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2d · 57
Kashim Shettima
Safana 2d
It is an honour to say that today's Vice President is from Nigeria's North East region. We hope that one day they will be the leaders of our country.
2d · 33
Tasty Calabaza
Safana 2d
Because Gaza won the Calabaza,
everyone braced themselves
and prepared the catapult.
And everyone wants to taste
Calabaza's sweetest flavours,
but not on Gaza,
but on the weak ones.
Safana 2d
Naval warships and submarines
should not be deployed to different
continents for the sake of world peace.
The United States should stop navigating to places where it does not belong.
Safana 2d
There is no such thing as freedom of navigation.
however, a continental violation
US mode of reoccupation is freedom of navigation
2d · 135
Pentagon says
Safana 2d
Who said it after the Pentagon said it?


Retaliation to Pro-Palastine
Yemen will be under attack
2d · 146
Betta is better
Safana 2d
Betta will once again make Nigerians better than we are, even if the previous minister did not perform well. Furthermore, Betta is better for both present and future.
Hon. Minister for Humanitarian Affairs

Bretta C. Edu
2d · 45
Betta C. Edu
Safana 2d
Believe me,

Betta is better for humanitarians.

Edu is a useful tool for teaching refugees.
Nov 25 · 51
Crying will cease
Safana Nov 25
The weeping will never stop.
until a girl is assigned to me
who adores me, and I adore her
Safana Nov 24
As everyone wants to know, I am not new here. I am not old and am also holding gold, as some old grannies sold our gold. By the way, my name is not mane but among men's names. that is the son of a loveable and legendary I merely mean Auwal Habeeb Abdulqadeer, "the safest son of the Safanian." I am, but not a man who is fingerless. My passion and profession are a vision. and a lot of missions I put into division. So I want to accomplish this through some publication on a dish with a fish-stylish. A day before yesterday was dead, how dare tomorrow teach tomato how to toll-free? No history is written on the histogram. Come on, my friends, let's go on, grow, and let not our young ones go.
Nov 23 · 381
Goats grazing in Gaza
Safana Nov 23
I am not fine-fitting.
Like I am filled to feel
I am gone free and fair.
and the gaseous flame fire
someone born to burn a burden
As in America, just a Biden
His word to the world is forbidden.
It will set the flame in the garden.
And the United Nations, fabrication home
I don't know if it is fictional or non-fiction.
when a goat grazes on Gaza
No one fed Gaza with Calabaza.
Nov 17 · 239
Safana Nov 17
We grew and won the Kano state election.
Nov 14 · 81
Makasau Dan Bakan Dabo
Safana Nov 14
Bidigar Sarki

Jama'ar birni ku fito...
Makasau Dan Bakan Dabo Ya fito.

Makasau Sarkin Kano Ya fito
Dan Bakan Dabo, Sarki ya fito
Aminu Ado, sai da kayi ya fito
Saki a kano mai tumbe ya fito

Jikan Dabo me ado dan bakan Dabo
Makasau sarkin kano mai adon Dabo
Me kyautar nera da anini da da kwabo
A tarihi nasa an duba kaf babu tabo
Ya mike ya tafi al'uma suna ta Odabo

Tgwayen sarkin Bichi da kano
Fata nasa kowa ya ci a kwano
Talawansa su mori dandano
Na mulki nasa a ***** da Kano
Tare da **** a kyakkyawan kwano

Jikan Bayero sam baka da raini
A cikin dami da sanyi ko ko a rani
Jama'a na kaunar ka fanni fanni
Saboda kautar nera da anini
Da jin kai ga talakawan ka a birni

Kirkin ka ya zagawa birni da kauye
Ta ko ina alherin ka ya mamaye
Gwani, Idan kayi alheri baka waiwaye
Saboda a cikin alheri kake a zagaye
Hm! makiyan ka kullum za su karairaye

Mai hakuri dan mai hakuri, Makasau
Ka jure hawan Sallah har zuwa fanisau
Akan ingarman dikin ka kamar kosau
Wanda babu irin sa ko an je misau

Muhammadu Aminu dan Ado Bayero
Garnakaki namiji a kyuatar ka ba zero
Tsabar ilimin ka turawan sun baka biro
Cacnselo a calaba ka wuce a ce Pro
Sharrin makiyan k ba ya zuwa ko sun huro

dan Bakan Dabo jikan dabo me jalla
In ka fito, kwalliyar ka kowa sai ya kalla
ana rububin alaka da kai sai an kulla
Amma su wancanan ka sai anyi talla
Kai! a kano kai kadai ne sarki zalla

Kai ka yi kama da Bakan Dabo Ado
Mai martaba marigayi sarkin ado
Tabbas wannan haka yake kayo gado
Tun da ka dare karagar mulkin ka na gado
hakika makiyan ka ko sun bi sai sun gudo

Ina me ja ya zo ga me tsinkawa
Wani ya taba ja mun kai **** takalmawa
sai da yayi tattaki ya bi ta wudilawa
Ya rtsa gonaki yabi ketaren farawa
gashi ta maimaita carki ya tafi ba dwowa

Makasau ginshiki ne ga kano da kanawa
makasau dirka ne ga kano ba karyewa
Makasau Uba ne ga kano ba sauyawa
Makasau ka gaji bakan dabo babu adawa
Makasau ne sarki daya a kani anyi yabawa
Nov 14 · 58
Burden bud
Safana Nov 14
There is great growth
of the little leaves,
on burden bud.
And the three trees
try to born branches,
before burden bud.
But banning burnt birds,
boiled in a beaker been best
after all burden bud.
So some slowly sold sour
to buy syringe of sweet,
and to inject on all burden bud.
burden bud
Nov 11 · 55
Everyone is pure
Safana Nov 11
**** no one,
either economically or with a weapon.
Hate no one, either
religiously or cultural.
trust no one
verbally or heartedly.
Believe in everyone
socially not terroristically.
life is either good or bad.
depend on how human endure.
Safana Nov 11
True love is constrained.
And true love knows no boundaries.
even if one feels resentment.
Lovers will shield you from harm.
True love,
a single day of sadness
And true love, a single day of bitterness.
Your hero is someone you
adore and who loves you.
Try to fall in love with someone
who once loved you.
Because love is on the garden and the fire,
you will uncover yourself
in the garden and by the fire.
Nov 4 · 64
The Victorious
Safana Nov 4
The fear of being trapped inside.
In plain sight, someone is dying.
Israel adores the rest of the world.
Palestinians are devoted to Allah.
Israelis do not wish to perish.
Palestinians are devoted to Allah.

Who will be victorious?
A world traveller?
Or who believes?
Nov 3 · 195
Safana Nov 3
You have spilled all your beans.
You and I have already become one.
Safana Nov 3
I could not close my eyes.
Sleep, a thief stole me.
If you say no, then
you are afraid.
This life is not sweet.
there is always sourness.
We have arrived,
and everyone cried.
no reason to cry.
If you asked,
The answer is the leaders.
wow! I couldn't understand.
Who is it that is restricting us?
It's us; we've made it hard for us.
No, it is our leader.
We don't like the truth.
We really want cheaters.
who promise to make meat pumps for us.
our vote-buyers.
They are the buyers of our rights.
We know them and refuse to fight them.
because of poverty and starvation.
They created poverty and hunger.
to collect honey from our bees.
They created a conflict.
In the south-east,
there is a biafara.
In the south,
there are militants.
In the south-west,
there are OPC and Afinafere.
In the north-east, there is boko haram.
In the north-west, there are some kidnappers.
In the middle of the north, there are forest bandits.
So which one will we endure?
And how do we do it?
There is bitterness in this life.
Nov 2 · 94
Betta C. Edu
Safana Nov 2
My country will have wings to fly.
As long as there are young people like Betta Edu,
She will make my country fly into the sky.
I can see Betta Edu.
A woman like many men.
She is fearless, and she is brave.
A true politician is not a snake in the grass.
Edu is a very hefty elephant.
She is a tiger that doesn't bite.
because her gentility is soft.
And she's a very charismatic lioness.
She deserved leadership.
She is originally from Cross River.
Women, there, they are not joking.
They are known to be peaceful.
They don't have any ethnic or sectarian beliefs.
Everyone is hers.
Hausa is all hers.
Yoruba is also all hers.
And also, Igbo is hers.
The south and north are all hers.
Men and women are known to everyone.
Nov 1 · 149
Cat's Freedom
Safana Nov 1
The elephant collapsed to the ground.
Since the cat rubbed the elephant's nose.
So unexpectedly!
The cat had awoken.
She realised their parents were the same as the lion.
The tiger is also the cat's aunt.
So why would she be bothered by an elephant?
The cat is now self-sufficient.
She caused others to look down on the elephant.
And now,
they cut ties between them.
This day is sweet for us.
The cat started to have a chance.
Today, there is no more oppression.
if an elephant looks at a cat.
The cat will respond.
Free Palastine
Nov 1 · 440
Betrothed in love
Safana Nov 1
Love, the natural dark,
Love, the natural light.
If betrothed in love,
has been gone into the dark.
If betrothed in love,
has been brought into the light.
But I don't know which one.
Light or darkness
when betrothed in love,
So don't come out.
If not betrothed in love,
then don't betrothed.
because there is darkness in it.
and there is light.
It is not known which one will be betrothed.
Nov 1 · 47
Bless our blest
Safana Nov 1
It is morning.
eyes were opened,
The lips yawned.
stomach, and hunger.
and couldn't wake up,
or get up from the mattress.
What day is this?
eyes looked above.
the nose breathes.
the ear, it listened.
The mouth is twisting.
hmm! It is very hungry.
Today's weather is green.
It seems to be good.
We will definitely enjoy it.
When we go out into our surroundings,
O Allah, make our lives fit.
O Allah bless our blest.
With Your blessing, O Allah
Oct 22 · 968
Safana Oct 22
It is time to call it quits.
It is time for you to go back to the West.
Throw in the towel on the Black Sea.
You, too.
The time has come.
Come together and act as a team.
I am not talking about religion here.
My voice contains a human element.
This is a gratuitous insult.
You and your nations are powerful, but you are helpless.
You have no authority over your belongings or yourself.
It is something I keep saying.
That is all there is to it.
Otherwise, everything is possible.
I swear by Allah, the Creator of All.
I swear by Allah, the Almighty.
One day, Gaza will feed you calabaza.
Free Palastine
Oct 22 · 111
Give us light
Safana Oct 22
We are young.
we shall grow.
As it is being said,
young shall grow.

We are tomorrow's leaders.
If we were given the light,
we would keep it until tomorrow.

Of course,
The light will diffuse.
It will spread until tomorrow.

But if we are given the dark,
We will hold it until death.

Darkness will spread.
It will spread to the grave.

Give us the light.
Give us the light.
Take the darkness away from us
and light us up.

No doubt,
One day, we are tomorrow.
Safana Oct 15
It is required.
This should be confirmed
by the international community.
that the Israeli government
and those who support it are terrorists.
They were murdering people at the time.
Nobody spoke up.
When they **** women,
Nobody said anything.
When they abducted children,
Nobody said anything.
America is silent.
at that time
So, canines of the world,
They were kept quiet.
Either the international community
declares Israel's government
and security forces as terrorists.
Muslims and their allies around the world
should confirmed.
Oct 14 · 73
Safana Oct 14
I could not fall asleep.
I ate everything.
even the food that I eat
However, life is harsh.
My family is awake.
Northern and southern
The bombs are meaningless.
For the clergy, they have destroyed the country.
because of the severity of the oppression.
This is, without a doubt, Israelism.
They found a table and ate.
Palestinian liberation brothers
I apologise for any disappointment.
The world has turned sour.
Everyone wishes for and consumes
It is draped in the freedom garment.
So, what exactly is freedom?
It has now become a riddle.
among the mourners
in the western and northern hemispheres
as well as those in the east
Oct 14 · 70
Kacici kacici
Safana Oct 14
Na gaza yin bacci
kuma komai na ci
har da abinci na ci
amma rayuwa tayi daci
saboda dangina bacci
A arewaci da kudanci
bomabomai sunyi azanci
sun rusa kasar limanci
saboda tsananin zalunci
lallai wannan shine yahudanci
sun kama wuri sun ci
palasdinawa yayan yanci
ku yi hakuri banda takaici
duniya ta sai cin hanci
kowa so yake sai ya ci
ana fakewa da rigar yanci
to me ne ne **** yanci
a yau ya zama kacici-kacici
a tsakanin yan bakin ciki
ya yammaci da arewaci
har da na gabashi yan kanci
Oct 8 · 70
Safana Oct 8
He has already confessed.
He uttered what he wanted to utter.
He said that "we are at war".
You do not think it is a trap,
of your enemies in the open
and in the hidden.
You don't wonder
how a cat suddenly attacks you.
Do not allow yourself to react.
There is a conspiracy there.
I think there is something
buried under the ground.
I think those who are protecting you
will turn their backs on you.
If you react, you fall into a trap.
I think the world is no longer afraid of you.
Think before you say, "We are at war."
Even the "Iron Dome",
might not be enough to keep you safe.
Oct 5 · 192
The bedbug
Safana Oct 5
It is a bedbug.
It bites, not bids.
less or more, it bites.
On the train or in a car,
on a chair or a desk.
In the house or on a farm
In Africa, we were friends.
In Europe, we were strange.
In Africa, there is conflict.
In Europe, there is bedbug.
So if Africa needs conflicticides,
and Europe needs insecticides.
Oct 3 · 90
Rayuwa sai da rabo
Safana Oct 3
Babu riba babu rabo
rayuwa sai anyi rabo
kowa ya samu ya ta6o
idan kana da kwabo
sai kayi ta odabo
idan baka da **** ka kar6o
ka siyo wa dan ka ko da bobo
Oct 2 · 54
Uwani Karakara
Safana Oct 2
Kar ku yi min kan kara
Dan na dauko kankara
wata rana zanje Ankara
Na siyo mota yar kakara
Ni da yaro na muyi taratara
Sai mu kamo wata yar bakara
me kama da uwani karakara
Oct 2 · 65
Nijeriya a 63
Safana Oct 2
Ina kwanan ku yan uwa
nazo gare ku ku ban ruwa
In sha in baiwa yar uwa
lallai na gaza jurewa
rayuwa ta koma yin rawa
kowa ya gaza sai hauhawa
kuma ba'a neman fatawa
sai dai romo na ruwan kawa
in baka da **** sai adawa
in kana dashi sai yin rowa
manya, yara kowa wawa
dan siyasa wai shine giwa
talaka kuwa ai sai dai tsawa
To ku bamu mu ci ko yar dawa
mu zuba mata ko da yar kanwa
mu dafa mu ci mun kore yunwa
Sep 30 · 61
Let's be together
Safana Sep 30
Mark the date.
It is tomorrow.
It is Sunday, a sunny day.
pack and park in the birthday point
to celebrate with Habeeb
to share joyousness together.
Safana Sep 30
It's tomorrow.
Of course, it's tomorrow.
The long-awaited day has come.
We must prepare.
then we wash our feet,
Let's take the intention
intention to go to Habeeb's house.
Let's congratulate him for counting the light.
and bless him for picking green leaves.
and wear white and blue clothes.
This is indeed Habeeb's day.
After the prayer,
Habeeb's friends will dance.
so the family will dance.
That's how mom and dad will dance.
O' Allah, keep Habeeb alive.
Improve Habeeb's life.
Bless him with countless blessings.
Give him the light of knowledge.
O' Allah, bless him with eternal wealth.
O' Allah, put the truth on his tongue.
O' Allah, give him the power to keep everyone's trust.
O' Allah, give him endurance.
O' Allah, give him solitude.
O' Allah, bless him with all goodness.
Sep 28 · 50
Because of your son
Safana Sep 28
Your wife's mother,
doesn't love you.
How will you do it?
Leave her alone.
Give her your best wishes.
Don't let go of her daughter.
Since she gave birth to your baby,
Even though she is the same,
as her mother.
Just look at and respect your son.
Leave them with their bad behaviour.
With their ugliest manner
And don't look at what they did.
What they hope for,
they will never have it.
Sep 28 · 52
4 More Days Ahead
Safana Sep 28
Four more days are ahead.
To wave our ears and heads.
To clap our hands together.
And to sing a song, merily.
For Habeeb Jr., the smart
It's his return and his birthday.
May he be blessed today.
May he be blessed tomorrow. As he
has been blessed from the beginning.
Sep 27 · 68
Safana Sep 27
Heart of bone,
It is hard, not soft.
The owner is very stubborn.
It does not hear or see.
Everything told, was right.
Whether it's wrong or right,
that's right.
If a proposal is made,
it is not accepted.
If advice is given,
it is not taken.
because the heart is made of bone.
Sep 27 · 219
Fear and anger return
Safana Sep 27
Since you hate me,
Why are you coming to my dreams?
You said before that,
You forgot about the past.
and our relationship.
But in my sleep,
On any day, you are coming.
I didn't say leave me,
But please, I beg you.
Don't make my heart beat,
because you will make me worry.
And I am afraid of what happened before.
I give you trust.
Then you ran away and left.
My heart is aching, and my eyes
Sep 24 · 238
Seven Days to Birthday
Safana Sep 24
It's seven days left.
We will celebrate the birthday.
The birth of a blessed child
cheerfulness and well-being.
He is the son of his father and his mother.
a good boy, a very clever boy.
His behaviour is like that of a grownup.
He likes to play with kids.
He likes to play with adults.
and he is a friend to everyone.
Everyone loves Habeeb.
Everyone likes to see Habeeb.
May Allah take us to the birthday
We will pray for Habeeb.
We wish Habeeb the best.
We will give Habeeb a blessing.
And we will cut Habeeb's cake.
Sep 24 · 45
Never be...
Safana Sep 24
The blind will never see.
Dumb will never hear.
The deaf will never understand.
because the blindness of blind.
Dumb people are dumb.
and deaf is deaf.
Don't be blind.
Don't be dumb.
and don't be deaf.
Open your eyes.
Open your ears.
and open your mouth.
As a holistic health
Sep 24 · 86
Happy Birthday, Azima
Safana Sep 24
Be blest, Azima...
Be blest, Azima.
Your name begins with penultima.
And your age is not maxima.
As young as you are, minima
I wish your life to be an optima.
To live long in this life so intima.
On this birthday of yours, may you go to Lima.
To see seas and oceans and to eat Arapaima.

Happy Birthday, Azima
Sep 24 · 320
Safana Sep 24
Azima, Azima,
and Azima stepped into Plus One.
In wellness and peace.
And her life will always
be brighter. With
more light than
the sky and the sun.
I wish you would
always shine more,
I wish you were like
a red rose in the snow garden.
Your worth
is more beautiful.
than a green garden.
Azima, Azima,
and Azima stepped in once again.
Azima added one year to her age. I wish her good luck and many blessed days. and I wish her a good life and long-lasting wealth.
Sep 23 · 62
Safana Sep 23
It is today, Saturday.

When we express ourselves as the holistic healthiest, the world will be a green yard.
Safana Sep 20
Tamarind sour
like lemon juice.
If it drink, there is dancing.
And the tongue will taste sweet.
such a sweet papaya
Its texture is like mango.
Of course, if it drink, there is dancing.

The drum beat
The body will move.
The hand will wave.
The leg will be shaking.
The eyes will blink.
Mouth will open.
The nose will breathe in oxygen.
It will reach the lungs.
then the heart…
The vein will be damp.
The body will improve. 
So, holistic health is achieved. 
Then, this is perfect health.
Sep 19 · 52
Safana Sep 19
…That will be Sunday.
The day after Saturday
A day to reminisce happiness
Since it is Independence Day,
Of course, it's Independence Day.
And the day of my friend's birth
the day my colleague came to earth
In happiness and well-being
in peace with him.
The day came back again.
In peace and benevolence
Thanks and praise be to you, Allah
that you have enriched me with this blessing.
May Allah bless my son, Habeeb.
Put the truth on his tongue.
Let him fight lies.
And don't let him be hopeless.
Give him knowledge that is blessing!
And locked him with bearable morality.
Safana Sep 18
Hausa men are strongest.
Socially and emotionally,
we fit holistic health.
We will express ourselves,
next Saturday.
Safana Sep 18
It's Saturday...
for the greater tomorrow of the greatest men around the world.
Sep 16 · 37
My Habeeb
Safana Sep 16
My son, my pride.
My dear child
My Habeeb, my love
Now your life begins.
I wish you the best.
That's how you start well.
I wish you a better life.
Habeeb, my love
I wish you a bright life.
along with the supplication that
Your life to shines everywhere.
Your life to make everyone smile.
Sep 16 · 62
He is close to 1
Safana Sep 16
My brave boy
My little lion
He is a cub.
He is the son of a lion.
Grandchild of the Lion
He is close to 1.
Rabiul Auwal, it is his day.
And October is his day.
His age is Nigeria's age.
He breathed in air that
day his country breathed

"Long live my boy, Habeeb Auwal Habeeb.
May your life forever be filled with blue.
May green fall upon you all the days.
May white cover you the whole of your life.
And may light guide your beginning and end."
Sep 16 · 45
Safana Sep 16
go to the blown
never meet all down
Just wear a gown.
and own all thrown
put on a head crown
go downtown, uptown
and hometown in the sundown
Never let flyblown regrown
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