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nish Jul 2018
it’s crazy how superstition works
any belief, sometimes even religion
can make you go completely bezerk

it’s 23.10hrs in the night
i’m lying here and thinking
it’s really, nearly time
ironic how I write this
for my mother always told me
it'll only come true
if you keep it a secret

I just have to write this
and pray that you see it

It’s 23.11 in the depths of the night
I wish you were here.
I always wish on 11:11 instead of the stars. Time isn’t real but the stars are there all through the night. It just feels more right to use 11:11.
nish Oct 2018
it’s 11:11
but in the morning
not quite as entertaining
maybe I’ll wish for a bagel
more appropriate than
another midnight fable.
nish Jul 2018
he demanded attention
i craved validation
a time and a place that's all we would need
to seal our fate
with a kiss, oh so sweet

i lie.

first kisses are messy
there's always some drool
memorable and bad
leave you smiling like a fool

but i'll tell you a truth
its something i hide
i'm glad that you took it
sorry i lied.
© M.H

dedicated to bbg, bc he loves being written about.
nish Nov 2018
even after you're gone
the sun still rises
new days don't stop
for heartbreaks that
tear lives apart.
Time waits for no man.
nish Jul 2018
what i did was wrong
but what you did was worse
you up and left without a word
i dont deserve that
come back
lets talk
i just want to get it all
you felt hurt by what i did

it was wrong

called last night
you didn't answer
i wanted to apologize
but now i think
if you left so readily
maybe this end was destiny.
life is complicated, our problems are irrelevant to the universe.
nish Jul 2018
how many times did you tell me you love me
did you really
there was always a doubt lingering in me
you left it there, no reassurance
does love exist
you made me believe our love was religion
you were the god i would worship
now i’m better off an atheist.
© M.H

another revamped 2o16 bad boi
nish Jul 2018
here i sit
to write a list
of everything i'd ever miss
when you leave

the way you smile
and look at me
completely free

how you chase
your every dream
with confidence
in endless streams

your eyes they shine
with so much passion
happiness or anger
always a depth of distraction

you support all i do
think with me
help me through
you're around
when i'm down and blue

your soul
it holds so much
i wish you knew
how much you're worth

i'll miss your voice
how you say my name
even when you shout it out
its holds but just
a tinge of love

i promise that i'll see you off
i'm happy for what your future holds
but i cannot say i'll be okay

and may i be just so bold
to ask that god entwine our fate
so i can say to your face, "I love you"
till then, stay safe.
dedicated to bbg
nish Oct 2018
in a universe
full of drifting souls
you chose me,
the forgotten and abandoned

i warned you
all my pages were empty
but that didn’t deter you
in fact
you were more intrigued

and now i understand
it’s because
your pages were also blank

so we held hands
and scrawled our words
in writing that’s messy
only because there’s
so much to express
in so little time
and we just might forget
if it’s not written down

now my pages
they’re full
and yours are the same

two souls mingling
forgotten and abandoned
by all but eachother.
~ironic because i hate it when people write in my books
nish Aug 2018
last night we went to dinner
with a group of friends
quite far away from home
its where this poem begins

i wrapped a little present
tied the bow and touched it up
wrote a few more letters
so you'd have my loving touch

we talked and laughed
an awesome time
until the food was gone
then chatted up a little more
before we left it all

outside we took a last few pics
to commemerate this time
then you pulled me to the side
and had to make me cry

you took my hand
a normal gesture
then slipped onto my wrist
the one thing that I know
you will forever miss

your lips they moved
a lot was said
my eyes were blurred
but I caught the rest

‘to a girl who is important’
that’s you my lil nish’
and what could I have said
when my throat was practically dead

so I grabbed you tight
hugged you hard
I really wish
we didn’t have to part

take care my darling
I’ll see you soon
and I’ll always be with you
under the same moon.
bbg is going tomorrow, yesterday was really hard. I’ll miss you loads bbg, I love you.
Saying bye to a best friend is hard, I’m sorry if you’ve ever experienced it.
nish Aug 2018

             you see they sang two different tunes
             but together, the masterpiece formed
            her                                                        his
            treble                                                  bass
            rang                                                     low
           out                                               ­         soft
           into                                    ­                    and
           the                                               ­           full
           night                                            ­         with
           joins                                     ­                  love
          his in                                                   for her
    harmony                                               soothing
perfectly in                                          perfectly in
sync.                                                     sync.
The first two lines are an introduction and then there are individual poems down each note, together they form one bigger picture. I know the notes are wonky but I think it gives the poem an unconfined feeling, flowing like music.
Hope you enjoyed :)
Much easier than the other shape poetry I’ve posted before and a lot less stressful.
Once again feel free to comment or dm me links to shape poetry that you’ve tried out.
Hope you enjoyed :)
nish Aug 2018
sometimes its hard to be happy
but here i sit
with my darling, precious cat
fast asleep on my lap
and i'm writing poetry
can it get any better than that?
just a thought.
nish Jul 2018
sometimes i'll sit all by myself
legs together, tightly pressed
for my mind has wondered once again
and landed on that night
of ******* and bliss

you held me down on the bed
i could feel your weight
and something else
your lips, they captured me by surprise
i felt their pressure against my neck
slowly moving down
they landed on my chest

there was no hesitation
you wandered even lower
that mouth of yours, on my stomach
once, twice and finally
your hands, they grabbed my waist
fingers inched their way
towards my special place

you stopped
and then started all over again.
didn't want to get too explicit, but this guy was so good he ruined me for anyone else.
nish Aug 2018
you always keep me on edge
does that make you my centre?
a person or thing that is the centre of attention or admiration.
nish Oct 2018
it’s 3:06am
the demons
they seem to be running late

i pray arrival is soon
their presence
much more reassuring
than being left alone in my thoughts.
thoughts that turn into nightmares
nightmares into a living reality

no wonder i go for therapy
nish Oct 2018
they think you're all
curly hair and pretty eyes
a charming smile
silver tongue
a living god


afraid of mice
you like tomatoes
allergic to bees
full of theories
bursting with dreams

theres just some things
that a late night
entwining of limbs
just won't reveal.
They think they know you, until you leave.
nish Jan 25
i think its time
to fall in love

the depthless kind
with flower buds
that blossom into stereotypical roses

i prefer the scent of lavender
but i'll take roses
if it comes with a side of love

the depthless kind of course.
obviously my lonely *** was inspired by Princess and the Frog
sigh I love Disney movies
time for a fling
nish Jul 2018
if only you could make me feel
the way my fingers
make me feel.
- to men, from me.
nish Jul 2018
through thick and thin
that’s what we said
but now i look across the bed
the empty space, so big and clear
it’s all that i could ever fear

close friends at best
never more
but now it’s gone
forgotten lore

why did we
entwine our limbs
embrace in passion
on such a whim

i regret that night
our thoughts astray
clouded by the playful day

now you barely look at me
and when you do I see the guilt
it’s ok
i feel it too
but if you’d just talk to me
i’d help you realize, you’re still free

please don’t regret my body’s touch
or how you sought the sheets to clutch
but most important
don’t forget
what we had before the end
a loving friendship, down to the core
never thought I’d see the door
i’m locked outside
you have the key
through thick and thin?
guess that was just me.
© M.H

ya girl was in her feels today :/
nish Aug 2018
hi, hello
so i realized
that there is the slightest possibility
you don't know just how much
i love you

sure, i say it all the time
hugs and kisses
pat your head and give you affection
but i'm worried
is it enough?
do you really understand
how much you mean to me
i'll never know
and the only precaution i can take
is to keep loving you
until you realize.

but that was always on the agenda.
dedicated to my bbg.
he'll be gone soon, and I won't be able to show as much love as before.
Hope this makes you think of someone special, be it child, pet or spouse.
nish Aug 2018
darling, look at us.
me and you, isn't it clear i
am a simple moon, orbiting a
large planet and you are my centre,
providing the force i require to keep
stable and moving. and like any other
moon. i too, have an effect on you.
because of me you rise and fall.
i bring you light and dark. if
we break, so will the
some mediocre shape poetry just to get back into writing.
nish Aug 2018
 \ why is it that time slips /                              
   \she slides and slithers /
     \right through these  /
        \ infinite crevices  /
          \found all over /
             \my greedy /
                \ hands,  /
                   \ like /
                   /    •   \
                 /       s      \
              /            a       \
           /             n            \
        /                 d              \
      /                                      \
    / in the dainty hourglass \
  /sitting aloft my skew shelf.\
I wanted to try shape poetry again, and I have to say this was MUCH harder than .leafing

It took forever to align the slashes to give this poem shape, without them it didn't look like an hourglass.
I hope you liked this poem and I'd love it if you commented some links to any shape poetry you've tried out.
Hope you enjoyed :)
nish Sep 2018
isn’t it truly amazing
this universe
in which we co-exist
has evolved
through dinosaurs
evolution and wars
heartbreak and turmoil
happiness and moments of peace  
every single event
extravagant or minute
each occurrence played a part
to mould this space we live in
so many contributions
in the form of attributions
all the tongues created
words spoken, thoughts shared
stories passed down through generations
buildings assembled, torn down
life and death
diseases and cures
chaos and equilibrium
a perpetuous cycle playing out
continuously on loop
all of it comes together
to form this mess of an education system
that’s makes me want to **** myself.
honestly it’s 3am and I’m up studying for an exam a month away that’s supposed to decide my whole future and the career paths I can take. suffering doesn’t even begin to cut it, there’s such a huge sense of foreboding and so many children commit suicide over stress or fear of disappointment. I know there are loads of issues worldwide and I probably could’ve written a better poem about it. But here I am addressing the education system and how whack it is. Goodnight. Hope you enjoyed.
nish Nov 2018
god will redeem you
for your only sin
was loving me
nish Aug 2018
my advice is always
make a choice
you know you won’t regret
if you must choose between a few
darling please don’t fret.

it’s okay to regret the things
you didnt get to choose
but don’t remorse the one you did
means you didn’t think it through.

now here i am lying down
deep within my thoughts
maybe if I tweaked those words
i would have more than nought

it doesn’t really feel so great
to be the choice that wasn’t chosen
perhaps if i had thought it through
these tears would not be falling.
still on about my petty humane teenage problems
nish Dec 2018
sometimes we forget
humans are mindless
among the sadness
monotonous moments
and fleeting happiness
there is a form of fighting peace

it is love
and one day you will fall

it truly is the sweetest fruit
and you must cherish it
as though it is the last pearl
in this dark and vast ocean
of travesty we call life.
-To my future daughter.

I might never have one, and I might never show this. But I couldn't think of anyone else to dedicate it to.
And its not the kind of poem you leave lying around undedicated ya know.
nish Jul 2018
character development is truly amazing
every point of view, is constantly changing
and i have this habit; immensely annoying
of falling in love, with love

suddenly, i notice what she doesn't see (yet)
together we ridiculed him
too short, not my type
i've know him my whole life!
but suddenly
his shoulders; are they broader?
and that voice, its much deeper
stance gotten wider, masculine
more attractive.

this is unquestionably unacceptable
emotional whiplash
how did his eyes get more golden
its just how the sun hits them
we never saw it like this before
a whole new perspective
this isn't healthy

he's defensive, possessive
hard headed and difficult
he looks at her differently
how does she not see it?
how did i not see it??
its more tender and caring
dare i say loving

character development
the bane of my existence.
just a silly poem about how much I love shipping characters. This was inspired by my re-watching of "Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood". The scene where Winry and Ed are arguing in her room. Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading :)
nish Sep 2018
you attract me
there’s this force
unknown, strong and persisting
pulling me closer and closer
even with all my resisting
i beg you to stop
yield, let me go
i can see this void between us
the one i must fall into
spiral downwards and crash
change that which is my core
my spirit, my character
before i can be with you

but what kind of love is it really
if i must lose myself to find you.
When you’re going to fall in love but you really don’t have time right now.
nish Oct 2018
its a spooky spooky night
full of fun and cheer
so she slit her wrists
and left all that she found dear

they trick or treated
down the road
until the seventh house
the lights were on
pumpkins carved
sitting on the porch

no candy bowl in sight
the doorbell rang and rang
children came and others left
alas nobody entered
for who would've thought
on Halloween
she'd given up, surrendered.

midnight passed
the sun arose
yet, nobody knew
her corpse lay fresh
eyes wide and
mouth sitting agape.

days went past
a week at most
and the neighbours came to check
cause little Johnny smelt a smell
that made his tummy wrecked

this Halloween
the kids all run
right past the seventh house
because one by one
the lights turn on
telling us she's there
to celebrate the festives
on that spooky spooky night.
nish Aug 2018
hey there pianist
play us something please
wipe away those dusty keys
and bring us to our knees

why hum those tunes
when you can play
guide these voices on their way
and show us how its done

i know you miss those wildin' days
when your hands flew up and down
try once more, don't be shy
and stop with that ol' frown

i see your fingers itch and search
when you hear a melody
to replicate that very sound
this is your only remedy

hey there pianist
play us something please.
Its been a while since I played.
nish Aug 2018
drove past the church today
a girl was on her knees
would've been pretty normal
if she wasn't ******* d.
-Just a little something, pun intended.
nish Jul 2018
you make a wish
upon a star
but little do you know
another being, far away
is wishing on it too

perhaps there is
the slightest chance
both wish for one same thing
like ending hunger, poverty
lack of education
or economic stability

but each of us
will take the time
wishing for our own

all i know is human nature
differs prayer from a wish
when we pray, we ask that god
bless all that is amiss
but when we wish upon a star
all thought for others leave
we wish only for ourselves
its what we've come to be.
for wishes seem so magical
and give our childish hearts some hope.
nish Jul 2018
if the sun disappears
and the stars say farewell
would you be the only light
for those left to dwell?
just a short lil something
nish Nov 2018
i'd take up a lasso to the stars
rearrange them

a bucket of water
extinguish the sun

walk a mile
in a second

lessen your pain
bear your burden

but don't ask me
to stop loving you
some things
just can't be done.
overcome the impossible when you're head over heels
nish Aug 2018
  wish you
  would burn
    feel the torment
    pain and agony
   that i endured
     all because  
  of you
  i want you to
suffer, for an
eternity, just
like me. whom
you left, alone
and forgotten.
but my darling
never leave a
lighted candle
alone without
a second glance.
because now, i
am a forest fire.
ablaze and oh
so powerful.
Wow guys, I think I'm addicted to shape poetry. I just can't stop making shapes its so entertaining.
Again not a difficult shape, but loads of fun.
Hope you enjoyed and please feel free to dm or comment your own shape poetry :)
nish Nov 2018
theres a freezing cold irony
in trying your very best
its a hit or a miss
for sometimes
all you can give
is still not enough.
-Don't be upset if you're best is not enough, its all you could ever give.
nish Oct 2018
how did you
the court jester
successfully ******* your way
straight into my heart.
-on a unicycle.
nish Jul 2018
      me of a leaf  
    with each season
      you change your colour
       until one day you fall to
      the cold, bare ground
       it may seem sad, but
       you add pigment
       to the lifeless
        soil, still so
Never tried shape poetry before but happy with the way it turned out. Accidentally deleted this earlier on, sorry if you're seeing it again :(
nish Jul 2018
someone on this earth has asked
to find out what it means to love
i could never answer
for i know just as much

tell us this, don't hold back
if love is blind
how does one feel
love at first sight

what kind of things
does blind love see
someone is asking
someone is me.
have you ever been in love?
nish Sep 2018
if time went into storage
wouldn’t that be great

all those moments that went adrift
just waiting to be claimed

like a ‘lost and found’ for time
sounds quite bizarre

it must be at its brim by now
bending out the walls

i must admit most of that time
is all because of me

those 10 minutes that I fell asleep
just because of bordem
queues I had endured
loitering through the streets
tangled between the sheets
lying down watching the fan
making patterns on my hand
doodling the armegoden
simple things, useless things  

but most in vain
the time I spent
waiting for true love
pursuing those who’d disregard
someone like me
someone not worth their time

i suppose I wish
there was a way
to get back all that time

all that time I could’ve used
to waste another way.
time goes so fast, I like this poem it’s one of my quirkier writes :)
Hope you enjoyed
nish Jul 2018
they say love is blind
some speak of it’s weakness
lack of existence
turmoiling persistence

oh how they’re wrong

i’ve seen what it does, felt it's affliction
falling in love, you can’t choose your conviction  

love isn't just blind
it's deaf and so mute

your words, how they echo
the feel of unrest
i will always remember you, as nothing but best
your memory won't taint
your image, clean, so pure
the meticulous thoughts, and prominent words
things you said, and phrases unspoken
your hesitation and pride
the look in your eyes
the expressive emotion
all led to my demise

i tried moving on
clearly, it failed
i'll never feel free
save yourself, leave me be.
© M.H

just a revamped poem from 2o16
nish Jul 2018
i like to look at things that shine

fireworks projected into the sky
and like a shooting star they fall
some wish
i watch
as it splits into an array of colours
a few seconds of beauty
quickly enveloped by the night sky

floating lanterns, so ominous
so pretty and mysterious
dots across the dark horizon
the endless darkness tainted
by blurs of light from a distace
but up close they truly are
an enchanting spectacle

camp fires are surreal
what stories do they hold
it rages and fights
it consumes, magnificent
so powerful and yet
so wise

candles bring out memories
if i stare too long
its rhythmic flame will devour me
the tiny light brings out the biggest shadows
like a trance it pulls me in
blow it out, then i'll be free

neon trapped within traffic lights
the red has immeasurable power
amber hues bring on despair
green commands attention
but in the dead of the night
when not a single soul roams by
driving past the glowing lines
of light upon light
i enter a realm of nostalgia

i see the flash of lightning
it is ferocious
commands respect
but when i watch it
from behind a window pane
with raindrops streaking down
the thunder muted, the dark clouds
they emit the most beautiful violet light
it comes and goes in simply seconds

and how could i forget the stars
always there
but only alive
in the depths of the night
scattered across the sky
they glow like an accessory
desired but unreachable
i stretch my hand out high
a little more and i can touch them.
This poem was actually inspired from a textpost I saw about star-signs and things that shine. Every different light brings out a different feeling, just like people. I haven't included all the signs, just the ones I liked.
nish Oct 2018
lying down
sitting back
looking at that
just looking

lost in thought
far away
don’t bring me back
i like it this way

most of our time
is spent in our heads
i solved poverty yesterday
then promtly had a breakdown

before i make
this world
a better place for you
i need to make my mind
a better place for me.
~mental health day

a day late, but better late than never
nish Aug 2018
the worst part about you leaving
must be the doubt
that maybe, just maybe
i might forget.

your presence
is a reminder of simply everything
and sometimes when you smile
in that quirky way of yours
i’ll remember a specific memory we shared

so if your eyes aren’t here
to glisten just right
and remind me of our talks at night
then, maybe, just maybe
i might forget.
scientific name for the flower commonly    known as ‘forget me not’,
nish Feb 15
It’s me.
It’s us.
It’s humanity stripped, this is our true form
We are painted with stars and consumed by the cosmos, only to come back again brighter than ever before.

My heart is the sun, my soul is the void.
I was going through my old stuff and found this from
4 July 2016
nish Aug 2018
was i born a poet
or did i become one
i suppose,
these stars were always enchanting
but only now did i learn
how to express that.
nish Jul 2018
i despise you more by the day infiltrating my
every thought, have you no shame?
even as i drift into sleep, i hear
the baritone of your voice, a
passing in the night breeze,
confessing your love,
i know it’s not real
a simple illusion
brought upon
by delusion


i always reply
because I love you
and I wish you loved me too.
another 2o16 revamp
nish Aug 2018
never believe a people pleaser
someone who doesn’t know
how to say ‘no’
now somebody else has what you wanted
and you gotta live with it
no don’t complain
after all
you’re the one who trusted them.
maybe I’m petty, maybe I’m human.
nish Aug 2018
The night sky seems like a reflection of your eyes
Those orbs twinkle with mischief,
should have seen that before I fell so very deeply in love.
But with a soul, seemingly as old as the universe itself,
how could I resist this insane attraction.
I'm merely human
temptation doesn't evade me.
I've sinned a countless number of times,
but falling in love with you was my redemption
because even God is waiting for you to come back to heaven.

Yet I have to stop and think,
out of all these hearts you've stolen
is mine just another line on your tally?
Will you be there tomorrow
when the sun filters through these fading curtains.
Or is your departure much before the first dew droplet
sliding off a sprouting leaf?
I won't know
until I wake and find your indents on my bed
and the smell of your comfort lingering around.

And even then,
I will have the smallest, fragment of hope
that you'll come back.
Because maybe
just maybe
I was a little bit more different
from the rest of your tally marks.
-To the one night stands we fall in love with.
nish Aug 2018
walk or travel through a place

side by side we sit and wait
the loop of life decides our fate
i glance right over
your eyes are glazed
the thought of leaving etched on your face
i feel a choke ride up my lungs
perhaps it’s best
we've left some songs unsung
my love for you
is known by few
for it resonates deep within me
instinctive and never ending
when i think it’s nearly time
you look at me and stop the chime
i see a smile upon your face
and forget these final hours we race
your smile is pure, it’s reassuring
almost takes away this reality
alas, it remains enduring.
dedicated to bbg.
I called this .perambulate for two reasons.
Firstly, the irony is that we are waiting, motionless for his departure and secondly, because he leaves to explore a new place.
Hope you enjoyed :)
nish Aug 2018
do you know what phosphenes are?
when you rub your eyes
those little blinking dots
the ones of different colours
that dance around alluringly

you are very much like phosphenes
a vast array of colour
destroying boundless darkness
make me forget my fatigue
i immerse myself in your beauty
breathtaking, indescribable

but as soon as i open my eyes
you disperse into nothing
i'm met with the sight of another bleak day
until i close my eyes again

a̶n̶d̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ ̶r̶u̶b̶ ̶e̶l̶s̶e̶w̶h̶e̶r̶e̶
I came across this word today and I just HAD to use it, hope you enjoyed :)
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