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Aug 2019 · 622
I'll Try
Sarah Nehring Aug 2019
I'll try
I'll try my best
I'll do what I can
I'll see
I'll attempt it

I'll change my self
I'll try to be better
I'll push myself to be what you need me to be

I'll lie to myself
for the rest of time
to try to make you happy,
to see your daughter go to college
to see your daughter make a living for herself

I'm your prize
So i'll try
I'll try to be what you need me to be.
I'll try for you
I'll try for me

Because me is more important than you.
Starting my second day of college and I hope that the rest of the time that I am here goes as well as today has gone so far. So i'm writing this poem
Jan 2018 · 375
In the Clouds
Sarah Nehring Jan 2018
Having my head's in the clouds is what makes me happy.
I breath better and I feel as though I will live longer.
I feel free,
Which is something that I don't feel down here.

Down here is clogged up and broke.
The air isn’t breathable and everyone is fighting.
I want to live in the clouds and  I know I can’t.
But I wish I could, it’s peaceful and that doesn’t happen down here.

In the clouds you can dream and you can hope
In the clouds you can believe.
You can be you and you won't be judged
In the clouds you will be free.

But I know that the air up there isn't breathable,
But I wish it was so then I will be free
of the hell from down below.
Thank you, Happy New Years. Believe in yourself because you are the only one that you can rely on.
Dec 2017 · 347
Sarah Nehring Dec 2017
A heart broken into two is a heart that is chipped.
And that type of chip can’t always be fixed.

But a heart that is left as a whole and new, losses its strength.
One side might die the other half will always be with them.

That half can never die because they are so strong.
Once a broken heart always a broken heart.

A broken heart can be fixed but it will never be the same.
Nov 2017 · 292
Sarah Nehring Nov 2017
Thoughts of death
Happiness is loss
A Place that is lost
Never will be one again
Kids run and hid
Some even running away never to be seen again
Giving is forgotten
In a place that I leave
Vacation that leads into the
Imperfect world
Never forget hard times
Giving moments because of them
Nov 2017 · 244
Cain Links
Sarah Nehring Nov 2017
I’m lost
I’m scared
I’m afraid

but what I did deserves to be punished

I‘m trapped
I’m locked up
I’m afraid

But it could be death
I’m chain up
and afraid
Nov 2017 · 335
Sarah Nehring Nov 2017
I stand in the middle of nothingness.
I wait for something to come by but nothing does.
I wait a little longer, still nothing.
No rain, No sun, No clouds, Nothing.

It’s just me I’m alone in nothing.
Then I realize that in nothingness lies everything,
The color, The crowds, and everything else.
I’m not alone. I have my nothing.
But that's just my dream.

I hold every thing.
This was written in my freshman year of highschool and I'm really happy to be able to share it.

— The End —