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Anna Nov 2014
It's hard to be sure when you're so certainly uncertain.
You are my heart.
I am an afterthought.
I kid myself again.
It'll hurt,
but at least I have good intensions?
Anna Nov 2014
I'm the filler between the drunk
& the high.
You're the in-between of the hello
& goodbye.
But what do all the bookend times mean?
  Oct 2014 Anna
Sara L Russell
Sara L Russell, 23rd October 2014, 01:01*

She was sunlight and cinnamon;
all wide eyes,
auburn hair, fair complexion
freckles and fleeting laughter.
She was an enigma to her friends,
a golden girl to her parents…

Dappled sunlight turned her into
fragments of an autumn impressionist panting;
all her reds, golds and peach tones
wildly blazing,
vividly flaming in a sunset's haze.

She could make people laugh
with a dry turn of phrase.
She could silence a room just by walking in
through the door.
She could silence cruel words
with a withering look.

She was going to be somebody;
the world was going to know her name,
the future was forever -
he caught her, used her,
left her under autumn leaves
in a ditch by the roadside;

and he became somebody
and she became the face
of the girl killed by him.
Hollywood made a thriller about him
and his crime;
and her mother made an album of photos of her;
and the local paper published
her brief obituary.
Anna Oct 2014
You’re consumed by attention 

that is not mine. 

You don’t need a bit of me.
Anna Oct 2014
"I would drop the world for you,"
He said.
"Come lay with me,"
He said.
"I beg you,"
He said.

"Beg me better."
Anna Oct 2014
is that how you feel?
this is how you're feeling? And you tell me your mind is reeling and you can't keep your head straight
and that's why you need to be *******
and I could never mean more to you I couldn't mean a thing to you
my addiction keeps getting fed from every word you ever said
and you say you know you say you know me
so if you know me why would you hurt me and why do you keep me seizing
clutching for something that's not even there
you care
you say you care you want me to share why I get so angry why I get so frustrated
why I get SO ******* FED UP
your words I hold onto
and the words you never say
and you'll never say because you're not in the mood
you're never in the mood to open yourself up
to me
you say you know me
you say you know me better than I know me
MY GOD you
**** ME
and claw at my mind with your words that I find so alluring
and I find you so alluring
and you're beautiful
and that mind
your mind
**** your mind
and you ****** me with your mind
and ideas
and plans
and then you use your hands

and I'm caught again.
I hate that I ever wrote this.
Anna Oct 2014
I have something good.
I have something to lose.
I'm afraid to put it into words.
If it crumbles, I'll reread the words
and over
and over again.
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