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nish Nov 2018
theres a freezing cold irony
in trying your very best
its a hit or a miss
for sometimes
all you can give
is still not enough.
-Don't be upset if you're best is not enough, its all you could ever give.
nish Nov 2018
it’s too early
to fall in love

not because i’m only 19
but it’s only 8 am
nish Nov 2018
absence makes the heart grow fonder
but what does it do to the rest of you?

watery eyes, framed by damp lashes

tear stained cheeks, mouth turned down
but only at the tips

arms, wrapped around your body

thoughts, drifting between past and present

fingers, mindlessly tracing the same patterns
you used to draw on me

but its okay
my heart is fonder.
Brazilian Portuguese: is a deep emotional state
of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing
for an absent something or someone that one loves.
nish Nov 2018
you used to be here

then you left all at once

i cried a bit, thats for sure

till i realized

you'd been packing for a while

smiles only lasted till i couldn't see them

kisses didn't heat up leftover emotions

laughter that once echoed, ceased

pillow indents weren't as deep

and your scent lingered less on the sheets

at least you left your memories behind.
why didn't you take the memories.
nish Nov 2018
even after you're gone
the sun still rises
new days don't stop
for heartbreaks that
tear lives apart.
Time waits for no man.
nish Oct 2018
its a spooky spooky night
full of fun and cheer
so she slit her wrists
and left all that she found dear

they trick or treated
down the road
until the seventh house
the lights were on
pumpkins carved
sitting on the porch

no candy bowl in sight
the doorbell rang and rang
children came and others left
alas nobody entered
for who would've thought
on Halloween
she'd given up, surrendered.

midnight passed
the sun arose
yet, nobody knew
her corpse lay fresh
eyes wide and
mouth sitting agape.

days went past
a week at most
and the neighbours came to check
cause little Johnny smelt a smell
that made his tummy wrecked

this Halloween
the kids all run
right past the seventh house
because one by one
the lights turn on
telling us she's there
to celebrate the festives
on that spooky spooky night.
nish Oct 2018
they think you're all
curly hair and pretty eyes
a charming smile
silver tongue
a living god


afraid of mice
you like tomatoes
allergic to bees
full of theories
bursting with dreams

theres just some things
that a late night
entwining of limbs
just won't reveal.
They think they know you, until you leave.
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