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Sep 9 · 119
The truth is...
Viany Sep 9
My love never faded..
It was just inhaled &
Remained suppressed...

For at times you give up...

Especially when the one that you want
Lacks the maturity or ability
To reciprocate the same emotions
You exhaled in their direction..
Viany Sep 9
It’s always “you’re acting different” when you finally decide to treat people as they treat you..
Viany Sep 9
Always making permanent decisions for the ones that were meant to evaporate..
Jul 12 · 68
Viany Jul 12
Why carve your name on a tree?
When you can carve it in my heart
Jul 12 · 18
A Challenge
Viany Jul 12
Learn how to say no, without giving a reason...
Jul 11 · 131
You are enough
Viany Jul 11
In a world full of
Fake *****
Fake lips  
Fake hair
Fake ****
Fake this & fake that

& you’re looking at yourself...
Raw & uncut...

Keep looking...
Keep looking at the beauty
That’s deeper than skin deep..

For you are enough
You are beautiful
Jul 11 · 110
Viany Jul 11
Lies exposed
Truth unveiled
A year of Clarity...
Clarity is what we needed
To survive...
To grow
To change

My vision is clear
Nov 2019 · 44
Viany Nov 2019
I’ve stripped you naked,
yet you’re still clothed with lies.
Layers upon layers...
Nov 2019 · 144
My Son
Viany Nov 2019
My bones broke in many pieces to bring you into this chaotic world
When I look at you, everything makes sense...I am whole.  
My son.
I asked for unconditional love & God gave me you.
Your eyes are brighter than the rhinestones that I used to steal from my mother
I gave them all back to her you know...
For I found a greater treasure of my own
I never understood the cliche...
Of giving birth, or having a baby of your own is a love that’s unexplainable

But it’s true..
No greater love can compare to this...
Seeing your heart in human form
Nov 2019 · 359
Viany Nov 2019
I tasted you anyway
They tried to regurgitate
Your love out of me
It’s too late...I feel you in my vein
Mar 2018 · 215
Viany Mar 2018
Lay beside me, while I trace on your bare sand with my finger tips
Mar 2018 · 214
Viany Mar 2018
Like a leech..
You’ve held on
To my ****** heart,
And ****** the love
Right out of me
Mar 2018 · 200
New Season
Viany Mar 2018
I smell spring around the corner...but here you are with your winter chillls that leaves me numb..I’m so tired of feeling nothing..when all I crave is warmth. When’s my next season of love?
Dec 2017 · 461
Viany Dec 2017
Even when you're stone cold
Diamonds bloom inside of you
Dec 2017 · 7.9k
Viany Dec 2017
I wanted to write a lovely poem..
I ended up writing your name
Dec 2017 · 207
Viany Dec 2017
White Doves,
Fly out of her
Broken Heart..
Dec 2017 · 384
Viany Dec 2017
I remember when you used to wake me up in the morning with a kiss & a melody of your sound whispering in my ear telling me "good morning" the world was still..for I fixed my energy unto that you're no longer in my presence, nature wakes me, the wind kisses me..the birds whisper sweet melodies in my ear...I should be saddened by this substitution but there's beauty all around me even when you're gone
Nov 2017 · 236
Viany Nov 2017
Isn't it crazy how through pain, we learn our deepest lessons? We learn ourselves...Yes we create water through our eyes...yet we use that to quench our own roots. We blossom to such beautiful distinct flowers
Nov 2017 · 204
Empty Promises
Viany Nov 2017
His empty promises
make me drink
this full glass of regrets..
Nov 2017 · 258
What do you want?
Viany Nov 2017
I want you to love me for a life time..
Be gentle to me...kiss me slowly
Like the sun setting down on me
Nov 2017 · 202
I knew..
Viany Nov 2017
Deep down I knew that I should've remained in my box,
completely guarded...
For these men are like vultures,
yet display themselves as doves
Nov 2017 · 217
You Are..
Viany Nov 2017
Empty promises..
Yet full of deception
Nov 2017 · 206
Strangers Collide
Viany Nov 2017
I wish I met him at a more
"Traditional" place other than
The place we met...a room
Full of bodies either
Searching for lust,
Or searching for a distraction
In toxic water, or a toxic soul
Some even move to the rhythm
Of the beat for joy & laughter...
Others move to the rhythm of the
Beat to forget yesterday's sounds
As for me, I'm not sure why I was there,
But I certainly wasn't there to forget
The face I came across so unexpectedly
Serendipity as one might call it if you may
Beauty is what he called me
Drunk is what I called him
I closed myself whys there a
Window peaking his light in?
...Drunk is what I called him
Yet his name is what I whispered
To myself on my drive home..
Nov 2017 · 244
Viany Nov 2017
I am a foreign woman
Expressing myself to you
In a foreign language
These words are your words,
Yet somehow reside in me
Nov 2017 · 404
Viany Nov 2017
I envy the arrival of the moon... for when the moon makes its appearance, darkness forms and silence grows. When the moon makes its appearance, my mind is restless
Oct 2017 · 691
Viany Oct 2017
My mother always says, a woman's intuition makes a man feel uncomfortable. For he knows that deep down, she knows everything without asking to know. She just knows. It flows like the river in her heart, it flies around like butterflies in her gut, it runs miles in her's always there. Now some women suppress that intuition for the case of not letting go of love...scared of the unknown after what they thought was love is we know, love is blind at times. But I encourage you ladies, do not neglect that intuition. For the more you listen to it, the stronger it gets. If you openly accept it, it'll be your safety net, your protection, your armor against deeper pain. Listen to your intuition...for it is a gift from God.
Oct 2017 · 193
Au Contraire
Viany Oct 2017
He told me all the reasons he could not love me..
The heartbreak from his past,
the distance, and so forth
He said I'm just insecure love, you're just a coward
Oct 2017 · 257
Viany Oct 2017
When the sweet sun kissed your skin,
honey was formed..
I admire you like art,
dark skin smooth as silk
I need your embrace..
I need your embrace
Oct 2017 · 189
Viany Oct 2017
The worst kind of love is one that's not reciprocated...
How do you feel such fire for someone,
Yet they feel no warmth?
Oct 2017 · 186
He Said...
Viany Oct 2017
You are my rib...
therefore causing
you to fracture,
is not an option..
tightly confined
in me..
you help me breathe
Oct 2017 · 377
Viany Oct 2017
Here you are,
telling me you love me in my dreams again
             making me feel like it's reality..
Oct 2017 · 268
Open House
Viany Oct 2017
Opening your heart to someone new,
is like inviting them to an open house viewing...

here's my space..
here's where you may lay your head
when trouble or rest consumes you..

give me a call when you're
interested in moving in
Sep 2017 · 248
Selfless Love
Viany Sep 2017
Even though
you're the cause
of my pain,
I wiped your tears
and said it’s okay..
Sep 2017 · 208
Viany Sep 2017
I fell for you like rain..
I'm full of your love like the ocean
You are the water to my thirst
Sep 2017 · 172
Viany Sep 2017
you never see it coming...
           yet you feel it like the wind
Sep 2017 · 173
Viany Sep 2017
Just like the Sun,
your love was warmth to my soul
Sep 2017 · 296
Viany Sep 2017
Everytime I share my words with you, I'm looking for ways to confess without pointing the finger back to me...
Sep 2017 · 1.1k
Black Bird
Viany Sep 2017
I am a single bird
flying alone
yet somehow
my heart is
Sep 2017 · 261
Viany Sep 2017
We're just young lovers...
                         with old soulful hearts
Sep 2017 · 177
Viany Sep 2017
If you tilt your head
At the night sky
You can see the crescent moon
Smiling back at you
Sep 2017 · 205
Tragic Comedy
Viany Sep 2017
He copes with his pain
By making fun of the hurt...
Our laughter heals his wounds..
Sep 2017 · 166
Viany Sep 2017
I placed my heart in your hands and you dropped it...
I should have noticed your trembling hands
Sep 2017 · 195
Show Me
Viany Sep 2017
Do not give me empty promises...
Fill up the space with your actions
Aug 2017 · 145
Authentic Love
Viany Aug 2017
Find a lover who undresses your mind
& makes love to your soul
Love soulmate happiness
Aug 2017 · 186
Viany Aug 2017
God has been crying a lot lately...
I feel his sorrow pour down on me
Aug 2017 · 120
Orphan Love
Viany Aug 2017
I adopted your heart..
You are my family
Aug 2017 · 222
Viany Aug 2017
Don't fall like the leaves for a poet
They'll carve out words of you
On many trees for the rest of eternity
Aug 2017 · 256
Viany Aug 2017
My love was deep for you..
Yet while I was drowning,
You were floating
Aug 2017 · 1.4k
Viany Aug 2017
We're all broken pieces...walking puzzles...
Looking for the right fix
Looking for the right fit
Aug 2017 · 254
Viany Aug 2017
You my friend are not a cemetery
thus, stop opening your arms
to those who are only
looking for a place to
rest their weary bones
love yourself—
it is the only way
we could ever
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