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I could make out the Sunrise
-the one in your dance
as you rose up in your poems
my sisters, my loves
your songs reverberate
forever in our hearts
Here in this seeming wasteland
where children are born
we contemplate living forever
the forever Sunrise.
 Apr 19
Remember to breathe...
and flow with the rythm,
that sacred pulsing rythm

the one of life and a heartbeat,
the one of nature, the trees,
and the moon

sway with the core dance,
a gentle movement,
as the trees in gentle
 Apr 14
Nat Lipstadt
East River: The Many Calories in Water and Words**

this weighty obsession, counting the energy
consumed and disbursed,
to be lean but not mean,
traverses into its third year

a late start does not forgive
over Forty years of transgressions, that damage,
sustained and in part irreversible,
yet I awake this Sunday morn,
all quiet on the East Side front, observing the East River flows
on the surface, contented and uncontested,
strongly bound for faraway Oceans unknown, and it tickles my
imagination that the rain from the nearby Adirondack and Catskills mountains might soon be quenching thy flora, fauna and your parched throats, confirming and conforming our connection and threading our interwoven tapestries, our unified aqueduct, carrying
with more than poetic words, but poetic water!

this notion sustains in multiple manners, and I deep drink the calm and the power as if it were,
for it is,
a daily vitamin,
calorie free,
God  delivers

us with
its contained and contentented potency,
to all
in equal dosage

and now the script finished,
the water imbibed,
this baptized, scripture loving
mind and body
wholly holy
as are we,
my friend

April 14, 2024
by the East River
 Apr 10
Max Neumann
Prayer of an empty room
In a gap of the forgotten
For the love of ancient dust
Living in my fibers
Under my skin
Where the building ends
Till kingdom come

I came to pray
Cause live is a riddle
From words of greed and guilt
I started solving this riddle
A little boy
Chewing on a pen
Looking through the window
At a grey garden
Colorful birds were singing
In the boy's language

This moment passed
So I'm praying
For forgiveness
I'm asking sincerely

For honesty
For freedom
For love
A Prayer
Tell the loved ones, how much you love them,
waste no time, and it's no shame
because if silence, steals your word
it may be lost, and never be heard.

Don't defer it, to another day
what you feel, immediately say
we don't know tomorrow, what's in fate
it's too far away, it'll be too late.

If you willed, know it to be true
it's easy to say, I love you
when you hesitate, high will be the cost
chances postponed, are chances lost.

When they are with you, it's such a boon
to have the loved ones, so tell them soon
before time snatches away, you or them
with your love unuttered, heart unspoken.
 Feb 2
Bijan Rabiee
Poetry is a gateway to salvation
Where day is subjugated
And darkness reigns
Where dying drains
And spirituality, illuminated.

Tongue is derived
From striking feel
Fusion of words
Portray the deal.

Poets whether inferior
Good or great
Unload the gratifying freight.

A loving touch of a lion
The spark of a smile
A sudden burst of laughter
The paintings in sky
A lone traveller
Bound to nowhere
The drizzling of autumn rain
Stillness, flow
Detachment, devotion
Testament to poetry's motion.

What songs should we sing
In praise of sunshine and
Magic of moonlight
In praise of Nature's beauty
And Animal Kingdom
In praise of solitude
And matrimony
For speech alone
Cannot be captivating
We need Music and Poetry
The twins of creation's kindness
The reasons for hope and peace.

Poetry fuels the fire of fairness
Preserving humanity in life.
 Jan 30
Fight the fight, and
Rage into the silent night.
Bid goodbye only to
Hubris. Trust in instinct,
Trust in insight.
What you know and can prove,
Not what you hope inside.
Love, guard, and take the word of
Those who are allies;
Act only in turn, when you are more wise.
Barter acting in plain sight with guise;
It is not the sacrifice of advantage,
Nor the trade of surprise.
Keep to your bonds, keep to promise;
Protect the people, protect the country.
Protect the planet; nature, everything.
Uplift virtue, promote democracy,
Prioritize education, ensure & expand rights

Love your neighbor like a brother,
Cherish your community;
Across collective nations,
We can have paradise
 Jan 27
CJ Sutherland
Once you post a poem,
it sees the light of day
But quickly time passes
the poem slowly fades away
Lost to obscurity

A poet randomly posted
A poem from 2018
The poem gathered stride
My gracious delight, I did not hide
My joy awoken to take a ride
To walk again on the wild side
A poem brought back to life again
Read click and send

Now here’s a thought
Kindness is easy, no need to pretend
Bring new life to a poem’s end
Deepen A relationship of a poet friend

You read one of my poems, an in-kind
one of your poems, I will read,
this cycle will plant a seed

Turnaround is Fair-play
I appreciate what other poets have to say
Let’s exchange poems, make my day
If you have a poem that you wanted revisited. Invite a fellow poet. To renew the Poem’s life
 Jan 20
Mrs Timetable
The dark clouds
In my window
The bright sun
Blanketing across
Those dark clouds
In my window
Knowing what was coming
Like a child
I ran outside
To capture a rainbow
Instead I saw
Your smile...
I was
It's snowing in our mountains
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