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cat Dec 2022
i long for what we had,
no one will ever see me
as clearly as you did.

i wish we let it end
as peacefully
as it began,
so when we look back
at the beginning,
it isn’t so bitter.

for a time,
it was everything.

i wish i could reflect
upon our time,
without having to pretend
i wish it never was,
when deeply,
i wish it still to be.
just stuff from my journal in my weird writing style
cat Jan 2021
we played doom music on our drive to the shops.
the deafening sound
of heavy guitar chords ringing in my ears reminds me of our happy days.
adventures into new found city escapes,
guitar hero living rooms,
night spent; endlessly filled with talking.
years together, yet still so much to discover between each other.

the deafening sound,
reminds me of our happy days.
almost enough that i forget the bad.
i hope one day,
thundering music,
reminds me of blissful memories;
happy days of a once beautiful love.

maybe one day,
we can find our own peace,
and these memories can still be our dearest treasures,
from our first love.
my first love hurt me deeply. though i don’t love him anymore, i hope one day he and i can look upon our first love as a beautiful memory we both shared together.
cat Oct 2020
I wish I could turn back time;
Hands running through warm summer hair,
Tongue to tongue
Indulging in one anothers being.

Young and running,
From what we knew as home.

Before twisted words,
And  sharp tongues,
That ripped the paint
From the canvas of the life
We had created together.

I wish I could turn back time,
To before you showed me
Who you were.
cat Apr 2018
you’ve stripped me
of the walls i spent so long
building so high
and so wide
so that no one could enter after the last
and now i have destroyed the;
to be held by you
cat Feb 2018
your lips
remind me
of the words
my hands
they had the courage
to write
cat Jan 2018
if i ask you about love
will your stories of heartache
burst through the floodgates of your flowery lips
& pour upon my feet

for i have learnt
that love
is little more
then the pains in my chest
that i haven’t felt yet

— The End —