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Mar 30 · 92
All of Me
Farzaneh Qaf Mar 30
how vulnerable I am around thee
how enjoyable you look around me
the magnificent magic of thy lips,
seems unbearable to the mind of a Poetess
Thy beauty's storm
get my conscious out of society's norm
loving thee, life time state
leaving thee? no more mistake
for thee, I'm a fruitful tree
thee shalt take the All of Me
To her Greatness.
Feb 7 · 162
Don't breath
Farzaneh Qaf Feb 7
They said don't dream
I did
They said don't love
I did
They said don't fall
I did
They said just live
I left
Jan 24 · 159
Farzaneh Qaf Jan 24
My mother, sadness
My father, prison
I was their child
My name was "freedom"
Jan 24 · 144
Farzaneh Qaf Jan 24
She was a perfectionist
And Sadness was in the process to its summit
Jan 24 · 73
The vessels of hope
Farzaneh Qaf Jan 24
When one's heart begins to beat
For the sake of "someone"
It won't get stopped
Till "something" blocks
The vessels of hope
Jan 24 · 143
Deaf beloved
Farzaneh Qaf Jan 24
You are Deaf to my songs
And I'm the only song writer
Who writes your existance
Through her musical notes
Jan 7 · 340
Jungle News
Farzaneh Qaf Jan 7
Jungle news Jungle news
Jungle all the way
Oh how sad it is to see a kangaroo while it's burnt.
War news through the world
In a one-force open slave
Over every news we go mad
Crying all the way
Fire on Twitter trend
Making spirits so dark
How sad it is to ride and sing a slavery song tonight
Jungle news Jungle news
Jungle all the way
Oh how sad it is to see a Kuala while it's burnt.
Aug 2019 · 118
Look for Me, for I am Hope
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2019
God is somewhere in our hearts
that is what a human wants
Far or Near, eyes here
you can't see, then
drink beer
Shine upon me, I'm divine
after I drink love through wine
show some kindness I beg you
to you, I was always so true
Selfish I was, earlier
then I lost me, my dear
you made me so you know me
find me, make ways, me to thee

I may not know who are you
But I know that you are You
no one knew you perfectly
even those who were Holy

You're a secret, not a myth
codes have been sent, in a test
test of Love and Help and Care
living lives to make it fair

we shall overcome
hard days will go if not here then somewhere near
hope is the key to have a good life
everyone can be sad, happiness is our Art
Apr 2019 · 202
Qaf season
Farzaneh Qaf Apr 2019
Never ask me for the reason
I am like a changing season
See me as if I am a tree
Buried my roots, still I'm free
Tired people, sit under me
Hide from devils, she or a he
Bunch of branches,
Come out of me
Holy Francis
Blind may not see
No more of a holly essence, O'Devine ******
No need for title babe, Qaf is a core
Mar 2019 · 308
. Conscious Meeting
Farzaneh Qaf Mar 2019
To all stars who are awake
Shall we have some piece of a cake?
I won't eat much
Neither know dutch
What I want now!
Some Bless, Waite! Bawl
Meet me in the rain?
Such a pain..
Memories ..
What are we?
Some animals..
Paranoia, all around
Hallelujah, I won't count
Wanna get drunk?
I stay conscious
I chose mapen
Won't talk a
Mar 2019 · 274
Call Me Nature
Farzaneh Qaf Mar 2019
My beginning is the nature
That's why I have no signature
True love is when
I'm with a lion
Coming from cosmos
He is my patron
O'Heavenly mother of nature
I, thy fruit, who is not mature
Look down, I'm here
Call me thy dear
Talk to me, Please,
Give me some beer
I need you here
Come closer, near
Aug 2018 · 325
Corns Porns
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
we were just two corns in a hot farm
sun on us, harsh ****, terrible harm
every men, waiting
for us get burned
better taste maybe
horrible fate
we went on a journey
such a long trip
riding on a donkey
of a Maize ****
one became Pop
and the other Oil
holy saint, whatever
give me your soul
world goes on pops and oils
old men who rule it and write laws
soon our bodies wont be enough
they will come for our souls
Aug 2018 · 297
vain vain
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
get out of my way
I tell you
don't answer my "hey"
I beg you
this time
I don't want to love you
not mine
I won't like to touch you
no more suffer
no more pain
truth and love for  you?
so vain....
Aug 2018 · 209
Feel happy
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
As we're waiting for some unique things
to happen
There can be more routines
No one like them
But so often they happen
Everyone is expecting a lover
Why don't we try to think a little bit higher?
Love is sensible everywhere
Even in war
If We feel much happier than a drunk man in a bar
Aug 2018 · 243
Turn on the lights
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
Looking into the mirrors
You're standing like heros
among all of those zeros

Through these hard and cruel days
Get yourself some Ice on pains
May They bless you with your aims

I would love to give a shock
To whoever writes a plot
Watch my butterflies on top

Silly you see them, alright
I do agree, so don't fight

All I seek is some more light
I want "stop" for this fight
seek illuminating light

That will bring eternal life
Aug 2018 · 1.0k
El Tiempo todo Calma,
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
Never asked us
if it can pass , or not
Bitter but trust
Such a two faced and cruel
Promise us heaven but the truth
Is only hell
Runs deadly fast
Seems anonymous still
Not always fast
When we Waite for love
It chooses  to freez
Like a cat stuck among the tall trees
Don't to be stressed
You may hear the madam on press:
"El tiempo todo calma"
We have been lied,
But siempre silly to hide
Then live it,
And write it on aside
Tiempo todo calma
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
Your God wants you to suffer
Like a melting butter?

For the sake of the purity
Dark illusion of mankind
To be sorry for impurity...

Or if he gives you a chance to repent
Free to send more lies and oh yea pretend

" Thou commite more sins
thy priests are magic beans?"

O' ****** divinity of mankind greatest illusion
Why art thee giving them a worthless confusion

"I AM THE BEST" on thy mind
"Go guide the rest" like they're blind?

Dear believer you are such a fever
So Don't be my tutor

Do not change thyself for the sake of divinity
More to know, find thy essence of Humanity

There is a kind voice, coming out of the "trees"
Sending invitations, just don't use "handsfrees"

Talk to the stars and smell rain on the dust
Give toys to orphans and love them like you must
Jul 2018 · 3.6k
Insta Lad
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
Read random books
And take some pics

Eat bacon, soup and.. oh a Sandwich
Add it to your story
And add stickers, lips

Drive a BMW and sing a silly song
Not even the words of
Your "speachless" mind

Don't forget to talk out loud
Start a live
While going out, mad

Add "thinker" to your bio
You're different than the others, oh not my dear lad! Eww

Go to the gym
Take pics of your body, 
Isn't that a dream?

Make some more friends
Then make them cry
For your fake pains

Dance with the "kiki" song
Post it somewhere (mostly to girls)
Make sure
You are walking on ***, son

Send follow requests to some **** barbie girls
Do not accept guests, and
make fun of  fat nerds
That's your life Bro!

Did I ever protest?
Jul 2018 · 166
Lastnight's Dream
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
I used to say: "I will never hate anyone"
But now, I think I hate someone
And guess who...
That "noise" which woke me up
And stopped me
from kissing you
In Lastnight's Dream....
Jul 2018 · 185
The Attractive Horror
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
Red it was, the round face moon, amazingly
Cosmos shows its magics always perfectly
Red moon
Last night our sky
And now your sky
Jul 2018 · 1.5k
Gender in love? only pain...
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
I was 19 and used to check my horoscope
Through the sites and without getting a telescope
Only to know what will happen to my life
Cause I could not text him to know if he is fine
Years have passed now, so much, quick and very fast
I'm much older and umm.. so hurt, more than the past
Lost and quite, no talks and fades
Laughing so fake, no calls or dates
Amen! I said "No more -men.."
Someone screamed :" There is always a wo-man"
I turned my head to the left
To make sure some love is left
Somewhere around in the darkness
Saw her beauty so flawless
Heard my heartbeats, even louder
Told her"love is like a thunder"
She said " oh I ...will remember"
I got my heart out of my chest
Suddenly saw her with a guest....
One side love has no gender Lol
We are all good memories to some
And sad to others
We can't judge
Life is so unpredictable
Jul 2018 · 2.8k
Big Cat Fish
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
When the Sogdian king, lost his son
Across the river, hands in hands with step mom
Step mom told the king:
"Big cat fish ate him! King"
Crying to death
Regreting his wealth
No food many days
Tried many ways
Calling out for guards
Searching every yards
Paying the temples
Ignoring gambles
Bending to his knee
Praying to the sea
Asking for a sign
Hope to see a line
Old monk saw him sick
Told him: "go and pick
Best fishing hooks there
Try to saile the river
Find the Big Cat Fish
Get him to a dish
Cut his stomach
Imagine it's cake"
After all of it
Cat fish escaped it
Turning around the boat
Calling out : "You Goat!
You're wife killed your kid
So **** her! Indeed!"
King was deadly shocked
No mercy of God
Rage was his weapon
To **** this dragon....
" wish I was no king
Could have my son under my wing"
That's what Said the king.....
Karu Kapi is an old Sogdian Manichaeian story, which I made a poem of it, the original ancient text is in manual Sogdian book by prof.Zarshenas. Sodian were one of the middle/ancient Iranian tribes
They were known for trading goods over the silk road
They had sharp hats and they were mostly Buddhist and Manichaeian
Those days Turks were using Sogdian as language of commerce
Location: from nowaday Uzbekistan upto Xinjiang province of China
Farzaneh.Qaf,M.A Scholar of Historical Linguistics
Jul 2018 · 1.6k
Rainy nights
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
Nights will be rainy
When you're a lonely lady
Whose shelter is the poem
At night writes at 2  a.m
Nights will be rainy
When you're stand on a navy
That takes you to the Island
Saddest part, you have no land
Jul 2018 · 175
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
...Some are afraid to die in their beds
But I afraid
To die in their heads...
Jul 2018 · 997
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
...I was so curious
To see you're being serious
Then you got serious
I could see how it's death!...
Reality of some
Is so scary
Be careful
Before start another bad experience
Jul 2018 · 305
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
"It's you who choose"
That seems like a joke
To whose
Destiny was to die
as a child, in a war
Or to ***,
under 18,
as ***** in a bar!
Jul 2018 · 197
Devil of Yours
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
Whenever need me
Call me with eyes and lead me
Showing lips so tasty, freaks!
Holy Mama
You're a beast!
To all those who know they've been abused in a one side love but they keep on loving that ... for the sake of love for the sake of poem such a sweat suffering such a wise chosen stupidity
Jul 2018 · 242
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
So I asked you for a sign
After days of sorrow, nine
Waiting for ten in my dreams
Hallelujah! Winkled! beans!
They said magic!
I said
Means to reach you
Not in dreams
Ways to please you
I won't tease you
That's such an honor
For semi nun and *****.
Jul 2018 · 187
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
Big bang big bang
Terrorist?! It's a word
Just slang
Terror faces error
When we all stand
Looking into the mirror
We are the sinners
Who beg for the heavens
We are the killers
Of loves of some inners
We are like seascors
Just cut for no reasons
We are so guilty
World, this big faculty...
Jul 2018 · 2.5k
Green Grow the Rashes again
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
Green grow the rushes o
Green grow the rushes o
When it comes to be a song
Let it be then
What is wrong?
Dont you see this forest mind?
Dont you see me come along?
Green grow the rushes o
My confession; me, not drunk
So pink and what
Many colors on the top
Moon is shining in my skull
Forest growing
Green and green
But green is drawning inside blood
Blood of haters blood of eyes
Green grow the rushes o
How this song just got my mind?
You don't owe me
Yes I'm done
Last word
My, mind, surreal...
Jul 2018 · 231
Painter's Night
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
Night again
My stressfull mind again
Began the painting like a game
Paint some pains
Make some names
Each for a reason
What a lame
Jul 2018 · 124
Global warming
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
should we care
if a kid is dying
or if a fish is flying
getting blind
once or twice
it's okay do you want
some Ice?
Jul 2018 · 248
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
speech on mercy
sleeping in New Jersey
or maybe
reading peace verses
no natives, no war
no nurses
dictating democracy
how sweet
thanks to the geography
Jul 2018 · 172
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
I'm not Joseph
no "no" to temptations
thy greatness, O' He
grant me a vision
to interpret
day dreams
may I know
how to sacrifice
for her kisses
on my forehead,
Jul 2018 · 179
Middle of Ways
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
Don't waste your life
They say
It's such a gift
let's waste mine instead
how should I say
there is bunch of miff
drink a wine
and enjoy my days
don't be depressed
see me abandoned,
in the middle of ways....
Jul 2018 · 3.8k
Real Illusion
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
And I sit there
All ear, head to feet
Listening to his footsteps
As if a Santa Clause waiting for his deer
Painting his majesty
Through defenceless eyes' pastels
Asking for aid,
O' holy hands
There, hassles
I see a purple heart
Hiding blue dropes of hopes
as if a mask was to keep my face look like mokes
Over the balcony
Amongst the trees
Saw a friendly shadow
Of my ever lasting companion, on knees
O' Thy honor sir black hat gray shadow!
Real illusion, of whom art thee?
Chasing me through the looking glass balcony
Never mind, promise, not to miss a symphony...

— The End —