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Shane Willey Jun 2018
Hand me the fruit of life
Give me a bite
Let me taste what it has to offer
Shane Willey Jun 2018
Look up from your phone
See the world for what it is
Beautiful with every leaf and rock
Life doing what it does
Not needing anyone's approval or consent
Shane Willey Jun 2018
Lust is gone because of broken hearts.
Living terminates as excitement fades.
Love stops when meaning is lost.
Life is arrested at the scene of the crime.
Shane Willey May 2018
Words of black
hang off your lips.
Singing songs into ears
Of your friends.

Each letter
Slides off your
Pink, lushes lips.
Like a kid on a playground.

The kid is happy and content
Running around playing.
But at the same time
The playground is dirtied.

In doing so you dirtied me.
I loved you and respected you.
Fires lit are now washed away
Far gone past the salvation point.

What's left? What's left after youve gone through
Like a tornado your words twist and turn
My every tear upon my face.

Like a knife your words
Let the blood escape my back,
Not just the back.
The legs, the stomach the chest, my head.

My arms are sore
Of the stress you
Made me endure.
All it took was three little words.
Shane Willey Dec 2017
Sitting in the middle of a room
Fading in and out of focus
A flower not yet in bloom
Feeling like a head full of mucous.

Gloomy and grey colors of the walls.
Eyes closed, leaning back
I try to stand but my brain stalls.
The motor skills I now lack.

This is the final adventure
One taken in solitude
At the cause of indenture
The adventure, I now conclude.
Shane Willey Dec 2017
Colors of yellow flood the room
Birds fly by with vibrant plumes.
The walls are studded with glowing rocks.
The sharp edges of the wall give me shocks.

Up and down the corridor, they shimmer.
Reflecting off each other, they glimmer.
Amber, cyan, cerulean, amethyst.
Colors like potions of an alchemist.

They diminish and increase with time.
But look stunning and full in their prime.
Like hearts of the cave, fractured in millions.
Each one is a different civilian.

They radiate beauty, energy, light.
Not one corner remains dark as night.
The tunnel is long, twists and turns.
Walking this length, my feet have no burns.

This cave of wonders has it's value.
My experience turn this from profit to view.
The cave is a city of lively animation.
I have stepped into the next dimension.
How did you feel when reading this poem?
Shane Willey Nov 2017
Smiles paint our faces
As downhill we go
A golden crown resides
Atop our heads.

We are rulers of the realm.
Our happiness controls life
We dance across the meadow
Vibrant green grass stands tall

White petals with yellow cores
Live in patches, like cities in our kingdom.
I'm tackled to the floor,
We are gods to the bugs of the ground.

Rolling down the hill, faster and faster.
So happy. Happy.
Smiling cannot convey my true feeling.
My love defies a satisfied expression.

I take your hand in mine
You draw me near, not near enough.
My face seems to have forgotten a frown.
It knows not how to make that shape.

Laughs escape through our lips
And we start again.
Running together, together forevermore.
Dancing gracefully into the hands of the future.
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