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Loveless Apr 2016
You have returned to my side finally,
I thought I’d feel whole, feel alive,
Instead I feel devoid of emotion,
Devoid of the passion you once breathed into me.
It’s not that my feelings changed or that I love you any less,
Rather I spent so long waiting for you, hoping,
So much so that all the love I have for you is weighing me down,
Until I can’t move or think, you make me so weak and powerless.
Sometimes I wonder how long until this is over..
Knowing that I’ll never leave you,
I don’t have the strength to walk away from you,
The only chance I have to be free from you,
Is if you push me away.
You told me that will never happen,
So I guess we’re stuck together..
In reality I would not have it any other way,
You lurk in every corner of my tainted heart.
Loveless Mar 2016
Like a bird I long to fly free into your arms,
Though they soon will become a prison to me.
For freedom is forever fleeting,
Though if I had to choose a prison to live in,
Yours would be the sweetest my love.
Break my wings and suffocate me with your presence,
Freedom is an illusion,
I’d trade it all, I’d be your prisoner,
If it meant I’d be yours.
Loveless Mar 2016
Your love is like poison to me,
Flowing through my veins,
I know I’ll pay the price for this sin.
You’ve become my obsession,
Though you’re turning me into someone I despise.
Though I keep coming back for more,
For I never felt more alive,
Then when you’re shoving me down.
Loveless Mar 2016
It feels like a dream now that you’re back,
Wrapped up in your strong arms again,
There is still so much to overcome,
So many things in our way..
I never tire of hearing you say that you’re mine,
That you belong to me.
You told me that one day I will be yours as well.
My heart and soul are already yours though love,
You may think you cannot express,
How far you would go to have me to yourself.
Words are not needed though, there will come a day,
Someday when we won’t have to hide anymore.
Loveless Mar 2016
Months had passed since she remained trapped in this tormented dream,
Her body had started to fade, her radiance slowly turning to ash.
For without her beloved, she was unable to find her way back to reality.
She felt the cold hands of death gripping her tightly,
Memories they shared going through her mind one last time.
She was not going to fight it anymore, let her body turn to dust,
And her soul fly free, maybe then she could find her way back to him.
Letting go is hard, but being here was harder..

With that final thought she felt a shift in the air,
Her beloved’s heavenly scent all around her..
If death was all it took to reunite them, she would have sought it sooner..
Though it was not deaths hands that gripped her tightly,
Feeling a warmth course through her, blood stained lips against hers,
She breathed deeply for the first time, feeling her lover’s energy all around her.
Her tear stained eyes opened hesitantly, finding his sinister yellow eyes piercing straight into her soul.
His eyes in that moment told her everything she needed to know,
They were together finally again, and would walk this ****** path side by side,
This battle may have been won, though the war they face is far from over.
Together at last..
Loveless Mar 2016
His swords brushed against his black robes,
Watching the oceans crash around him,
His demonic ship moving like shadows in the night.
What felt like eons, was only months,
Although worlds apart,
She was still his light, luring him,
The voice in his mind calling him back home.
Making haste to the forgotten crypt,
Hoping desperately she was still there.
He could only hope she still carried him in her heart.

All the air left his lungs,
Fear prickling up his spine for the first time in his life,
For what he saw before him was the reality from his tormented dreams.
Falling to his knees in despair he ran his hand down her ashen skin,
Her chest moved slightly, a small amount of relief washing over him.
Cradling her close to his chest he gripped her impossibly tight,
Silently begging for her to open her eyes, for her to come back to him.
Not willing to accept this was the ending, the end of something that never started.
Pressing his lips firmly against hers, he breathed into her,
Trying to give her his very life, in that moment he knew there was not anything he wouldn’t do,
No level he wouldn’t sink to, no line he wouldn’t cross if it meant they would be together again,
He would destroy this world for her..
He came back but I wonder is it too late..
Loveless Mar 2016
The darkness swept through the valley of flowers,
Pale moonlight being obscured by the old oaks branches,
This valley is a place where no one goes,
The place that has called to me for reasons unknown,
The old oak tree, stared down at me in icy silence,
As I cried my eyes out, for the tree is but a reflection of me,
Alone in a valley where no one goes, surrounded by flowers
Though so far separated, that their thoughts and dreams cannot meet.

I laid amongst the flowers and closed my eyes,
Dreams of unknown origin drifted through my mind.
The face of the one whom I could never forget,
I don’t know his name yet he feels so familiar.
We walked together once, of that I am sure of,
I longed for his touch, though I know him not,
I wanted him to save me from this isolation,
Though in a valley where no one goes,
What hope is there to ever be found..
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