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Show me God is this exactly what am feeling.
Ask, me Lord if iam hearing you speak.
My heart is peeling
I don't feel like kneeling.
All I need is your compete healing .
Right now my heart is sore
I can't quite get it right.
I made a mistake
Theses trapped emotions I feel inside
Take me Father for theses feelings live and reside.
Lift me Lord for my heart is bleeding from all the pleading.
Help me through this long winding road.
So that maybe you will see me through all this afflicting pain.
Daddy it hurts so much you have so much love to see me through.
Take me through this long winding road.
I don't want to miss it
In case Lord you dismiss it.
You have counted the cost
On the cross
That's how it came across
But does anyone
Give a toss.
Ice cubes
is a life saver
during heatwave
Use them in a bowl
of water
Place a fan turn on
Air conditioner..
Loose clothing
Curtains closed windows shut during the hottest part of the day .
Drink plenty of water squash .
Keep cool wear loose clothing.
Sleep only with a sheet cotton light cotton cover ..
Don't forget the sunhat suncream
Don't fall asleep in the sun .
 May 21
Druzzayne Rika
There is no truth out
when both of them have said
fair share of lies,
who should you believe between them
they both are using you
for rising sympathy
and their greater good
your emotions are played with
it is an acting game
trust them when, and not
we are spectating it
like a tennis match,
but we are the ball,
landing on their bat
thrown across again and again
you are doomed
finding bits of truth in their lies
either way, no one can complain,
it is no easy call.
 May 16
Lyda M Sourne
They asked me this question in class one day

"What do you want to be remembered by?"

I wrote down the answer of what they wanted to hear

But to be honest

I just want to be forgotten
So no one has to hurt when I say
 May 16
I feel like I am a rodent
for you, kind of a pest.
Not welcome but stuck,
Not my home, but make do
with what I want.
You hate the sight of me
don't want to fight me.
You feel I am drinking
the life out of you.
But soon you plan to
get rid of me, permanently
plotting to execute,
the plan to precision
leave me out in the cold
not to be your problem anymore.
I don’t think anyone will miss me
The one who should cry the most
Will feel relieved of burdensome love
That came from genetics and little else.

The other one will follow soon
Unable to survive the grief
And find a way to carry one
Without the recipes for life.

Who will remember New Years day
To send a Birthday greeting skyward
Or will it be overlooked again
Lost in last nights partying.

Who will touch the things I loved
And wonder who once owned them,
Purchased at a reduced rate
From One-800 merchants

Who will trim the weeds that grow
Across the stone I helped design.
The power mowers of Valhalla
Will caress me once a week.

My words will be stacked in a closet
Or perhaps into a bin.
No one will ever see or read them
Only God will know their lines.

My candle’s flame will flicker once
And with the sundown disappear.
Feeling a little blue today  I'll be better tomorrow.
 Mar 4
tanks are marching over my soul
bombs are dynamite for sight
it is unbearable
(if you can't ease)
the pain
the anger
the grief
helplessness and terror
they sculpture our souls
raising citadelles to dwell

I weep words for time not to freeze
it is cruelty that shuts down the mind

countless lives are played at the roulette
the geometry of power is mutilating everything
especially the birth of reality
my fragility like velvet
is soft to touch.
the trajectory of erratic steps,
the fragility and the strength of the world
are visible through bones of glass

hatred is a force that keeps the center spinning,
not turning into a black hole

we are close
the tyrant pushes himself on the brink
the naive world has fortgotten -
tanks are marching over
bodies carrying
the brightest of light -
the event-horizon
of death
 Feb 26
in the depth of human tragedy
there is also this dillema
of tyranny
that either the truth or the lie
is going to crash the tyrant

they play reality games
the delusion will end in catastrophe
how much of the world is going to take with it?

spring is in a rush this year,
to affirm the rationality
of life
 Feb 24
yes, the tyrant is ready
to destroy with thousands of arms
with thousands of eyes
with thousands of hearts
a denied collective crime after all
and the old circle of darkness about to complete
the worm of history is tattooing our dreams

unbearable the recipe of pain

no real tipping point
no turning point
for any tyrant

wooden tongues speak non truths
to be fed by a tyrant freezes the rivers of the mind

being a tyrant is so simple, so natural in a world we've ceased to imagine

this tyrant like any other free
to toy with history as with plasticine
cause we/you/they are as ready as ever
to support him dynamite
the horizon
of time
 Feb 12
we are here because of the trees
what about the climate of our mind?
too many versions of alternative realities
and we've killed the spirit of oceans
in our souls
our bones don't grow roots anymore

we exist because of the flowers
and we are dying in the most stylish way
wearing Dior mascara, high heels, oh,
the latest Zara shirt

we are here because of the bees
it's not to late to ask ourselves
what is the climate of our hearts?

death can be so
just so asymptotic with our obsessions
so asymbolic on golden shoulders
and climate just another
hollow word
sent to Mars
"we are suiciding ourselves with carbon monoxide"
 Nov 2021
There was earth inside them, and
they dug.

They dug and they dug, so their day
went by for them, their night. And they did not praise
who, so they heard, wanted all this,
who, so they heard, knew all this.

They dug and heard nothing more;
they did not grow wise, invented no song,
thought up for themselves no language,
They dug.

There came a stillness, and there came a storm,
and all the oceans came.
I dig, you dig, and the worm digs too,
and that singing out there says: They dig.

O one, o none, o no one, o you:
Where did the way lead when it led nowhere?
O you dig and I dig, and I dig towards you,
and on our finger the ring awakes.

by Paul Celan, translated by Michael Hamburger
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