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  Oct 2020 AA
Harmony vaitupu
Racism, Racism, Racism
You give a human sorrow and hate
Racism, Racism, Racism
Look at what you've done and look at their state

Racism, Racism, Racism
You are evil and sharp as a knife
Racism, Racism, Racism
You play with human's life

Racism, Racism, Racism
Why are you so cruel?
Racism, Racism, Racism
You are nothing but a fool!

Racism, Racism, Racism
Why judge by colour?
Racism, Racism, Racism
You are horrendously disgraceful but hate to admit you've got the power

Racism, Racism, Racism
Why are you here?
Racism, Racism, Racism
You're not wanted so go die with fear
  Oct 2020 AA
Mama, what does it mean to be free?
To think and act on your own?
If they free our skin will they free our minds?
Will we learn to love and appreciate one another?
Will my bronze skin be beautiful?
Will men admire my ***** hair
Will they rather look at her pale skin in awe?
Can we be truly free or will it be an illusion?
Will we stand equal or forever inferior to colonizers?
If freedom walks in
Will we mourn our brothers or sing songs of freedom
Mourning is easy, we mourn daily
If we are to sing freedom songs
How will we sing songs we were never taught
If freedom doesn't walk in
Will we be slaves forever?
Mama, what does it mean to be free?
  Oct 2020 AA
Gregory K Nelson
His Nickname Was Justice

He walked down from the mountain
After they had won the war.
His friends sang of machine guns
But his soul stretched out for more.

He dreamed of a dry season
While the blood came raining down.
So he gathered all the white men
And stood up above the crowd.

He said, "You could be the Judge of me,
I'll be your your fool.
Look down upon you softly,
while my people rule."

He said "you could be the judge of me, I'll be your fool." He stood sweating in the sunshine, his muscle was an outline, that could cast a shadow of vengeance across the land. But he said "I will was your feet now, and I will turn the other cheek until we are eye to eye.

His nickname was Justice
Because he walked the line,
And shared among his enemies
The finest South African wine.

His nickname was Justice
Because he rose and stood,
For the wisdom of children
And the gift of womanhood.

He saw his light come shining
From the West down to the East
He said, "Any day now
We all shall be released."
This is a song about a real judge in South Africa whose nickname really was Justice.  A black man given the task of judging people who had very recently oppressed him.  That's about all I know about him.  The rest is my imagination.
  Oct 2020 AA
Javaria Waseem
You don't limit your life to social media.
In reality, social media limits you to your life.
A selfie with this and a selfie with that.
Your life is race for comments and likes.
Instead of having a personality worth praising
You are now judged based on your social media profiles.

Status update: I wish I could visit Paris some day.
In Paris you're like, "Where can I get signals for wifi?"

Your achievements are unlocking new levels of Candy Crush
Is that the legacy you'll leave behind?
As if all these achievements will benefit you  
to unlock the doors of heaven when you'll die.
Your 940 friends won't be able to help you
by sending a booster or an extra life.

Relationship Status: Happily married.
Happy and married until the moment you both go offline.

You buy everything from behind the screen
Error 404: Cannot buy love and time.
It's a complicated maze that you won't accept
Even when they themselves call it a website.
You don't limit your life to social media.
In reality, social media limits you to your life.
  Feb 2018 AA
Heliza Rose
The only perfect thing in this world
Is its constant imperfections
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