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  Jul 2016 William Burger
This is where the end began
Blood was shed and demons ran
Far beneath the pretty skin;
The frigid darkness lies within
  Jun 2016 William Burger
If I were a gal, (all though I am not),
I'd leave the seat up, when leaving the ***!
For by SOME men, without even causing a frown,
accidents DO happen to a seat left down.

And one day, as you hastily take a seat,
reminded you'll be of the mentioned feat.
For on the seat, where you just had a sit;
you then discover, it had happened to it.

Therefore, everywhere, this lesson do cry:
leave the seat up, and keep your *** dry!
William Burger Jun 2016
As you read through the posts
You see your friends
Having fun
Smiling in the sun
You can't help to notice
That you are not included
All of a sudden
You get this feeling
Of loneliness
Surging through your body
It feels like you have
Been forgotten
  Jun 2016 William Burger
The evening creeps like death;
Until you feel its cold breath
-But morning comes in a dance,
Quick, quick, slow
To break you from evenings trance
And give you another chance

And all to the sound of birds.
  Jun 2016 William Burger
Where went wonder,
Magic and thunder
Wonder pulled asunder,
My miracles sunk under
Faster than floating castles
Those rascals got chills,
Their wide eyed wills
Thwarted with skill
And practiced 'goodwill'
Slowly filled by pills that ****
I'm I'll.

Petty, weak, pithy,
Silly society, limp and flaccid
Our goals and dreams
Scratched with acid, I'll pass it.
Thrashing, clashing, crashing
I'll break these chains
Breaking our bent brains
Bringing pain, no gain
All gains
I'm scared, stunted, strained
Stained, not changed
Brain-maimed I'm afraid
To stay, say what I see
I see deceit, pretty and neat
Row on row on row
In cages we built below.

Those C.O.D kills ****
Not them, but us,
Oh, less, less of us
No trust, we rust and cuss
Our silly grins grimly thin
Flowing through holes holes we made
In our soul, berefit
Leeched of life and full of ****.

Dreams were taken, or left,
And ambition theft.
Nothing to reach for, to dream for
To clutch at
To rip your limits, tear your seams,
What has been was never seen.
Our stunted dreams slowly wean.

People make no sense,
Too much confidence for competence
And social stigma indents
Empty houses, homeless, and rent
Knowledge, not power,
-but freedom gone sour
Knowing you can't change the cruel
Its in the rules to be a fool!

If we are the world,
oceans are curdled.
Stars are waning, fading
Dropping from skies like dead flies
They burn up, out, and die
Choked in the smoke we provoked
Insidious ideals appeal;
A dream stealing spiel with zeal
Leeching you like your wallet the day
Of the 'no pay' car unpaid.
And now, with nowhere to go
And nowhere to stay,
Not even dreams left,
They took that away
  Jun 2016 William Burger
Standing in light
Cast by day
Tiptoe through shadows
Which connect anyway.
The sun is so bright
It corrodes away;
And I'm healed by night,
Cool layers of gray
Also not a vampire. Not sure if writing while tired makes my poems loopy... Will have to check in the morning
  Jun 2016 William Burger
I like to get truely confused at the world.
At all the finicky things we avoid thinking about.
Like exactly how big the universe is,
Forever is hard to understand.
Or life.
Yes, life.
Not the meaning of it,
That's like 'what's the meaning of light?'
It just is.
No, I mean how.
How do plants grow?
That is, physically change size
What was before the big bang?
Or how aliens are like a cat
Well, Schrödinger's cat
See the universe is so big
They MUST exist!
But... At the same time, not at all.
Also, what do things go 'boom'
Could animals swim inside the earth?
Is it possible to bend forces (like gravity)?
Yea, a lot of spacey questions.
Do we only think animals see black and white,
not just a different spectrum?

Sigh. I'll stop now.
Brain freeze.
Eh not really a poem but who cares. You, reader, yes you, don't think too hard about any of the space ones. Yes, its different from just reading.
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