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 Sep 2015 Anna
Manic Bipolar Kid
Baffled I said...hmm
Well not organized, persay
I'm spiritual
Ya know I take desert walks in
Sandals sometimes
 Oct 2014 Anna
 Oct 2014 Anna
Oh god
I miss you
so much.
 Oct 2014 Anna
Sara L Russell
Sara L Russell, 23rd October 2014, 01:01*

She was sunlight and cinnamon;
all wide eyes,
auburn hair, fair complexion
freckles and fleeting laughter.
She was an enigma to her friends,
a golden girl to her parents…

Dappled sunlight turned her into
fragments of an autumn impressionist panting;
all her reds, golds and peach tones
wildly blazing,
vividly flaming in a sunset's haze.

She could make people laugh
with a dry turn of phrase.
She could silence a room just by walking in
through the door.
She could silence cruel words
with a withering look.

She was going to be somebody;
the world was going to know her name,
the future was forever -
he caught her, used her,
left her under autumn leaves
in a ditch by the roadside;

and he became somebody
and she became the face
of the girl killed by him.
Hollywood made a thriller about him
and his crime;
and her mother made an album of photos of her;
and the local paper published
her brief obituary.
 Oct 2014 Anna
you are
 Oct 2014 Anna
You are the sun that sets at the horizon
the mist covering me
the one saving me from illusions
war and love's fusion.

You are the fire in my eyes
my deep abyss
the one who stays with me all night
the one who will always be mine

You are the bottom of the sea
Inquisitive, tempting
Dark as can be
my infinity

You are the light in the dark
my companion
you've loved me from the start
you hold my hand when the soldiers march.

You are everything I wished to be
I see myself in you
I know today you're free
by the graves at midnight I shall wait for thee
Written for the love of my life,Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus.
 Oct 2014 Anna
I may* have put up a happy surface
but* my soul is not happy
I may have put up a joyful face
but I am not enjoying any of it
I may always seem fine
but inside it is all poles apart
I have lied to myself
but I am not any more
I used to think I was happy
but now I know I am not

 Oct 2014 Anna
Break your back over
my heart three times &
claim it's body poetry.

Knock on wood & pray
Zeus didn't hear you.

You say you know no better,
but I've seen the malice in your eyes the
moment before our lips touch & I am
afraid; I love it.

Trust you trust you trust you..
Why would you beg I trust you?

You knew from the second you
saw me that you would end up
covering me in kisses the way
lava covered Pompeii
& giddily watch as I suffer when
you leave me to dry.

You are so heartachingly beautiful,
&, as the daughter of Apollo, I am
obligated to let the son of Aphrodite know;
my father was the brightest star
until nineteen years ago.
Sorry, Daddy,
I know you told me never to love a man anything like you.
 Oct 2014 Anna
ally m
 Oct 2014 Anna
ally m
i wish all my favorite songs
didn’t remind me of you.
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