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 Oct 2020 AA
When you say racism doesn't exist, you are saying one of the most detrimental things you can say in our society. You are saying I know better. You are saying that it is okay. The things that you have experienced and the pain that you have felt is okay. Because I don't think it's real. I don't trust your experiences. I don't believe that you know more about what it is like to be you than I do. I don't care what history has to say. I don't care what you have to say. I don't trust you so your words don't matter to me. I don't trust you so your pictures, videos, interviews don't matter to me. When you say racism doesn't exist... What you're really saying is, "I still can't hear you."

And what then won't a person do to be heard?
 Oct 2020 AA
Dear Racism
 Oct 2020 AA
Dear Racism,

You, that exist but should never have been.
Your children, Hatred and Division have grown up among us.
Rooted themselves wherever they pleased.
You have caused enough pain.
You will be silenced.

Today we took the 1st step, as ONE Nation.
Today we remembered. Today we said thank you.
My heart is heavy, yet calm.
Walking among my fellow brothers and sisters,
I sensed the same in them.
We have been changed.


Freedom is ours for the taking.
The long walk has been walked for us.
We need to be as strong now.
We need to carry on the work.
Our leaders need to lead,
by following the dreams of the people,
Our leaders need to put themselves last,
and the people they serve, first.

Let it not be in vain.
For then I fear, we are all lost.

Dear Racism,

Goodbye. And good riddance.

The Nation of UBUNTU.
 Oct 2020 AA
 Oct 2020 AA
Mama, what does it mean to be free?
To think and act on your own?
If they free our skin will they free our minds?
Will we learn to love and appreciate one another?
Will my bronze skin be beautiful?
Will men admire my ***** hair
Will they rather look at her pale skin in awe?
Can we be truly free or will it be an illusion?
Will we stand equal or forever inferior to colonizers?
If freedom walks in
Will we mourn our brothers or sing songs of freedom
Mourning is easy, we mourn daily
If we are to sing freedom songs
How will we sing songs we were never taught
If freedom doesn't walk in
Will we be slaves forever?
Mama, what does it mean to be free?
 Oct 2020 AA
David P Carroll
Palestine so beautiful
And bright
I'm in love with you tonight
I shall rescue you
Palestine so peaceful
And full of love
I'll always love you
I'll pray for you

Every day
I'll Pray for you
Watching our children play
Smiling all day
In Palestine today

But we try to be happy
In Palestine
Every day
GAZA stay strong
I shall set you free

Will always live on..
Our Heart's
The blank screen is watching me
to say something about flower and the landscape
I refuse to oblige.
My thoughts today go to the suffering Palestinians,
Who had their country to pieces by a horde from Europa
claiming it was their land as promised by a Jewish scribe.
They were pushed away from their land and cities
and mercilessly sent to exile, the survivors were given
a piece of land by the invaders, who called it the West -Bank,
There is no county by that name.
There is Palestine, the people there although outgunned
resist the invaders it is a David and Goliath fight
and we know the stone thrower won.
It took some time for good people to see the catastrophe that
befell the people of Palestine, but the world is
catching up, and no longer listen to the what a fake
state's propaganda says.
I'm old and will not live long enough to see it, but
I know Palestine will be free.
 Oct 2020 AA
Et cetera
There is this place
It’s called Palestine
It used to be pretty
And peaceful and lively
The people lived as they do
Everywhere else.

Then there came to be this place
It’s called Israel
Which is basically Palestine
But mercilessly occupied
It attacked Palestine
And took over most of its land.

So now in Palestine
Or what’s left of it
Where there used to be quaint houses
There’s just a lot of rubble
With broken and burnt doors, utensils and limbs
Jutting out from underneath.

Where there used to be bright smiles
That could light up the world
There now are tears,
burn marks and bloodied cuts
That can rend any human heart
Except those that are not human.

It is a war, not between states
Not between races, nor between fates
Nay, this is a bigger war, one of faith
At least, that is how it started
But now, it is between
human and non-human.

Tell me, please
Is it human to **** innocent people
For the sake of self, and the sake of  hate?
Is it human then also, to remain quiet
And watch such tyranny be?
It must also be human, to  point guns at 4 year olds.

And by this definition,
Humans of this world, humans that feel
Are not humans at all, because they care
And those that don’t, well
They’re humans at their prime
The most evolved of them all.

Israel, I salute you, a salute full of mock
At your utter humanity, and benevolence
Your bombs when they land
With the cheers of your people,
And your guns when they point
At 4-year old terrorists; surely they can ****.

Palestine, I stand with you, sincerely
Your children, your people, your land and your peace
Are my children, my people, my land and my peace
Their bombs when they land, make my prayers fiercer
Their guns when they shoot, make my eyes water
But know this, Palestinians, we are one.

So when they shoot you, I bleed
And when they bomb you, I ache
When they hurt you, I feel the pain
And when you cry for help, I pray
We are blood, we are one body
We are the Ummah, we will rise.

Until then we pray, we pray and we try
Dear Palestine, stay strong, stay firm…
Help shall come, in ways unimaginable
Do not weaken, and do not grieve
You will overcome them, if you are true believers

Allah has promised, and His promise he upholds.

 Oct 2020 AA
dorian w claiborne
 Oct 2020 AA
dorian w claiborne
I poured
my heart
out to
you and
all you
said was
true story I told this girl how I felt and all I got was oh
 Oct 2020 AA
 Oct 2020 AA
The touch of your hands
               cracked my walls.
Your sweet fragrance
               drowned me in an ocean of roses.
 Oct 2020 AA
Heliza Rose
The only perfect thing in this world
Is its constant imperfections
 Oct 2020 AA
Gregory K Nelson
His Nickname Was Justice

He walked down from the mountain
After they had won the war.
His friends sang of machine guns
But his soul stretched out for more.

He dreamed of a dry season
While the blood came raining down.
So he gathered all the white men
And stood up above the crowd.

He said, "You could be the Judge of me,
I'll be your your fool.
Look down upon you softly,
while my people rule."

He said "you could be the judge of me, I'll be your fool." He stood sweating in the sunshine, his muscle was an outline, that could cast a shadow of vengeance across the land. But he said "I will was your feet now, and I will turn the other cheek until we are eye to eye.

His nickname was Justice
Because he walked the line,
And shared among his enemies
The finest South African wine.

His nickname was Justice
Because he rose and stood,
For the wisdom of children
And the gift of womanhood.

He saw his light come shining
From the West down to the East
He said, "Any day now
We all shall be released."
This is a song about a real judge in South Africa whose nickname really was Justice.  A black man given the task of judging people who had very recently oppressed him.  That's about all I know about him.  The rest is my imagination.
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