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3.5k · May 2020
A pen
Safana May 2020
A pen a pen my little pen
Slowly, I took a little pen
To write a poem with a pen
A poem, to beautify my pen
It’s a bonafide my little pen

A bar-like, my woody pen
A new, and passion my pen
It’s a grey-hued and little pen
And, it has a green bark a pen
Quite soft to touch my only pen

It’s a sharpen, my little pen
An iroko wood made my pen
A yellow part covered a pen
It’s a red, strike on my pen
With a black, strike my pen

Its look like a bow my pen
To write a bit with my pen
Supple to draw on, my pen
Can be use as dotting pen
Enclosed no ink in my pen

A bit looks like my little pen
To write, like my little pen
To sketch well, like my pen
To beautify, like a baby pen
Not like my handsome pen
A pen, is a little pen
Safana May 19
Not by religion
Just by human
nature and social

And, not by
country I am

I am Palestinian

Free Palestine and
Safana - The Poet ✍️
1.1k · May 4
Dear friend
Safana May 4
I will care for you
more than how the
sun taking care the
moon in everyday
night in the sky...
Dear friend♥️👍
1.0k · Jul 2020
I am waiting...
Safana Jul 2020
You told me, it's
one day, IM
will be sent to,
my eyes awaiting
for long to see, the
arrival of your words
on a screen

You are my flower,
A sweet jasmine
Flower 💐
Y ♥️J🥀
IM= instant message
772 · May 30
Poems in the universe
Safana May 30
All are Beautiful
like a bright full
gold on the darky
sweet to listen
Tasty to hear...

A universe poems
767 · May 2020
The crown
Safana May 2020
The crown is crowned…
Queens’ skull filled and fit

The crowd yelled and hell…
Long live the great queen

And, the kingdom untied…
Out of scary and harass

It begins a royal customs…
Concert is growing up high

Sunshine, freely moving…
And everyone face is filled

Behold! Queens’ speech…
Is begin spread, to crowd

The crown is a crown…
Not every crown is a crown

Our crown is enormous…
The greatest crown ever

We are inimitable to rule…
This world, stock and barrel

We must proliferate…
Our well prominent desires

We call all to behold…
Our intention, will not free

Our invasion is, for all…
To lead the world wholly

Not for, to enchain again…
But, to design new hope

And, this crown is our…
Shall cross the threshold all

No stallions and horses…
Shall bear our heaviness

Lion and lioness shall sob…
Because of fear and fairness

No elephant will dance…
On any elephantine floor

No monkeys to climb up…
Any tree to chomp a fruit

And, rodents will not free…
For robbing others’ stuff

We may stay in, longer…
Stirring every living on gravel

Some may give in, and…
Other will be tardy to breathe

Lay the blame on no one…
But on someone like thee

We are sentient for that…
Grubby games been in playing

Corruption is a hobby for…
Everyone living on this terrain

It grounds unawareness and…
Uprisings to this living space

Immoralities subjugated all…
Elders and younger living gaps

Bribery awfully deep within…
The hearts and no compassion

Extravagancy and fraud hit…
Every narrow, in this legroom  

Everyone claiming the high…
Possession and supremacy to all

Needy get no crumb of aid…
Because, everyone claim is poor

We call not on behalf but…
To stay in you are and stay safe
This, is a metaphoric to global pandemic season of COVID-19.  The crown means "Corona".
736 · Dec 2020
Safana Dec 2020
The most dangerous
disaster in human
life was trying to
get up a ladder
without legs
731 · Jul 2020
Fumbling in the Dark
Safana Jul 2020
A man's pet
    is a female dog
Outing with others,
     is a specie of fox,
     Every day night.
A man is worrying,
     and, fumbling in the
     darkness of a night.
Looking for his cutest,
     is a beautiful *****

711 · Jul 8
Give me your time
Safana Jul 8
I am not begging...
Give me your time
I will give you care
I will give you love
705 · Sep 2020
For you to see...
Safana Sep 2020
For you
to see me, ride on a
polar bison to cross,
the Arctic circle and
bring to me, a snow
peacock feather

Safana & Bamalli 2020
To archive greatly, we must passthrough different obstacles
705 · Jun 11
Someone I loved
Safana Jun 11
He is someone I love
Yesterday and today
I wish tomorrow we
will be riding on a
White horse together
699 · Apr 13
Safana Apr 13
I am filled with
happiness, this
time my face is
shine and bright
because I am done
with first day of
this beloved month


O' Allah accept it,
Our ibadah and
forgive us
Ramadan Yajma'ana
684 · Jul 2020
Wife or Knife
Safana Jul 2020
A black blunt knife
She is, not a wife
Seems to be a life
648 · Jul 2020
Twins, are twice
Safana Jul 2020
It's beautiful,
Your days are beautiful,
Beautiful as you are!
Beautiful than a Juliet rose 🌹,
A rose flower of love,
Your beauties are like
Abba and Meemi.
Your ages, are 1 + 1

Twice in halves
Twins, are twice
I wish you
fluky birthday, and
to pass your obstacles
with flying colors.

May your breath
blow the candle

The royal twins

Happy Birthday
Maimunat and Hajarat
Twins daughters of
Mr. and Mrs.
Umar Faroukh Abdullahi
My sisters' twins Daughters,
Happy Birthday
641 · Apr 11
Ramadan 🌙
Safana Apr 11
I thank You Allah
I praised to you Allah
I am bowing down to you Allah
For this light to my fore
And the Iman in my heart
And the trust on my tongue
And the health to my life
And the chance to witness
This beautiful time of beneficent
And mercy to the mankind...
And the month of nine
It's a Ramadan, The Great

Ramadan Yajma'ana
Ramadan Kareem
Ya Allah! I am requesting from you a pure heart to serve for humanity with no racial differences
616 · May 23
Be wise
Safana May 23
Remember yesterday
before you meet today
Because tomorrow is
unknown to everyone...
602 · May 28
Live your life
Safana May 28
Just sleep on
your mat
instead on
Safana May 6
I see you in the light
I really see your feet
on the green and your
face filled with a blue
and sunshine covered
your home in the
beautiful sunny day...
Just for someone I care for... Hope you are doing so great♥️🥀✍️
503 · Jul 2020
Corrupted Mother
Safana Jul 2020
If, I were Indian
I would be A. P. J.
descendant son
          And, to  be
          Gandhi's legatee

To marry a young
Nigerian senorita, to
give birth a pretty
And beautiful baby

To copy all I imitated
From my fore fathers
To lead Nigeria and, to
revolutionize the nation

To grow more than
Russia and to be
Like Saudi Arabia
481 · Nov 2020
...break a leg
Safana Nov 2020
I wish I can break
my leg when they
walk on a rough
roads today and
I wish
477 · Jul 2020
Salty love
Safana Jul 2020
It's has a bitter taste,
Others said, a sweetest
than sweet honey,
Like they said.
it's kind a sugary but
someone said.
I found in me,
When I am kicked
470 · Jun 2020
Equality Gender
Safana Jun 2020
Men are men
They are quite
Strong to do


What a man do
A woman can do
more and better


One very and,
Simple thing

Ask me!

# or
435 · Sep 2020
She said goodnight
Safana Sep 2020
A white flower
wearing an eyeglass,
her eyelash rolled
Like calla lily,
her bright beautiful
sciera looks glassy
like, brown iris and
chocolate pupil rouned,
Stood up
her face
Brighten the Android
phone is softly touching,
when Funda closed the
shop door, she turn
her face to me
and she said
a beautiful flower
431 · Sep 2020
Birds party
Safana Sep 2020
Very evening
In the west
Up to sky, I
can see a
flying birds
dancing for
the song they
sing together

Peee *** ***
*** hwuit hweet
Peeeeee hwuitt
Chwuee weeee

Are flying birds
uniformly, wearing
multi-hued feather
gown, dancing on
the sky floor
Oh! It's wedding,
a wedding party
of princess
white dove
in the sky palace
of Avesdom
Safana 6d
I see... The sky is crying
and the tears running
on the sky's cheek after
then an air come and
wipe away the tears
running on the sky's
cheek and the earth
breathes and get
light and greens
422 · Nov 2020
Do not read⚠️
Safana Nov 2020
In a place
where no one
but we, between
sun set and rise
a cut of bamboo
is fused and the
coffee cup brimful
to the lip, the
label uplifted to the
next level and
sloshed on a lovely
sharing hours,
slowly we muted
and respiring like
a new combustion
engine of a new
2020 Mercedes Benz
car racing on pure
coal tar high road
Read it, you can!
Because, I am in love
2020 Mercedes Benz Cars
412 · Mar 18
I understand
Safana Mar 18
I, Understand how
the heat hit the
the moon's face in
the darkest sky...
And the sun light
rises up...And take
away the heat that
hit the earth's face
yesterday and today
408 · Feb 28
Morning bright
Safana Feb 28
Shine and bright
Like a diamond
on the dark desert
when it is shine
Like a sunshine
the moon light
fairly bright in
in the dark of the
night when the sky
is smile and the
stars stood then
they looked at
me and they said
to me...
You are, my
morning bright
403 · Jan 26
Moon at the center
Safana Jan 26
When I take a
look in to the
sky I see the
moon at the
center it looking
in to the gravity
of the earth
394 · Apr 6
Safana Apr 6
It's  a shame...
That's, immoral
social indiscipline
politically bad ethic
And ethinic differences
Between you and the rulers

A wise person abuse no one
But himself for misconduct

No one respects any Nigerian
for our misconduct and then
corruption, fraud and stealing

How many foreign people are
swallowed, by these Nigerian's
cyber criminals...

North and southern ethnicity
Hausa/Fulani, Ibgo and Yoruba
the major ethnic groups are...

Muslims and Christian
Traditional and pagans

All, are of the same phase
of any crime activities and the
Selected and elected rulers are
from the same species of nature

Like ENDSARS, no one knows the
But I, slowly understand why

Robbery in the nigeran ancient
days, militia in the nigeran iron
age, religious crisis in the nigeran
social age, Boko Haram in the mid
age and abductions in the presence

Because, you can't harvest the grannies old farm, you ran away
to the white men mansion to steal
in lieu of work to do...

Is a shame to Nigerian old woman speak harshly to the president Muhammad Buhari

Shame to you all Nigerians for your misconduct in the eye of the world
392 · Apr 9
Let me fall on you
Safana Apr 9
I feel to sleep...
Let me fall on you
384 · Jan 20
Amina, she is +1
Safana Jan 20
In this
special time
my hand will
take a dress
to attend the
paper floor and
to dance with
a colorful pen

For your beautiful

Happy Birthday
HBD to Amina♥️🥀♥️
384 · Jul 19
Safana Jul 19
So cool, for the
papers to drink
to make its surface
moist with some
upper and lower
cases, and the words
in the watery passage
of phrases
Safana's Poetry Kitchen
379 · Jun 2020
Safana Jun 2020
Are dishes,
They need, to handle
Very careful
No disturbances
For the reason that,
They are fragile
Any slight mistake
Will cause them
Into broken
They are more than
a rubber bowl
Because, they shines
They always kept
in a precious shelves
Using dishes,
lunch and dinner
Can be taken
On, every daylight
and night

They are more than,
Precious they are
Dishes they are
Take care of
They are mothers and they are everything
377 · Aug 2020
I want to marry
Safana Aug 2020
Staying single
is a loneliness,
I tried to,
I can't resist.
I want to marry
Someone with
a green face and
white clothe,
she is someone
with a giant smile
and, behaving
Will you marry me? Someone question me
because someone want to marry
369 · Sep 2020
Quick recovery
Safana Sep 2020
Some breaking
point back,
I spy ya sauntering
as your locomotion
lost, standing upright
been arduous, your
forehead on your
palmar side, like your
eyes can't see
I am pulsing that
you are feeling
not the same,
it might be
a fever,

Wish you quick
She is not feeling fine, I wish you quick recovery
Safana Mar 24
I feel you that...
You are a
protective coat
in the heart and
the surrounding
for how you shine
and bright like a
beautiful sea-shell 🐚
and the Golden stars ✨
367 · May 2020
Safana May 2020
I am a rhymester, writing poem
Stand under tree holding a phloem
Glancing at someone for a proem
…to listen my stylish hyper poem
366 · May 14
I am not stupid
Safana May 14
For social addiction,
so how can I forget
the beginning of me
And the culture that
made my life filled...
I love Islam, my religion, my life
365 · Jul 2020
Fall in hatred
Safana Jul 2020
It's paining,
My heart is aching
Something is sadden
Because I am feeling,
a Joylessness and hurting,
If I see you,
I am boring
I am suffering
I am nagging
Feeling hatred
Fall in hatred
But is but, but but is better than but
358 · May 24
Safana May 24
... are not only
place to walk,
to ride and to
drive, are also
places to take
a note when
348 · Dec 2020
Safana Dec 2020
What bring about
the sour was an not
an acidic mixture but
bacteria and wild fungal
345 · Mar 17
listen and Read
Safana Mar 17
I have a lot of...
A word, in me
coming up to
my tongue but
I' m not afraid to
chew it away,
for it's sweetest
and tasty, may be
someone heard
and read not
loudly and silent
but in somewhere,
where there's love
and trust
344 · Sep 2020
...tintless face
Safana Sep 2020
I booked
to my heart
to see you when
the sun is rising
every morning of
everyday, and
I'm in blue, when
I lost to see your
tintless face every
evening of every day
when the sun
is setting
She is a fertilizer and biostimulant that bring about rapid growth of her love in me.
Safana 5d
The world is bright
Today is full bright
The stars tonight...
Will dance so tight
And the moonlight
Will be clearly sight
And, is around eight
All will be fully tight
To see the midnight

Welcome to the Bright
This life is nicely right
It has a weight and height
A smile will scale it aheight
On faces of people's sight
One very day smile we might
If we see our  Farha is height
And beautifully she is weight

Welcome to the Bright
Dear Baby Farha
Farha, A new born Baby of my brother Suraj from Madina city of Saudi Arabia. I wish you long and successful life, Dear Farha
335 · Jul 2020
Y 💃J
Safana Jul 2020
You give me all hope
All hope of capableness to
Sing a beautiful song
And, to danced a dance
Most adorable dance
Accolade, given to me to
Nurture our friendship

Jonesing for a cup of love
Oftentimes, you're sweetest
Habile and passion you are
Ahead of my feeling it's you
Read all above stanzas and
Inspire the warmth of love
324 · Sep 2020
For you to see...
Safana Sep 2020
For you
to see me,
hills and valleys
oceans and seas
moon and stars
days and nights
water and fire
heaven and earth
must fall asleep
for you to see me
take a tour and pass
through, the narrow
of needle space
for you
to see me,
close your
eyes and sleep
to dream about

Safana & Bamalli 2020
for everyone to see someone
321 · Jul 2020
I am seriously
Safana Jul 2020
I am crying seriously
Like ocean is crying
I am tired for injustice
A family unfairness

I am intended to leave
Somewhere very far
To my nation
To get peacefulness
On this earthy carpet
#Serious  #issue
318 · Sep 2020
Amina, a white girl
Safana Sep 2020
She is like...
A white lily
on a surface of
powder stone,
growing like a
golden limestone,
standing like a
statue of
of a beautiful
baby doll,
she is a light
that off  my sight,
Having a smile
like sunny day,
She is a star 🌟
like beautiful
Twinkle star,
Her red labial
as a red rose
from Longwood
her eye's beauty
is more than
beautiful eye
of mantis shrimp,
walking more
than a
Taylor Swift
on the ground
of fashion parade,
She breathes
talking nicely,
Lovely she is,
A beautiful
White Amina
Amina, she is a young lady claiming innocency having bright beginning and anticipating beautiful future. She had an expensive character to see her everyday but unexpectedly one time I sensed her dophamine connecting to my cardiac system.
315 · Dec 2020
Screen Guard
Safana Dec 2020
A protector, I will
put to my eye on
my face and prevent
my eye from seeing
someone not you
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