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  Apr 2018 Elle Celeste
my fingers around the mug                        
                                    ­i imagine your neck
steam fogs over my glasses                        
                                       i imagine your breath
heat rushes to my face                                
                                         i imagine your warmth
a sip of hot green tea                                  
                                  i imagine your lips

all these mingling with mine
whenever i drink
a cup of you
to wjh. belated happy valentine's and happy chinese new year. although it was terrible for me drowning in academics, you sent a picture of yourself and instantly everything is brighter.
just like whenever i drink a cup of hot green tea.
cheers, it's been two years and a month with you.
Elle Celeste Apr 2018
my soul is drenched
from the storms
he causes within me;
his hands, his laugh, and his words
are pulling me in like they’re sirens,
lord, keep me at bay,
for i want to drown
in his ocean trench.
02.26.18 12:25am
i still hear the songs of your allure
i remain enveloped in cerulean waves
Elle Celeste Oct 2017
maybe one day
i won't get so scared that
i might fall for you again
every time i see you
after so long.
maybe all i'll see in you
is the ghost of that love
that i've generously gave you;
all the feelings i had
buried six feet under;
and my love letters
left on the surface like a gravestone
with every beautiful word
i ever wrote for you engraved on it;
the last tangible proof
of what existed
and is long gone from the confines of my soul.
oh how i would mourn
for what i have lost,
oh how i would be stronger by then
to be able to see you again
without my longing,
to be able to smile
at the boy who murdered my heart.
10.07.17 1:23am
Elle Celeste Sep 2017
i imagine
kissing him would taste like
his vanilla tobacco and whiskey;
he would taste just like sin.
maybe thats why i find myself
drowning in my liquor
as i start to wish
my head was spinning from
the gentle graze of his lips instead,
not from this
cherry-flavored poison
I have in hand.

you're the poison that i want
and not having you
will still **** me.
a love letter
Elle Celeste Sep 2017
like your cigarette, baby
hold me between your lips,
love me longer than it burns out,
keep me lingering
in your thoughts
the same way
you're stuck on your bad habits.
we're all addicted to what kills us,
and your poison tastes just like whiskey cola to my soul.
  May 2017 Elle Celeste
Collapsing under its own gravity,
The sun dies a little every day.
Every morning is a reminder,
Of its resilience,
Every night a tale of its loss.

A star shines brightest,
The more closer to death it gets,
Every constellation is a reminder,
that art wears melancholy the best.

Leaning in for a kiss,
The moon creates ripples in the sea's heart
Always reaching out, but never touching,
Every full moon is a reminder,
That it's possible to find contentment
While still longing.
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