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 Jun 2019 Atta
We don’t see the carrots to be cut,
We see the sharp knife that could cut us.

We don’t see the bridge,
We see the other side of the railings.

We don’t see painkillers,
We see medication we could drown ourselves in.

We don’t see the train,
We see the tracks we could lay on.

We don’t see the nice view,
We see the cliff's edge we could jump off.
 Oct 2018 Atta
 Oct 2018 Atta
You should never hate yourself.
You should never sit in a crowded room and feel lonely.
You should never feel abandoned in a group of friends.
You should never change yourself because of other people's opinions.
You should never think you are not enough.
Please don't hate yourself.
Please don't feel lonely.
Please don't feel like an outcast.
Please be yourself.
Please, you are enough.
If you ever think no one loves you,
just know that the King of kings, the Lord of lords, loves you so much.
But I know sometimes you will feel this way.
I understand, but maybe I don't.
Just, please.
Don't hurt yourself.
In any way.
Well, you should never ever feel these way.
love yourself and stay true!

wow wow wow, i did not expect this to happen, but anyways, i really hope all of you are blessed and that this poem helped you!! God bless yall! truly humbled...
 Oct 2018 Atta
 Oct 2018 Atta
You’re prettier than her, though
Laziest over achiever I’ve ever seen
You always seem so happy

I don’t think I’m ever going to figure you out
It hurts sometimes
When it’s the middle of the night
And I hear you all telling me these things again
She’s my best friend
I’m not beautiful like she is

I run myself to the ground
Anxiety and doubt
Push myself until morning
Then an hour of sleep and then work
And you still call me lazy.
I’ve worked hard for this
And I feel like I don’t deserve it

I’m happy because I am splitting apart
When I cry in the shower the sobs turn into laughter
Because maybe if I force myself to smile
The emptiness will leave.

I’m sorry I’m hard to figure out.
I just hold a lot of love for everyone
And I’m kind of different from who I think I am sometimes
I want to succeed in life
But I want everyone to succeed with me.

I’m sorry you can’t figure me out.
I can’t either.
 Jul 2018 Atta
Joseph Floreta
Never listen to people who have the habit of being Negative..
Only listen to words that can Empower you to become more successful.
 Jun 2018 Atta
Christina O
 Jun 2018 Atta
Christina O
Don’t let the moon tell you goodbye
or the sun not greet you with a hello.
Don’t let yesterday fall too soon
and tomorrow never come.
Close your weary eyes,
but only to rest for a while.
Awake in the morning light
and remember each breath.
Don’t let it fade too fast.
Life’s too precious to say no more.
And though the pain is hidden far too well,
know it’s never too deep for someone to care.
Please stay.
I worte this after hearing about Kate ***** and finished it when the news of Anthony Bourdain hit. I was shocked and saddened. If you or anyone you know is struggling, please find help. A friend, a family member, a stranger on the suicide hotline... anyone. Know that you are not alone and please stay for tomorrow’s sunrise.
 Apr 2018 Atta
Micheal Wolf
Wake up wake up
I'm confused
Dad wake up
Don't come in dads asleep
Wake up dad please wake up
I'm frightened who are all these people
Wake up dad they want to come in
Dad I'm telling them off
Go away dad didn't say come in
Wake up wake up!!!
Let me go! Dad help me
Dad there taking me away
Dad wake up please
Dad where are you
I'm alone
Elderly man collapsed and died in his garden. His faithful dog wouldn't let the police near him.
 Apr 2018 Atta
No more pain!
 Apr 2018 Atta
Heart broken
wounds open
words left unspoken

head pounding
heart ache hounding
tissues mounding

go NO stay
please come play?
Let me see your insides
lets see where the pain hides
take down your confines

I am a child again craving his approval
watching my hearts removal
all the whilst his face scrunched in reproval

am I ugly on the inside too?

Thoughts racing
pain facing
its okay babe but this may sting

cutting deeper, oh god whats left
you've taken it all my heart, my life, my breath

just a little more princess
dont stress
the way I make you feel in between shall repress

all the times you said goodbye
all the lows but never the highs

ill make you feel new again
dont fight me, its all in vein
I promise this one last cut and no more pain!
 Apr 2018 Atta
Elizabeth Steilen
While we were friends, I was happy, I loved my life.
But after you left me broken I was almost alone. The one who kept me company was the voice in my head.
It would tell me all the horrible things you’ve done to me, slowly distancing us until our bond was broken beyond repair. Then it left for a while, leaving me all alone, my only companion this journal.
I talked to you once in class and the voice returned, warning me of how you treated me. Warning me of the broken state it made me come to.
So I’m sorry, I’m sorry the voice got the best of me. But as I sit here writing, still alone, I wonder how much of it could be true.
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