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 Sep 10 Viany
 Sep 10 Viany
I never told a lie to you
that I love you
I told a lie to myself
that you love me..
 Sep 10 Viany
Jasmine Reid
cut open my stomach,
and gut me

dissect the tumour,
that you left in me

do i still look like the girl you used to know?

with my intestines on display,
and a smile on my face

remember what you did to me
 Sep 10 Viany
 Sep 10 Viany
I wish I could take
The colors from a rainbow
And place them
Into your heart
So you would remember
What beautiful feels like
And know there is
Hope in the dark.
Tonight **** everybody I'm praying for my own
The ones who are with me
Who wish me well
Those thinking of me
Praying for me
Sending blessings in my way
Please lord bless them too
And after you bless them
Bless them twice
I told them I am alright
They always checking on me
Wishing me well
Today I'm returning the favor
**** everybody
I dont need anybody
I need somebody
Praying for me
Because I am praying for you too.
I hope you praying for me
 Sep 10 Viany
beautiful boy
i know your weren’t the One
but i still miss you every day
i’m lucky i got to love someone like you
thank you
 Sep 9 Viany
Paige Error
They say that love is
and Wide
But for me love is
and Painful
And when my tear stained face finds a gentle hand to wipe away my sorrows
I fall in love
Or perhaps I fall in line
I’m not sure there’s a difference anymore
 Jul 12 Viany
Bryn Kennell
If you take my heart
Please leave my lungs
For I will run
Till I'm out of breath
And can barely whisper
"Please love me"
 Dec 2017 Viany
She Writes
I Cry
 Dec 2017 Viany
She Writes
You ask me why it’s so hard to forgive you;
I ask you why it’s so easy to hurt me.

When you hurt me, I cry.
If I hurt you, I cry.

I deserve the love I keep trying to give you,
Don’t you see?

You can’t reciprocate the love I keep giving to you.
Why can’t I see?
 Dec 2017 Viany
i will not



a p a r t

to make someone else

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