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Chan Dy Dec 2015
Sometimes when you talk
I don't know what you're saying
Instead, I play a different scenarios in my head
Behind these smiles I was thinking about hugging you tight
But it doesn't seem right
So I'll just nod my head  and say "yeah"

Sometimes when you walk
I hear you breathe, how smooth the air
enters in your lungs and how heavy it goes out.
Maybe because you carry the world
And that's what I get when you lean your head on my shoulder
You're not heavy. You're just my whole world

Sometimes at night I can't sleep
Sometimes I hope the universe conspire to tell you this
This beautiful sometimes that has ever happened to me
That someday this sometimes will be forever and always.

Chan Dy Dec 2015
I crave a love so deep
the ocean would be jealous
Chan Dy Dec 2015
"I would wish you the best, but the best was me."
Chan Dy Nov 2015
I want love, love and only love
I want to get crazy
when my oxytocin hormone bolts in my body
whenever you wrapped your arms around my neck
I want the tingling sensation
whenever you whisper those three words with your minty fresh breath
I want to get lost with you
and explore the way out
I want to know your deepest secrets, fears and happiness
I want love, love and only you.
Chan Dy Nov 2015
If you are going to walk away
make sure you wear a comfortable shoes
And if you change your mind and come back here,
you know where to find the key

But please be reminded that you
will never see me here again
I am the genie in the bottle
Once I grant your three wishes,
I'm gone forever
Chan Dy Nov 2015
We live in a world of wrong typhoon forecast,
Where expectations are better than reality,
Of unfinished sentences,
In a world of that's-what-they-saids

We live in a world of black and white,
Of day and night, of sun and moon.
That someone will come with a paintbrush
and splatter the screaming colors into your world
That you are no longer living in that world
but in someone else's world.
Chan Dy Nov 2015
Every part of you is magical
Your laugh is a trick that takes me to another planet
Your walk is a brick that made up my tiny little castle
And when you smile my heart runs for another mile

Every part of you is logical
Your heart beat harmonize the song in my mind
Your breathe just lives and lingers to my tiny atmosphere
And when you open your heart I know there's a missing part

I just wish I could fill in that tiny little space.
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