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May 14 · 38
To sway
Catalina May 14
Hairs on my skin recognize
Breeze drifting the sunlight across them
Like dancing high grasses
Whose purple flowers
Laugh and tease.
Oct 2018 · 966
To float
Catalina Oct 2018
Oceans of swaying arms
Holding skateboards or coffee

Remember, passerby’s eyes
Are not the same as horizons.
I move
Like I swim
That is to say
I know how to still my body
Long enough to float.

Gospel screaming to me
Through broken headphones,
Foghorn booms
“I’ll die when I’m mother ******* ready”
“I’ll die when I’m mother ******* ready”

Remember, upturned chin,
Never to stop.
When you find
Sunken feathers that cling to pavement
In unforgiving embrace,
You will build an alter,
And continue

To move
With two feet
And no grace
Sep 2018 · 290
to challenge.
Catalina Sep 2018
He says: you are challenging.

I remember as I am stopped at a green light
a woman parked in traffic
******* resting
indifferently along the edge of her window.

She wore her hair in a single knotted bun.
I flip my rear view mirror towards myself and
think how similar our reflections
must have seemed this morning.

I see this woman.
She instills confidence within each of my
greying baby hairs
too wily to be tamed by pins or other measures

Like every hair on my body
that remains too black, too think.

You are so challenging, he says through too straight teeth.

I remember the metal cage and its particular feel along my gums.

And while I hold gaze
at this perfect woman
who does not notice the rays
of sun and its mellow glow
floating above her shoulders

I move my tongue to the brim of my lips
where I still hold memories of
prayers for perfect, straight teeth in
scar tissue of a mouth
that indifferently held its position.
May 2016 · 1.8k
To be eloquent.
Catalina May 2016
Atop oil stained concrete
A fast food employee
Wears a headset
Takes out the trash

And god is an eloquent *****
She paints freckles on his face
A cigarette in his hand
Oct 2015 · 1.2k
1. Smile
Catalina Oct 2015
You aren't dead if you're paying
5.05 to feel like you 
belong sitting inside. 
God bless me, please.
And this extra shot.
Oct 2015 · 726
I will mourn
Catalina Oct 2015
I will mourn the person I
was when I loved you
as I sip this cup of coffee
that I loved as I was buying it.

— The End —