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1d · 39
A Love
Safana 1d
A durability of a
sadness is a love
Safana 5d
The world is bright
Today is full bright
The stars tonight...
Will dance so tight
And the moonlight
Will be clearly sight
And, is around eight
All will be fully tight
To see the midnight

Welcome to the Bright
This life is nicely right
It has a weight and height
A smile will scale it aheight
On faces of people's sight
One very day smile we might
If we see our  Farha is height
And beautifully she is weight

Welcome to the Bright
Dear Baby Farha
Farha, A new born Baby of my brother Suraj from Madina city of Saudi Arabia. I wish you long and successful life, Dear Farha
Safana 6d
I see... The sky is crying
and the tears running
on the sky's cheek after
then an air come and
wipe away the tears
running on the sky's
cheek and the earth
breathes and get
light and greens
Safana 7d

Watery ink
Paper bowl
Crayon stix
and the hand
7d · 222
Safana 7d
A delicious poems pie
on a paper plate and
the pepper  of fictions
are spread on...
It's a tasty and sweet
Jul 20 · 25
Our Festival
Safana Jul 20
Today is our festival
We are slaughtering
A Ram and a Cow
Some it's a male goat
Others have a camel,
In the kitchen of houses
the meat are slicing and
the bones are cutting,
the frying fans are frying
and the pressure pots are
In my house, is a pen
I slaughtered and the
Hand is holding it,
putting more letters on
the papers and the papers
are frying the letters
into the word and the
words smells a phrase
sweetly in Safana's
Poetry Kitchen
Happy Eid Adhan
Jul 19 · 384
Safana Jul 19
So cool, for the
papers to drink
to make its surface
moist with some
upper and lower
cases, and the words
in the watery passage
of phrases
Safana's Poetry Kitchen
Jul 19 · 31
Safana Jul 19
Boil it in the tube,
An ink in the pen tube
Put the grains of word
in the paper ***, stir it
well, pour it into the bowl
of phrase like HP and NP...
So, to feed these orphans,
those who lost their
giant pens
Safana's Poetry Kitchen
Jul 19 · 42
Safana Jul 19
between edges
a sharpest knife
stabbed in to the
heart and the
bloodtears but
the knife of love
which cut the
flesh and the bone
When someone
make you feel
Jul 17 · 207
Safana Jul 17
...not a colored
but colorful,
neither a red
nor black like
red berry and
very sweet more
than everyberry
Sweetest to read and
to listen more
than every fruitberry

for it's lovely
and delicious
Jul 17 · 42
I am a hungry man
Safana Jul 17
A times, I can feel
like a hungry man
just I am, a hungry
man not for that
cooked food but a
hungry man of a
cooked poetries
there in Safana's
Poetry Kitchen
Jul 15 · 115
Poetry juice
Safana Jul 15
Tasty to taste
A sweetest taste
Like a mixture of
nectary alphabets in
the jug of imagination
pouring in the cup
of words, the hand
of phrases take it
and the mouth of
sentences drink
a poetry juice
Safana Jul 14
A table of lunch
is decorated and
the flowers scent
is diffuses...
Everyone is sat
waiting for the
lunch plate full
delicious poetries
from Safana's Poetry
A Complement to Shwetha sb
Safana Jul 12
When you have
a wings to fly, so
use it to fly...
Jul 12 · 36
Swallow it...
Safana Jul 12
Without proof or
a sign you can't
chew some words
and ***** it away...
instead of, use your
tongue and swallow
it down to the belly
Jul 12 · 33
I wish...
Safana Jul 12
Someone's morning is
bright but mine is not
and is so black...
For I haven't see the
shadow at my front
when I look up to see
your brightest face...
And my morning again
is quite smell for I haven't
breathe the sweetest
fragrance in you when
you came near to me...

I wish the sun which is
coming will shine and
bright  on me and you
I wish the noon hours
will give us a joyousness
I wish the pale evening
will look and smile at us
I wish the beautiful night
will give us chance to sleep
Jul 11 · 116
Gaba Gadi
Safana Jul 11
A book over a
donkey riding
on the pedestal...
Not a knowledge
in the brain of
a talkative donkey
Gaba Gadi
Jul 11 · 28
You are everything
Safana Jul 11
You are not everything
Everything to me
Like a cloud on me
when the sun is hot
You are an umbrella
to me, when it's raining
You are my air to breathe
when it's anaerobic, you
are my leg to locomote
when I am crippled, you
are my sweet when I
taste it bitter, you are my
positive when I am negative
You are my everything
When I am nothing
Jul 11 · 72
A woman
Safana Jul 11
An only one woman
can change the world
And, only one woman
can destroy the world
Women! our mothers,our sisters, our wives and our lives...
Let's let the women be good and valued everywhere in the world
Jul 11 · 32
Love, breathes...
Safana Jul 11
The air breathes oxygen
And nitrogen is minimal
The hydrogen is unique
Like a cell in the living
And proton in the nuclear
And neutron in the atom
And electron on the orbit

As, the love in the heart
from the brain is dopamine
When the retina scanned...
is a something like beauty
on the skin and the heart
And the neurons take a pulse
To the every pore in the body
Jul 9 · 75
Fund relief
Safana Jul 9
To make heart
relieved, fund
relief are to be
Jul 8 · 67
Safana Jul 8
Blood bank
Money bank

Jul 8 · 711
Give me your time
Safana Jul 8
I am not begging...
Give me your time
I will give you care
I will give you love
Jul 4 · 53
Safana Jul 4
I see twilight
penetrate the
sky and earth
surface is bright
Jul 4 · 39
Travel in the dawn
Safana Jul 4
Before sunrise...
I am traveling
before the sun
is dawn and to
reach the station
before the sun set
ABJ to KN,
Safana Jul 1
You have bright
In your hand is right
So hold the pen tight
Never let the ideas flight

Stay quite and think
about white and pink
On your palm is a link
It will never let you sink
For my Indian friend, Thanseer MN a young Poet of the month of July
Jun 30 · 88
Sky bright tonight
Safana Jun 30
I see some thing...
Like a bright star
on the sky when
there's no darkness
but blue in the sky
so that, the sky is
bright tonight
You are my sky please drop on me a rain of joyousness
Jun 30 · 58
Safana Jun 30
To keep someone's
Is nothing but Aminci
Aminci is a Hausa word drived from Arabic word Amin. The word Aminci means trust.

May us be trusted
Safana Jun 29
Lacking money is not a poverty but insufficient value and core from moral angles which disallowed a person to motivate his mind to capacitate...
And, no matter how richest you are you will never buy a happiness or sadness because they all natural phenomena

Jun 28 · 32
May us break our legs
Safana Jun 28
Never let those
who clean their
tears running on
their faces and
seek from  you,
to fall down...

Let their roads
be rough for
their legs to be

Jun 28 · 97
Be, a rich...
Safana Jun 28
A giver, always
is a richest among
Never open your hand to the people always put your fingers on a people's palm
Jun 27 · 190
Let me dry
Safana Jun 27

Never let my kitchen
nearby that dryness
Safana's Home Education
Safana's Poetry Kitchen

...are on the way of delivery
Jun 25 · 37
Lost capacities
Safana Jun 25
...and the giant wall
gave way, in the crowd
no one to yell, the children
and those who can't be
able walk will be no more...
in the absence of the hand
touch from family
and friends
Life, sweet and sour other times is bitterness
Jun 24 · 169
Life, a friend to death
Safana Jun 24
Life is going and
death is coming

What did we save
for defending our
selves for all what
we did on this earth
Jun 22 · 32
Safana Jun 22
I am awake...
In the midnight
a hunger like I am
I enter my kitchen
no food to cook and
all dried but a pen on
the the dinner table
and the book on the
the shelf...
Jun 22 · 136
I am a chef
Safana Jun 22
I am nothing but
a chef, in a kitchen
to cook not a food
but beautiful poetries
with different aroma
and taste in my
poetry kitchen
Safana's Poetry Kitchen
Jun 22 · 82
Safana Jun 22
The greatest kitchen
ware in a poetry
kitchen is a pencil,
it's a sharpest to cut
and slice alphabets
into pieces of words,
on a papers to make
a bunch of phrases
and the crates of
sentences and
Beautiful book
of poetries from
the poetry chef
Jun 20 · 177
Tasty ink
Safana Jun 20
A hand boiled
And pen warmed
And papers get ready
To receive the taste of
a tasty ink
To: Carol Natasha Diviney
Jun 20 · 44
She is creative
Safana Jun 20
A fine blue pen
on her hand...
Bright heart in
her chest and
creativity in her
Carol Natasha Diviney
Jun 20 · 22
Safana Jun 20
Without locomotive
organs we can't
Head is always
in oscillation
to view the
Nigeria: State Governors, are the problem and the solution of our country
Jun 20 · 73
O' Bright
Safana Jun 20
O' bright,
Take my hand
To touch the sky
to let me be the sun
in every day light
and the moon in
every day night

O' bright
Jun 19 · 65
My little pen
Safana Jun 19
A pen a pen
my little pen
I take a pen
to slice a lead
sleeve in this
Beautiful morning...
on a golden paper
to draw a poem
in the SPK
Safana's Poetry Kitchen
Jun 18 · 29
A fried Haiku
Safana Jun 18
I am holding a pen of haku
made from nunchaku
to fry a poem of haiku
in a beautiful white raku
in the kitchen of gagaku
to perform a hokku
for bunraku
Jun 17 · 271
Safana Jun 17
Be patiently a good
cooker in the kitchen
to cook some beautiful
Jun 17 · 20
In SPK we are...
Safana Jun 17

...the poetries
in Safana's Poetry Kitchen
Jun 17 · 41
Safana Jun 17
Hello poetry is a house
Safana is a  kitchen in
the Hello poetry house
where cooking, frying,
baking, roasting, toasting
and poetry drying are
taking place
Safana Jun 17
Water boils at 99 +1°C
In the kitchen on cooker
But poetry tend to boil at
unknown °C in the poetry
kitchen unless the readers
specified the boil of the
poetry in its boiling ***
in Safana Poetry Kitchen
Jun 16 · 197
Safana Jun 16
A tasty alphabets
are prepared and
healthy words are
blended in the kitchen
phrase are toasted
and sentences are
well cooked in
Safana's Poetry Kitchen
Jun 16 · 38
Cake and poetry
Safana Jun 16
In the kitchen...
Cake and poetry
are baked
So, the cake is baked
in the kitchen but
poetry in the Poet's
Safana's Poetry Kitchen

Jun 15 · 140
Safana Jun 15
Add fertilizer
to sky and the
sun will grow
big and shine...
And, spread the
for socialisation
to diffuse to almost
on the earth
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