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 Apr 2019 nish
George Anthony
minutes shy of eleven,
       the sharp blur of too many streetlights
   aiding the throb of caffeine

we lay in the road under a starless sky
            and flirted with death
    for the sake of adrenaline

        cold, wind burning my lungs
              long route back, avoiding trouble
         but my smiles were real

                                               and so were you
 Dec 2018 nish
 Dec 2018 nish
and then he looked at me
and said,
“you make me feel like i could win the lottery
with a parking ticket.”
 Nov 2018 nish
George Anthony
the security cameras
at the station
have it on record
that i
adore you
 Nov 2018 nish
Bill MacEachern
I’m always compelled to help
And give more than I can take
I care for the bullied and beaten
Yet called a weak "Snowflake"

The fact that I care so much
A trait I could never forsake
So demonize and criticize me
And call me a gorgeous "Snowflake"

By: Bill MacEachern
 Nov 2018 nish
I fell in love
And caught myself
When you didn't
Just stood right back up
And brushed it off
Like a trip
A slip of the foot
I walk now
With a limp
But at least I didn't become a *******
 Oct 2018 nish
you wake up
his hair is spilled across the pillow,
the sun slants across his cheekbone
and his breath is slow and even.
he smells like an open field
and his body is wrapped around yours
so he keeps you warm.
you think,
there is no moment better than this,
that he is too perfect to exist.
but you wake up gasping,
skin soaked in sweat.
you lie there for a long time,
in your completely empty bed.
 Oct 2018 nish
whats home
 Oct 2018 nish
Someone asked me to describe home,
And i let my thoughts roam,
It had a really nice view,
because i was describing you.

They must’ve expected wallpaper and a violin,
But they got freckles and tanned skin,
They said no what about the light,
I said its more about the sight.

I won’t stop talking about your new perfume,
I get stopped and asked about my room,
I realized they wanted me to describe a window frame,
But the first thing on my tongue was your name.
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