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Safana Jan 18
I love you

Do you?
I love you but I don't know who you are
Safana Jan 29
Bring to me your trust
I will give you
Safana Oct 2020
Around 10:10:10am
on 10/10/2020 I feel
Like I have a wings to
fly up to sky to see
someone special like
Safana Dec 2020
A new sister has come,
And older one has forever gone
She gone with bad miracles like
COVID-19 and war invasion and
insurgencies around the universe

Please new sister, be kind to us
as Salmabanu requested in her
beautiful pen work

"Be kind,
Be compassionate,
Hear our cries,
Let us out!
Give us wings to fly" (c) salmabanu  21
Safana Feb 14
See Buhari and Ganduje
As we are like how they are

Wear your facemask
And stay safe
Safana May 5
The day of

The past of our
Heroes who
served the nation
shoulder to shoulder

God Bless Nigeria
Safana Nov 2020
In the beautiful
farm, pure and
purified sand is
occupied, a natural
fertilizer is spread
and beautiful seeds
germinate and grow
with a beautiful grain
Safana May 30
A friend like mine
Someone just like
me, he is a

Rhymer of blue
An adroit of nature
Joyance, to real expression

He is a,

Master of art writing
Engineer in English speaking
Lawyer in word building
Architect, to design beauty
Noble to draw non and fictional

My Dear Friend RAJ/MELAN
For you Brother
Safana Sep 2020
between sun rise
and sunset
there is a passing
sun ray over the
apart from,
sky darkness and
the sunlight bring
bluish of the sky
Safana Jul 2020

Looks like
Okra soup if
She crawl,
Speaking as
running soup
of a fresh
Sesame leaves,
Her customized
face is full, and
all spores are
Her days are
more than
a senator And,
she is a Minister's
age mate,
she is,
An eldest sister
of reps.
Feeling to have
a young fresh
to have fun

Females category in FCT
Safana Oct 2020
I am bowing not
in dawn but down
requesting a love in
a lob because loving
you is a worship I
promised to...

Accept it, please
Safana Aug 2020
What are we
A citizens, or
A residents
When? that land
Would be a land
When? a mother
Would feed her children
When? the time
Would come and
Do not turn
a future, into
A jungle,
Where lives of wild,
are animals
Such a lions and,
most of, are
Tigres with a zero
Bigs as elephant
Filled the spaces,
reptilia, like snake
On a shore, a
Giant frog  eating
a big ship,
On the ground,
Graves are thieves,
Houses are robbery.
Let, the rodents to,
drive your future.
Be smartest,
Than Android phones,
To navigate your
Present and future.
Safana Sep 2020
I am in bafflement
for I see your face
like a cloudy, going
on your feet briskly,
I surmised you are
ironically hungry,
Safana Jan 20
is a beautiful face
across the road,
the face of a beautiful
white car packed in
in a car park...
Safana Feb 23
All rickshaw are
panted up but riders
are carrying up
a loads for going to
no where but home
When taxes are flying
up to the peak and
government care for
no one's concern, so
a daidaita Sahu riders
now are strike
Safana Mar 11
Stay away from...
tracing the footprint
is ironically equal for...
Just secure or surrender
Do not backbite and
infiltrate somebody's right,
it's a fertilizer, to spread over
the boundless boundary...
When in return, so no
shield to shield
Safana Jun 2020
Far from east, a rain cloud
A dusky dust start blowing
And, a light strike the sky
When the rain start fallen
Safana Sep 2020
A farar day
my friday,

Ya Allah! accept
our beautiful
forgive their
spread the seeds
of peace on
our national
roofing and
resolute that
conflict risings
on middle eastern
homes and other
unsafe Houses in
this world

Amin, Ya Allah!
Safana Feb 14
I am still doubting why
US  and their  allies
worries about more than
11,000Km far east, I know
you are culturally different
and traditionally you
follow different religion

Why you want them fall?
Safana Oct 2020
A flying object
is a flying bird
like a flying love,
it fly from a golden
nest to the clay
one, it fly like a
bouncing ball in
the soccer field like
how christiano
Renaldo missed to
bounce it, then
Leonel Messi
take the the ball
and throw it into
Bouncing love
Safana Sep 2020
Choose batter
instead of trade
addiction to social
diminished value,
democracy in Africa
is a root of conflict,
a region close to
the sun set and
space near the upper
chamber, all are devil
Safana Jun 18
I am holding a pen of haku
made from nunchaku
to fry a poem of haiku
in a beautiful white raku
in the kitchen of gagaku
to perform a hokku
for bunraku
Safana Feb 11
With a sauce
a fried heart
could be a
sweetest on a
round table
in the dinner
room tonight
Safana Mar 20
As its bark dried
And the leaves
yellowish, And, the
giant tree hath
Quick recovery, Dear Father
Safana Mar 11
Standing under
the sunny umbrella
in a mid-day
a gonar onion
Na sha wahala a gonar albasa
Safana Sep 2020
A running rat
in the bush steal
an ostrich egg,
the rat can't
break the egg
and the rat
hatched the egg,
a baby ratostrich
is born
Safana Dec 2020
I want see
what is after sky
I want go down
beneath the earth
I want to swim
in the sky sea
And, I want to fly
down the earth floor
To find the rainbow
when there is no rain
In the darkest evening
when there is heavy storm
Or, I can fall in the air-well
to float like an invisible
Golden eagle 🦅
Safana Dec 2020

A mother or a sister,

1- A Mother who swim in her
     husband pool of unfairness
2- A sister who pond of rapists
     flooded on her beautiful farm
3-  My mothers, those whom their
     lives are sacrifice for us
4- My sisters, those whom forcefully
     marriage married them
5- All women, those whom dwell
     on a hot frying pan
6- All women, those whom culture
    convert their growth into shrink
7- All women, whom are tragedically
     lost in the battlefield to survive

I assured that, the sun on your faces
oneday will shine
Safana Apr 13
I am filled with
happiness, this
time my face is
shine and bright
because I am done
with first day of
this beloved month


O' Allah accept it,
Our ibadah and
forgive us
Ramadan Yajma'ana
Safana Jun 2020

I am given a gift
A gift, of a peace
A peace of Islam🕋
Islam as a title
A title of someone
Someone like a person
A person to beloved.
All Praise Be To Allah, The Lord of All.
Safana Sep 2020
He Is
The Only One
I ever heard
and I believed,
He who beget
not nor was He
A fatherless
And He Who
have No family.
He who created the
Beginning of end
and the
end of the beginning
He is the first with no
boundary of last and
the last with no
Boundary of first
He who created
You and I
With no doubt
and created
All and All
Glory be to Allah, the Creator of everyone and everything.
Accept our ibadat, Ya Allah!
Safana Nov 2020
In a market place
many lessons are
capturing like
buying and selling
taking and dropping
Loudness and silent
peace and conflict
Good and bad
right and wrong
all and all in
Market place
Safana Feb 3
I wish I lived
I wish I die
when my days
For I can't bear
to see the green
forest burning
and the sky acid-
crying the earth
concrete is cracking
and the sunshine
Safana 1d
A durability of a
sadness is a love
Safana May 26
He is a man
with yes!
always on
his tongue
Safana Dec 2020
Land of rose and
land of green,
they meet
on somewhere
between seas and
and oceans with
great emotional
passion and love
rounded their hairs
and blind their
eyes to no religion
and racial sect no
distance between
their spaces and
now they like
beautiful doves
@ the end, Suleiman and Janine Sanchez Married

Wish you successful marriage life
Safana Sep 2020
She is like...
A white lily
on a surface of
powder stone,
growing like a
golden limestone,
standing like a
statue of
of a beautiful
baby doll,
she is a light
that off  my sight,
Having a smile
like sunny day,
She is a star 🌟
like beautiful
Twinkle star,
Her red labial
as a red rose
from Longwood
her eye's beauty
is more than
beautiful eye
of mantis shrimp,
walking more
than a
Taylor Swift
on the ground
of fashion parade,
She breathes
talking nicely,
Lovely she is,
A beautiful
White Amina
Amina, she is a young lady claiming innocency having bright beginning and anticipating beautiful future. She had an expensive character to see her everyday but unexpectedly one time I sensed her dophamine connecting to my cardiac system.
Safana Jan 20
In this
special time
my hand will
take a dress
to attend the
paper floor and
to dance with
a colorful pen

For your beautiful

Happy Birthday
HBD to Amina♥️🥀♥️
Safana Jun 30
To keep someone's
Is nothing but Aminci
Aminci is a Hausa word drived from Arabic word Amin. The word Aminci means trust.

May us be trusted
Safana May 26
"Ana wata ga wata"

A Hausa proverb...
"Without completing an intended things the other things are trying to happen".

A Poet will lost the bag of his papers and jacket of his pen without notice shortly.

Ya Allah help me🙏 and others like me...
Safana 7d

Watery ink
Paper bowl
Crayon stix
and the hand
Safana May 26
I am like a
young who
shall grow
in the night
to get awake
in morning to
see blue and
bright in the
corners and

"When last, I am
awake, it's a
May at 25 and
2020 at the
stage of covid
but Covid-19
and my hands
breath a warmth
and to danced on
the floor like
how everyone
is danced with
a colourful smile
Nevertheless, I am
novice to do but
I am doing it that
way I can until this
day of 25 in the May of
this 2021 when covid
of Covid-19 is at low to
be chew in the other
part of the world mouth"

Auwal Habeeb
Safana - The Poet✍️
It's one year anniversary of my poetry writing. I began to write any form of poetry on May 25, 2020 but the idea has come between May 20, 2020. So, now it's one year.
Safana Jul 12
When you have
a wings to fly, so
use it to fly...
Safana Jan 13
A chat
an obscene WhatsApp
chat in her obscurantism
or even, I often drink myself
into oblivion,
I am offhand with her texts
because her words found to
be off-putting...
Safana May 2020
A pen a pen my little pen
Slowly, I took a little pen
To write a poem with a pen
A poem, to beautify my pen
It’s a bonafide my little pen

A bar-like, my woody pen
A new, and passion my pen
It’s a grey-hued and little pen
And, it has a green bark a pen
Quite soft to touch my only pen

It’s a sharpen, my little pen
An iroko wood made my pen
A yellow part covered a pen
It’s a red, strike on my pen
With a black, strike my pen

Its look like a bow my pen
To write a bit with my pen
Supple to draw on, my pen
Can be use as dotting pen
Enclosed no ink in my pen

A bit looks like my little pen
To write, like my little pen
To sketch well, like my pen
To beautify, like a baby pen
Not like my handsome pen
A pen, is a little pen
Safana Jul 14
A table of lunch
is decorated and
the flowers scent
is diffuses...
Everyone is sat
waiting for the
lunch plate full
delicious poetries
from Safana's Poetry
A Complement to Shwetha sb
Safana Jun 8
A priceless hand
on a spoiled skin
Safana Feb 1
In the beginning
of the scene,
Peace conquered
every space,
It can be seen
a white,
Green is everywhere
No dust and dusk,
Every living
Inspired warmth,

In the middle to
the journey there is
rough, on the roads
harmony is escaping
conflicts are landing

Can't understand what
at the end of the movies
will happen, may be it's
a red alert will be sending
to everyone's phone no.
Safana Feb 18
... speaking arrogantly when your hands on your west like  Mansa Musa on his way to Arabian peninsula but you are pennyless in a pocket

Safana - The Poet✍🏾
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