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 Feb 2016
Norman dePlume
Weeks past, I overlooked
A pass you made on the overpass;

Now it comes to pass you touch
my *** under the underpass,
and under my underpants.

These things
These things come
These things come in
These things come in threes.

Harder than a Portuguese defibrillator
                           to rhyme
Harder than Chinese algebra later
                   than bed time
So hard it’s long, no longer
“Well hung” and you are coming
atop my tongue.
 Jan 2016
Norman dePlume
At the second turning of the second stair
I saw you in your underwear --
It was long ago, but I’ve not forgotten
Glimpsing through the flimsy cotton
A shadow of your ***** hair,

Round a ******* hint, hid from the light.
I think I gave you a small freight,
I saw you blush, turn, ascend, your ***,
Now  memories of those stairs, that night
Make me so hard I **** and come.
 Jan 2016
Norman dePlume
I went to the river last night
Dreamed of being a river and sleeping like a river
You searched for a **** who was like a river
Along the East River and the Bronx
Just as you feel when you look on the river and sky, so I felt,
River! that in silence windest
On its way to a rendezvous with some river
"The Piers" is a Cento made of lines from Jimmy Santiago Baca;s "Voz de la Gente;" Federico Garcia Lorca's "Ode to Walt Whitman;" Whitman's "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry;" and lines from Longfellow and Ashbery.
(c) 2016.
 Jan 2016
Norman dePlume
The possibility of free declamation anchored
And lucid, inescapable rhythms
Do have meaning. They're strong as rocks
In the deep-toned Aeolian mode
For the listener, who listens in the snow,
A Poet could not but be gay,
The Impotence to Tell –
Still makes a poem a surprise!
The possibility of free declamation anchored (John Ashbery, "Street Musicians," Selected Poetry, page 207)
And lucid, inescapable rhythms, (Wallace Stevens, "13 ways of looking at a blackbird")
do have meaning. They're strong as rocks. (Frank O’Hara, "Today")
In the deep-toned Aeolian mode (Lasus of Hermione )
For the listener, who listens in the snow, (Wallace Stevens, "The Snow Man")
A Poet could not but be gay, (Wordsworth, "The Daffodils")
The Impotence to Tell – (Emily Dickinson, poem 407.)
still makes a poem a surprise! (Frank O’Hara, "Today")
 Nov 2015
Adriean New
This girl is in love with a girl who wants to be a guy.
She said all his features look right.
She calls him her boyfriend & doesn't think twice.
She wears his t shirts like the other girls do their boyfriends.
She says the he carries himself is tall & strong.
But something must be wrong.
Because this girl is in love with a girl who wants to be a guy.
 Nov 2015
A look, that look, reaches my core.
Your words, still echo in the chambers of my soul.
I wish I could be happy in this silence
but it is you, it is you
I seek.
Your chaos calms me.
Your absence shatters me.
 Nov 2015
Cody Haag
My entire heart rested with a young lad,
Who desired a body different than the one he had.
With physical features that didn't match,
His inside self, which couldn't be snatched.

But beauty revealed itself in his eyes,
Whenever he was with the one who dispelled the lies.
I know beauty when I come into its embrace,
And boy, that beauty emanates from the smile on your face.

Things are hard, and you just don't match,
But that's okay, you're a hell of a ******.
You're entitled to my beating heart,
Where you've definitely become a part.

Please don't fret for future days,
Keep staring into my loving gaze.
One day it'll all change,
And happiness will be within range.
 Nov 2015
Mia Santiago
people ask me why
it's a crime
being bi
no it's not
you simply ask why
well there is no "WHY"
there's only LOVE
whether it come from a
or a
it's all about love
being bi isn't a crime
just like being gay isn't a sin
it's all about what you see
being you isn't wrong
loving people isn't either
why should people have to hide
because of fear of you people
you may read this and think who
well im talking to you
yes you
the one who hates people like me
or people thats gay
we dont fall under control
from the big man on the stool
or the one under a spell
like the when the bully comes at the ring of the bell
or the ones who laugh
the ones who whisper
it's simply the ones
who seem to dis her
I don't sway or wear shorts
im not tomboy or a ****
im a human
a person
and i am me
you can't label a human
you can't tame a wild animal
so you see
being "BI" isn't wrong
because being
this is my thoughts from experience i have had with people telling me it's a crime but i think it's not
I am lucky,
I am,
Though I don't always believe it,
To live where I live,
With the friends that I have.

The law of this land,
Is comparatively fair,
They won't stop me being me,
Or from growing my hair.

I am lucky.
In fact,
That I may gain support,
And that any surgery I need,
Will be completely free.

In this country,
In general,
Attitudes are better,
Than almost anywhere else,
And I'm mostly protected.

I won't be arrested,
Or tortured,
Or whipped, or hung,
For wearing what I want,
Or being with a girl.

I won't be kicked out,
Of my home by my parents,
For though they may not understand,
Or agree,
They're accepting

I won't be silenced,
Or censored,
Hateful comments are rare,
And my words can make a difference,
Without risk.

I was lucky,
I was,
To be born where I am,
Though it's not quite perfect,
I am free enough.
 Nov 2015
If I wasn't gay would people care?
Would they actually let me breath the same air?
Could I actually go to school,
without people being so cruel?
Could I live in a world with no hate?
Maybe people would love me if I was straight.
It's not as easy as people think.
I can't just go to a shrink.
I didn't choose to be this way.
You really think I'd want to be gay?
I don't want attention,
I don't want fame.
This isn't some sort of game.
I am who I am and thats okay.
Most people don't see it that way.
I only wish I could be the same.
To have a wedding and it not be shamed.
I want to have kids and not be judged.
I don't want my reputation smudged.
But apparently I'm different now.
Sick in the head somehow.
Therapy and shock treatment for something that can't be fixed.
How did I get put into this mix?
Toxic and tragic,
that's my life.  
It's like I was stabbed in the back with a knife.
I'm gay,
what's wrong with that?
I get treated like some rat.
Using your holy books and your religion.
To fight against something that makes no difference.
I want to be a human not a punching bag.
Always getting called a ***.
Let that word have power and it gets to you.
But that words as good as whatever is stuck to the bottom of my shoe.
I love being this way.
I don't care what you say.
 Oct 2015
These feelings I cannot hide
What I'm feeling deep inside
With anyone else, I'm full of pride
But with you, I have to lie

Most don't notice the walk I have
Hiding this is driving me mad
The remarks I hear are so **** bad
Then your comments make me sad

The terms and the names
Are driving me insane
They think we're all the same
"No grandma. I'm not gay"

I like girls
But guys are nice too
I don't know
What to do

For now I guess
I'll have to hide
The simple fact
That I am bi
 Oct 2015
Storm Raven
Dear people,
I wanted to create a group chat with people from the LGBTQ+ community on Hello Poetry,
A place where we can share our problems, seek advice, give tips and talk.
A chat where people can find support and people who they can identify with.
The group is open to join, I used the application called Kik.
The name of the group is: HelloPoetryLGBTQ+
Kik: HelloPoetryLGBTQ+
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