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My natural instinct in
this flesh wrapped soul,
is to anestasize the
pain and ugliness of life.
Blackout the brutality and
cruelty in the world.
Close my eyes with *****,
drugs, ***, anything to
stop the oozing pain.

And then it dawned on me,
like the dew soaked morning,
opposite action is required.
Walk through the
pain with eyes wide open.
Let love and YHWH hold my
Sober, head held high.
Call me sentimental and foolish,
but I'm a real *******.

I'm going to embrace the beauty.
It is all around me.
It's painted in the
sunset of the robin's breast.
It's in the
sublime melody of
the starry Night.
It's written in the
faces of all my brothers and
sisters in their pain and

Love is the answer to
every question;
I have to die to grow;
like a seed, a cell,
a fractured heart.
Bring it On Life!
If you knock me down,
I'm getting back up.
I'm resilient, and
no longer afraid.
Yes, this world can be
brutal, and we often
lose the ones we love,
but I'm choosing
today, in this moment, to
take this wild ride called
life, and live it, and
love every second I have

Then, I can leave victorious.
What the ****?
Everybody wants to win.
Is Always the Presence for which there is no need of proof
The past and future are speculative.  What can we know of
Unremembered times-surely we shall not find proof there--
Theories theories why should we place in any of these rather
God is or is not known to be by our experience of Him Now.

Have you ever lost someone you loved who was  such a constant
Like water likedair that you took them for granted,  What a loss
It is.  The heart cries out this cannot be but there it is great grief.

Think on this now -this constant now this always now this all now.
We take for granted that we will always wake up to it and so can
Accept the gift of sleep that it will be there for us upon awakening.

Is this now so humble not our experience  and proof of God.
Is not other and it is the beginning and the end all our knowing.

Watch a silver dolphin leap from the sea like the first word
The it plunges back into the water with barely splash The
Alpa and the Omega.  Duration  Time and Space are now in
The One  A pod surfaces leaps and reveals a language  that
Is music and  ist he song  that bridges time and place making
One a diversity that is present - is again dissolved again into ...

NOW The N is silent ..The O is silent ...the W is silent...
 Apr 15
Carlo C Gomez
A break in the clouds
Of heavy burden

****** sand between
The toes, for certain

The surf, a cleansing
A light mist descending

Dark days of struggle
They ripple away

Laughter in the air
As children again play

 Apr 9
I can't write anymore. Thats the plain truth. There are no more fairies in my garden. No more cemeteries left to play in. There is no more music left to dance to. I don't know why.
 Apr 5
Snowflake fallen from the sky
unique form crystal
to be captured and dissolved
on our tongues
a thousand storms
a poets song a poets mind.
 Apr 2
Change isn't simple
and without failure,
entropy sets-in...
You got to lose your balance
to find a new one☯
We all possess the strength to win!

To reach a new goal
"In evolution"
The seeds of love rely
All this chaos is but an illusion
The spark of hope still fills my rhymes

There is a new day on the horizon
The sun is shining extra bright
The sky is endlessly blue
An atmosphere of endless apatite's
Traveler Tim

Meet me here, there and everywhere.
I am but a kind traveler have no fear!
 Apr 2
Rama Krsna
standing in tree pose
palms folded above head,
not even the raging flames
which envelope you
dare threaten thy resolve,
as those fish-shaped eyes
meditate on
the space between the brows
where your true love resides

resident of kanchi,
need for strict austerities
are now over.....

it’s time to open
those compassionate eyes
and cast a glance
at the verklempt heart
of your ultimate devotee,


Kamakshi: empress of the universe whose eyes are filled with love
 Mar 31
It's amazing how
the void
in the infinite cosmos
fills the void
in my heart
Cosmos never abandons us...there isn't a time I recall where I felt was always there and it will be!( Can't predict future tho)
 Mar 27
There’s a new star a’shining,
So why!
Why can’t you see it?
We’re finally arriving
This golden plateau
Beyond shifting paradigms
The fruit can not completely please
Without the knowledge
From the forbidden tree
The star is shining bright
So why can’t you see?
Traveler 🧳 Tim
I come to paint rainbows
upon your heart of
depression . . .

To turn your lips into emerald coast isles

Where light bleaches away the dark
and purifies the sand between your souls

Let me caress new feathers
of flight
that provides the freedom to soar in the winds from
distant shores

Where every breath is
a possibility of dreams come true

Bright yellows and greens
Orange and teals
As you walk the edge
between red and blue
and bleed royal purple
for those to see
who always weighed
their anchors of doubt
in your sea of despair
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