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Do you think
I could
make something
if I tried?

Do you think
it could move

Do you think
I have it in me
to show
how I feel
in spite
of my fear
of everything

Do you think
if I reveal just
will still
love me?

Do you think
once my
is gone
from my
anyone will
miss me?
Beautiful girl,
You strike fear at my core

You alone can get close to me,
And only slowly,
One secret at a time

As I release them to you,
One by one,
I fear you'll turn away and run

The more you hear,
The more you may hurt me
But still I will try,

For the thought of your beauty
Wrapped around me entirely
Is greater than the sum of my fear
She parts like the sea
When she is underneath me;
These salty skin and heaving winds
Compare no depth to when she is with me.

She clings on to me like I do to her
Storm swept lovers longing for the coast
Of the joys of home and the warmth of summer;
When all this that I could remember:

My name on her lips.
Her eyes when I kiss
Her senselessly; her smile,
Her hands, the way her fingers dance
Against my skin;

I am bursting
With vibrant passion
When she finds me again.
The parting of the sea:
Where she parts and I breathe
Alone and never has been,
But she has always

always drowned me.
(inspired from a character driven work and a love that shouldn't have been the worst)
Is it the end of an era?
Is it the end of an age?
Is it the end of me?

The end of an ending,
My dear, we've barely begun,
But this has been coming,
The ending must be at the end.
Drivel, sorry.
I dreamed not about you but her..
your face nothing but a ghost in the back of my mind
every time I dream you appear a nightmare ready
to break my now fragile heart...
oh please call me one last time so I can
hear your angelic voice..
say goodbye...
I wanna dream about her with her magical brown eyes not you
you with those fiery blue eyes
"Be careful who you call a King"**

All the romantic girls want a 'knight in shining armour'
All princesses want some noble king to sweep them off their feet
All the bad girls want a rebel who's mean with lots of green
Well... I'm all three

I want the joker
Who can outwit the knight in a fight with only his words
Who can make the king laugh with accents and gestures so absurd
Who can cause the rebel to cry and fly away like a scared little bird
I want the joker

I'm a poet
I need the joker to take away the sadness in the words I write
I need the joker to willingly fight for me with his own life
I need the joker to stand tall and proud, yet admit when he's not right
I need the joker to love me fully, unbiasedly and with all his might
I'm a poet

Knights are overrated
Kings are old and outdated
Rebels are deathly fated

Jokers are an eternity
Cause laughter can surely never die
Jokers are everything
Cause my heart will surely never cry
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