and i could go on and on
but bitterness has been
put aside
for this write
so tell me
will you vow
to never ever walk away
the way you always have
telling me to lose all hope
and going off to a place
you know too far away
from me

will you commit
to gaining back
the trust you lost

and you see
this isn't a lot
this isn't unfair
and this
or a negotiation

these are simple pacts
i've kept to myself
for you
but you lost track
of ones you gave
to me

there's not much time
for you to decide
i've asked for 3 things
and i won't wait long
i'll soon disappear
into the darkness of the night
and the light of the day
and there will then be no way

but here's an answer
it isn't over everyday
and "is it over" shouldn't
be the first question
on our minds
it wasn't on mine
so look up and look out

this really may be
the last time
because from here on
it'll all be silence

i've taken my time
and spoken
and i will not be broken
and from now on
my silence will reply to all
your questions

here is a reply to you......i won't be  writing anything from now and if your writes were any close to being true then here's your chance.....3 things....and this is no contract...just a few simple never never correct what was lied about.....nothing else i have to say
put away a lot of hate for this...
Ammar Dec 7

i just want to
call you
and ask you
all the
knowing that
you may not have
answers to any of them
or maybe you will
and you will choose
to once again


Ammar Dec 6

Losing someone
To death or
To distance

Loving someone
To death or
To life

you're dead to me
Ammar Dec 6

i am intoxicated and
i am screaming your name
talking about you with
people i do not know
that includes myself too

i didn't need a glass of whiskey
or a bottle of vodka
just a box full of your memories
would always suffice
to kill me twice

they'd talk about moving on
you'd talk about it too
but you & i
we both know
that is something we have never gotten used to

i sit here and laugh
as tears flow down my cheeks
and they look at me
like i've lost my sanity
with just a single dose of clarity

indeed they see your creation
the monster they see in my eyes
that you have single handedly
created with lies & love
and all of its pain

you may claim how
it was all me
how i was the criminal
in all your stories
how i killed you in every game

but baby you made the rules
of every game which
you chose to play
and lied about the reality
which we had made

i do not know if you
can forget me
i know i can’t even try
but what have you done
with both of our lives

how was it so easy
to lie to someone
as true to you as me
no guilt of any action
no guilt of any lie

you broke a perfect man
who was at war
with your demons
fighting a war not his
to bring you peace

a lie leads to a hundred
and so i wonder why
and how many stories
you filled up with your lies

well done to you
And well done to your doings
Go on run away
Put the blame on me
Tell them how it was always me
But in your heart of hearts
even you know the reality
Ammar Dec 5

you're asking me questions
i do not have the answers to

i do not know
and i do not know
how where when or why

all i know is that
i do not deserve
to be lied to or to be cheated
the way you have done both to me

my mind does not deserve
to be fucked
the way you have fucked it
and taken away its peace

you don't give me the peace
or the love or loyalty
or the
that someone like me deserves

and that doesn't mean that
you can't heal the wounds
just that you choose not to
because you'd just cut it open again

you're asking me questions
i do not have the answers to

i do not know
to fix a broken being
which you willfully shattered

all i know is that

you did this and that
"this" is no blame but a
responsibility you must take

this isn't on me
and this includes
the pain caused and
the love lost

and i do not know
that if what you have lost
you can ever redeem again
or even know the worth of

perhaps it was all worthless
to you to begin with
perhaps i and the 'i love you'
was only worth your broken lie

but maybe that is a question
i will never have an answer to

Don't ask me questions that you have answered for yourself
Ammar Dec 4

atleast the words I speak
are the truth
atleast you know the war
that goes on in my mind

of course it hurts
but now you know
of the pain between
my every heart beat

darling this isn't hurt
truth doesn't hurt
half as much
as a lie does

but you wouldn't know
what a lie feels like
or what a liar looks like
now would you

you only know the pain
of truth
and take it from one who has
felt both

lies give birth
to hate
to hurt
to disgust

if truth makes your body ache
and makes your soul cry in pain
then imagine the pain
caused by the lies you spoke

Always about your hurt and pain isn't it
Even when you are the one who caused me the kind of pain
I'd never have ever expected

get lost into oblivion if you think this hurts
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