Ammar 1d
We would be in the city of poets
and I'd write my touch on your skin
we may or may not have been on dinner dates
but surely we'd have all 3 meals together
you'd love the poetry I write
and I'd love the miracles of my talent
we'd read the same books
and study together
despite you studying anthro
and me science
but I am sure we'd find some common classes too
or the small gap between them
I'd sneak you into my dorm with my hoodie
or we'd drive off into our forever
one that we dreamed off
one that was a choice
one that you never chose

or maybe not

We'd be in the city of lights
the city that never sleeps
and I'd pick you up every other morning
and we'd have breakfast at espresso
or we'd sit in my car and have what your mom makes
we may or may not be going to the same college
but that wouldn't stop us from reading the same books
or going to food & book festivals
maybe even debating together in the same tournaments
your mom would have a face to my name
and mine would know who "all this" is about
we would fight but trust me
a kiss would more than suffice
and I'd sneak you out at 2 am
and we'd drive off to a now then
a now with peace & love
a now with your favorite music
a now that you never chose to be

but maybe
just maybe
either way

we'd both be left with a place
we could call home
safe flight.....
Ammar 5d
you're sitting so far away
telling me this and that
and I don't know what's true
and what's not
new or old ?
is there really someone new
did you really do this to go and do that
because darling if what I hear
is really true
then home has its doors closed for you

you tell me not to fck with you
and believe what I already know
that in the end its always me & you
but I really don't know anything anymore
and you aren't helping with your
mixed vibes
I've always known for a fact
that its you & me when all this is over
because I know what it feels like
to have found your soulmate
but is all this "new" talk really true
or is it more of your poetic bullcrap

and trust me I'm into neither
but I'd rather have a bitter pill
of truth and death
than one of life and fantasy

all I'm saying is
I'm no 3rd and 5th choice
no half-assed promise
no sugar coated lie
and you know me
and you know what I'm saying
even when I'm not saying it
because I don't got a this or a that
for me
its either this or its that
so stop with your mixed vibes
and tell me what is it
new or old?
and is it really true
Ammar 6d
You said there is nothing
not distance
not time
not sacrifice
not even love
between me & you
as you turned your back on me
and walked far far away
further than I could see you
(I still see you when I close my eyes)
further than I could hear you
(I still hear you call my name)
I ask
what is this then
this strong pull
that brings you back to me
and me back to you
is this not the universe conspiring
is this not the sun kissing the moon
is this not the stars whispering
if me & you were never meant to be
if me & you are never meant to be
if "I" is not meant to be with "U"
then what is putting us back together
like pieces of a broken heart
then why are all my dreams about you
and trust me I have nightmares too
but they too are all about you
tell me why
do you do this
only to do that
and why
is there nothing
yet everything between me & you
why is it so fucking easy to love you
when I have all the reasons to hate you

if god never meant for us
to be together
then why
did he put "this"
between us
and more importantly
what the fuck is "this" .
Ammar 7d
5 foot 8
is what I'd tell her
she'd always argue
she'd add an inch to her height
5'3 (5'2)
and decrease one from mine
just to overcome the distance
between our lips
to make it easier for her
to climb up to my lips
and kiss
and don't get me wrong
I'm no anti-feminist
"making my girl do all the work"
I'd offer to get low
but she just liked her standards high
(I guess somethings are just
worth fighting for a little harder)
that said
I had my reasons
to maintain the 5'2 argument
you see
she is a small girl
with a big attitude
and I just liked the way
how she'd have to
look up into my eyes
to see where my lips are
and she'd look away right away
and I'd have to seduce her
with my kisses
to get a look of the galaxies in those eyes
(I guess somethings are just
worth fighting for a little harder)
Ammar Mar 13
Oh this feeling of always being rite
Fuck this feeling of always being rite
When you love and hate an emotion at the same time
Ammar Mar 13
He don’t wanna love you like I did
He wanna fuck you
Get you a baby
And give you the American dream
Ammar Mar 13
what’s new now
will sometime also be old

will you then seek something new
or come back to the old old
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