Eya Apr 2016

but the idea of you
I love, I think

Eya Apr 2016

how do you know
you're not in love
with the idea of

Eya Mar 2016




Eya Mar 2016

Show up.
Do something.
Work harder.
Show up.
Make sense.

Eya Mar 2016

I should sleep;
birds almost chirping,
daylight threatens about
but my eyes do not droop.

I should sleep;
but my heart beats furiously.
I have not forgotten.

I should sleep;
even owls have fallen,
winds slowing down
but my spirit remains restless.

I should sleep;
but my mind won't let me.
I remember.

Eya Mar 2016

I feel the warm
morning sun;
The water envelopes my ankes -
as each wave melts to the shore, I run.

Towards the open, endless sea
- I surrender.
To her above
or is it below?

Her words echo in the chambers of my soul;
I know that look
- it reaches into me.
Maybe, with her;
Eventually, with her.

Eya Mar 2016

Her skin is cold,
much, much colder than ice.
Her cheeks frozen,

Her eyes
deep, deep black
with that stagnant stare.
She blinks.
Only for a second, she blinks.

Her lips crack
as she speaks
- nothing comes out.
Darkness enters

Fear is real.
I face her everyday.
She stares back at me
I try to look away.

No escape.
Never escape.
Run, run
as fast as you can

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