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Jan 2018 · 156
Loveless Jan 2018
The sea of change,
Swept me away.
I looked back,
For just a moment,
And you looked away.

The good times hurt more,
Then the bad ever could.
Because they remind me,
Every single day of what I left.

If I come back one day,
I hope I can show you,
How much I changed.
Jan 2018 · 299
Loveless Jan 2018
When can I go home.?
I gave up everything to be with you,
Now the days have become longer.

I trained myself to love you,
And now I’m slowly watching,
As you change me into your puppet.

I always knew it would end up this way,
Your hands squeezing my throat,
While caressing my head,

I know I’ll never leave,
This place has become much too comfortable,
Besides, I forgot what the outside smells like..
Late night feels.
Feb 2017 · 649
Loveless Feb 2017
Your lifeless doll,
Lost between plains of existence,
Hands outstretched towards you.
You’re her fountain of hope.
Consuming your life,
Just so she can breathe.
The water turned red,
And when you start to decay,
She will remember how to live.
Apr 2016 · 322
Almost again.
Loveless Apr 2016
So it seems you had to leave, for the hundredth time again,
I’m so close to reaching my limit, Know that once I’m done it will really be the end,
Your pretty words will no longer have the power to move me like they once did,
Your sinful charm will no longer wrap around me like chains which seem unbreakable.
Once I’m done, the coldness that you will see,
will even be able to cut your heart which once seemed impenetrable. You’ll tell me again how I’m the air in the lungs. the beat of your heart and the reason for your existence.
Though those words will no longer be able to move me.. It will be as if we never existed, and our love will fade into oblivion, were it belongs, for you and I are no different than the wolf and the moon.  
Calling to one another, in the same world yet not allowed to meet. If it breaks me in the end I swear, I’m taking you with me, maybe we can finally find peace whilst we burn together.
Apr 2016 · 267
Loveless Apr 2016
If I could write you a letter with my tears, telling you how I feel,
Then maybe I’d have the courage to tell you just how wrong this is. Except I’m so tangled up in these sins that now I know, there’s no escape.
Apr 2016 · 375
Loveless Apr 2016
Perfect for each other yet forced to hide their love in the darkness,
If only he could reach his hand out to her and run them through her hair,
When the sun shines, the ghost of her embrace burns his skin.
She penetrates his thoughts, bringing him close to breaking point,
For the emptiness that awaits him every morning,
Is nothing more than the cold cruel hands of despair
Crushing his dreams from the night.
The light holds nothing for him without her..

Dancing in the moonlight, the stars the only witness to their Sin,
In his embrace she found a new world, where only they exist.
If giving up her life meant this moment could last forever,
She would welcome deaths tender embrace with open arms.
Fear flashes in her eyes, as the sun starts to rise,
Torn apart by the inevitably of their fate,
They part ways once again, though tomorrow night is a new night,
And as the moon eclipses the sun,
They will be joined together in darkness once again.
Apr 2016 · 285
So wrong that it's right?
Loveless Apr 2016
They all think I’m selfish,
Having my bad baby on the side,
They say I want to have my cake and eat it too,
Can't they see the cake is so bitter, but at least it’s mine,
And I can’t stop this,
Compelling mess I have created.
When I say it makes me so tired,
They all look away.
Living two lives is not easy,
Neither is loving two people,
It takes dedication and something less desirable,
The thing is I want it all,
And in truth I’m okay with being the worst kind..
Apr 2016 · 515
Forever his.
Loveless Apr 2016
You have returned to my side finally,
I thought I’d feel whole, feel alive,
Instead I feel devoid of emotion,
Devoid of the passion you once breathed into me.
It’s not that my feelings changed or that I love you any less,
Rather I spent so long waiting for you, hoping,
So much so that all the love I have for you is weighing me down,
Until I can’t move or think, you make me so weak and powerless.
Sometimes I wonder how long until this is over..
Knowing that I’ll never leave you,
I don’t have the strength to walk away from you,
The only chance I have to be free from you,
Is if you push me away.
You told me that will never happen,
So I guess we’re stuck together..
In reality I would not have it any other way,
You lurk in every corner of my tainted heart.
Mar 2016 · 1.5k
Loveless Mar 2016
Like a bird I long to fly free into your arms,
Though they soon will become a prison to me.
For freedom is forever fleeting,
Though if I had to choose a prison to live in,
Yours would be the sweetest my love.
Break my wings and suffocate me with your presence,
Freedom is an illusion,
I’d trade it all, I’d be your prisoner,
If it meant I’d be yours.
Mar 2016 · 436
Loveless Mar 2016
Your love is like poison to me,
Flowing through my veins,
I know I’ll pay the price for this sin.
You’ve become my obsession,
Though you’re turning me into someone I despise.
Though I keep coming back for more,
For I never felt more alive,
Then when you’re shoving me down.
Mar 2016 · 1.2k
One more time.
Loveless Mar 2016
It feels like a dream now that you’re back,
Wrapped up in your strong arms again,
There is still so much to overcome,
So many things in our way..
I never tire of hearing you say that you’re mine,
That you belong to me.
You told me that one day I will be yours as well.
My heart and soul are already yours though love,
You may think you cannot express,
How far you would go to have me to yourself.
Words are not needed though, there will come a day,
Someday when we won’t have to hide anymore.
Mar 2016 · 357
War Path Part 4.
Loveless Mar 2016
Months had passed since she remained trapped in this tormented dream,
Her body had started to fade, her radiance slowly turning to ash.
For without her beloved, she was unable to find her way back to reality.
She felt the cold hands of death gripping her tightly,
Memories they shared going through her mind one last time.
She was not going to fight it anymore, let her body turn to dust,
And her soul fly free, maybe then she could find her way back to him.
Letting go is hard, but being here was harder..

With that final thought she felt a shift in the air,
Her beloved’s heavenly scent all around her..
If death was all it took to reunite them, she would have sought it sooner..
Though it was not deaths hands that gripped her tightly,
Feeling a warmth course through her, blood stained lips against hers,
She breathed deeply for the first time, feeling her lover’s energy all around her.
Her tear stained eyes opened hesitantly, finding his sinister yellow eyes piercing straight into her soul.
His eyes in that moment told her everything she needed to know,
They were together finally again, and would walk this ****** path side by side,
This battle may have been won, though the war they face is far from over.
Together at last..
Mar 2016 · 309
War Path Part 3.
Loveless Mar 2016
His swords brushed against his black robes,
Watching the oceans crash around him,
His demonic ship moving like shadows in the night.
What felt like eons, was only months,
Although worlds apart,
She was still his light, luring him,
The voice in his mind calling him back home.
Making haste to the forgotten crypt,
Hoping desperately she was still there.
He could only hope she still carried him in her heart.

All the air left his lungs,
Fear prickling up his spine for the first time in his life,
For what he saw before him was the reality from his tormented dreams.
Falling to his knees in despair he ran his hand down her ashen skin,
Her chest moved slightly, a small amount of relief washing over him.
Cradling her close to his chest he gripped her impossibly tight,
Silently begging for her to open her eyes, for her to come back to him.
Not willing to accept this was the ending, the end of something that never started.
Pressing his lips firmly against hers, he breathed into her,
Trying to give her his very life, in that moment he knew there was not anything he wouldn’t do,
No level he wouldn’t sink to, no line he wouldn’t cross if it meant they would be together again,
He would destroy this world for her..
He came back but I wonder is it too late..
Mar 2016 · 483
Valley of Flowers
Loveless Mar 2016
The darkness swept through the valley of flowers,
Pale moonlight being obscured by the old oaks branches,
This valley is a place where no one goes,
The place that has called to me for reasons unknown,
The old oak tree, stared down at me in icy silence,
As I cried my eyes out, for the tree is but a reflection of me,
Alone in a valley where no one goes, surrounded by flowers
Though so far separated, that their thoughts and dreams cannot meet.

I laid amongst the flowers and closed my eyes,
Dreams of unknown origin drifted through my mind.
The face of the one whom I could never forget,
I don’t know his name yet he feels so familiar.
We walked together once, of that I am sure of,
I longed for his touch, though I know him not,
I wanted him to save me from this isolation,
Though in a valley where no one goes,
What hope is there to ever be found..
Mar 2016 · 355
Loveless Mar 2016
With eyes like obsidian stones,
She watched the fallen empire from her crumbled throne.
She knew not how much time had passed,
The fallen soldiers decaying all around her.
She waited for her lover to return to her side,
What once had been an oasis, had turned into a prison.
So as the crimson rain poured down on her, she fell to her knees.
Her white robes turned to ash, she prayed to the sky,
She screamed at the gods to send her to oblivion,
For her beloved had forsaken her here,
Choking on the memories of him..
Skin much too pale, lifeless eyes, rigor mortis sets in,
Her soul transcended, from the decaying realm,
Drifting eternally trying to find what was lost..
Mar 2016 · 781
Loveless Mar 2016
If we were right for each other,
Then wouldn’t the gods have allowed us to be?
If the stars control our fates,
And the gods control the stars,
Then surely they could have allowed us,
To meet at the right time in the right place..

Instead we’re divided by oceans,
Our timing so incredibly wrong,
That I cannot help but feel we’re victims of fate.
You want to fight the fates, the stars and the gods,
Your resolve is so admirable, but I’m so tired my love..
I just want to fall into an eternal sleep and dream you’re mine..
Mar 2016 · 239
These Chains
Loveless Mar 2016
I can still feel your lips burning my skin,
They tasted just like blood and wine.
I can still feel your embrace wrapping tightly around me,
Like razor sharp chains refusing to let me breathe.
I can still feel your heart beating against your chest,
Does it still beat just for me, I wonder.
I can still feel your fingers brushing through my hair,
You said it smelled like cherry blossoms..

I still feel you, every second of every day, until my very last breath..
If you can’t feel me here anymore, then ****** your hands with my beating heart and crush it. For I don't know how else I’ll stop loving you..
Mar 2016 · 673
See me..
Loveless Mar 2016
If only you could see me now,
Lying awake each night,
Holding on to every image of your face.

When you told me you may break me,
Is this what you had in mind?
I’d still wish to go back to those times though..

At least back then I could stand in your shadow,
I’d take those days over this isolation darling,
Your poisonous words felt like an endearment to me...

If only I could see him now,
Deceitful and beautiful,
Enough charm to make others offer their soul.

Beloved, it’s not all as you think,
You may have broken me but you’re still mine.
I’ll use your mistakes against you.

It’s a subtle dance of dominance.
The more tightly you wrap me around your finger,
The more I get inside your head.

They all think we are crazy,
That we don’t understand how to love,
Though a love this tainted will surely transcend time..
Mar 2016 · 537
War Path Part 2.
Loveless Mar 2016
Sounds echoed all around her,
Melodies with no happy endings.
Her dreams have turned into a tortured void,
The darkness all around her, she stumbles through the fog,
Eternally searching for the one who touched her soul.
The shred of hope remains though, he belongs to her,
And only his tainted kiss will bring her to life once again.
She tries desperately to reach her hand out,
Though she catches nothing.
How long can the silence last…

He’s trying desperately to find his way back to her,
Thinking about her day in and day out.
The distance eating away at him,
Every second feeling like an eternity.
He would be willing to change his world for her,
Though the ocean between them,
Seems impossible to cross right now..
Though his resolve never wavers, She will be his again..
Even if he must become the devil himself,
The seas will part and the sirens song will be heard.
Our time will come again.
Mar 2016 · 584
War Path.
Loveless Mar 2016
She fell into an eternal slumber,
Her beloved’s path lead away from her.
Anaesthetised, she dreamed only of him,
The way his heavenly scent seemed to wrap around her,
The feeling of his teeth sinking into her soft flesh.
With no reason to awaken she dreamed on..

A million miles away from her he stares at the sky,
Wondering if there is a way to align the stars.
Trying desperately to hold on to all the pieces of his world,
His thoughts drift to his secret lover, she was his sanctuary,
He longed to run his hands through her long blond hair,
To drown once again in her hazel eyes so full of secrets..

Their future together is written in tears and blood,
For their love to be realized, many must fall.
Their devotion for each other turned into a war,
On this ****** path of theirs,
Sacrifices are inevitable.
Mar 2016 · 316
Just a dream
Loveless Mar 2016
I had a dream my love,
We were on a small ship,
The sky’s were grey,
The night all around us,
The lighting lit up the sky,
I felt no fear though,
Because we were finally together.

Though the gods were not pleased,
They striked their lightning down on our love,
The sails went up in a blaze of fire,
The ship started to rapidly sink,
Not even the ocean was on our side,
As it threatened to devour us both.

Though we held on to each other,
More tightly then death could have grasped us,
He pulled me to shore,
Not even the ranging ocean could stand in our way,
Though the sky’s were still dark, and the rain and lighting crashed all around us,
On this island, finally together.. Finally free.. There was no place I’d rather be.
Then I woke up..
Mar 2016 · 581
Loveless Mar 2016
Just like the wind I was wrapped around her again,
Her eyes, almost as hungry as mine fixated on me,
I can’t seem to stop this hunger.
I wanted to show her my love..
Can she feel me?
I wanted to be her everything…

Suddenly I was plunged into perpetual darkness,
His sinister eyes seemed to glow as he watched me.
My resolve to stay away is wavering,
I want to show him who I am,
Could my feelings possibly reach him?
He is my everything.
Mar 2016 · 316
Loveless Mar 2016
My memories are fading,
Now that you’re gone,
The dark thoughts start to fester.
Was it real? Or did I convince myself that you’re the one..

I feel so confused,
Where are you now,
I need your sweet lies to bring me clarity.
I need to here you say one more time, “You’re mine”.

Don’t say you’re sorry anymore for being gone so long,
Don’t tell me not to lose hope anymore..
Saying we should hold on to our dream,
But our dream was doomed before it even started beloved.
I know I should move on but.. He always comes back in the end..
Mar 2016 · 344
Dirty Tricks.
Loveless Mar 2016
Though we’re from different worlds,
The red string of fate joins us together.
Is this a cruel trick played on us by the gods,
Or are we being punished for past misdoings.

Loving someone so deeply,
And yet knowing you can never be together..
Such a thing is so unfortunate,
That I cannot help but question why..

What was the point of us meeting?
Of us falling in love?
If it will only bring us both pain,
I wish I could free your sorrow.

Is there a place that exists just for us?
Or is such a place only reserved for those pure at heart?
Our love will always be tainted with our betrayal,
In the end.. We can only bleed together.
Mar 2016 · 449
Loveless Mar 2016
The WIND whispers your name,
It won’t let me forget you.
Its soft caress almost felt like your kiss,
Then I turned around and faced reality.

The EARTH is unwavering, just like your gaze,
It used to captivate me, leaving me breathless.
I cannot fly, cannot leave the earth,
Anymore then I can walk away from you.

The OCEAN is impossibly deep, resembling our love,
Though it can be as cold as ice, just like your smile.
If our passion were a tidal wave, worlds would drown,
Though the only one who is drowning is me.

The FIRE that ignites when we become one,
Is like an eternal flame, it will never extinguish.
My love for you burns impossibly bright,
So much so that I became a pile of ashes.
Not that it matters anyway since you've gone away..
Mar 2016 · 400
Loveless Mar 2016
I wonder what I am,
A cesspool of corruption,
Slowly overcoming every corner of my mind.
Charismatic on the outside,
Hides the necrotic thoughts on the inside.
Feb 2016 · 249
Loveless Feb 2016
This secret life leads me astray,
I don’t need pity nor forgiveness,
For I cannot stop what I love to do,
The one I belong to on paper,
He cannot see my lies or tears,
Though every time he touches me,
I whisper your name.

In my dreams I belong to you,
Though I know what I do just isn’t right,
I’ve gotten good at pretending,
The virtues wife,
No one would suspect otherwise.

Self-loathing has become a close companion,
It is surprising what people are willing to endure,
Just to feel alive, even for a moment,
How much they would risk.

You’re my ***** secret,
But I love you so dearly,
In another life,
Maybe we can shine in the sun together.
Feb 2016 · 127
Loveless Feb 2016
Breathe your life into me..
Feb 2016 · 583
Loveless Feb 2016
The emptiness is crippling me now that you’re gone again,
You keep telling me soon, you’ll return to my side,
That it’s not over yet, we’ll keep spreading the sorrow together,

For you and I, there is no such thing as a happy ending,
I’d rather die than watch you recede though,
Although the tears keep falling, every second you’re away,
I’d wait eternity if it meant we could be as one.

Except if you keep me waiting so long beloved,
You might return to nothing but a pile of dust,
For without you, I’m slowly falling apart.
Feb 2016 · 443
Loveless Feb 2016
I was trying to decide what I liked about you,
10 months ago this sordid affair was birthed from our joined betrayal.
Through it all we both received more pain than pleasure,
Are we both just gluttons for punishment or is there a deeper meaning to it all?
I keep asking myself how long until it is over.. I’m so tired..
Why not walk away with what little pride is left…
It seems the more deplorable you are, the more you are beloved to me..
Let us not kid ourselves though, we both know we are going to be each other’s downfall,
It is only a matter of time, and in our world no one will be spared..
The truth is I love you, because you are ugly on the inside, just like me.
Feb 2016 · 315
The other women.
Loveless Feb 2016
I never saw myself as the other women,
When entrapped in your embrace,
Your warmth enveloping me,
Telling me you're mine.

In my mind your wife was the other women,
The one who would never complete you,
Understand your darkness the way I do,
The one between us..

I watched you silently with her,
She smiled prettily as she held your child,
You almost seemed content in that moment..
I guess I really am the other women.
Feb 2016 · 886
Forever Entwined.
Loveless Feb 2016
I often wonder if the stars control our fates,
Or whether we make our own paths.
The world is against us my love,
Perhaps hatred is all we deserve.
Our love fills even the gods with disgust,
Though we’re both still holding on.

They say what we have is a case of ‘the grass is greener’
Darling, how wrong they are,
All the grass surrounding you is dead.
We’re not destined to live in the light together.
It would only blind us.

In that forbidden moment,
When your soul brushed against mine.
It felt as if I had plunged into an abyss,
Surrounded by perpetual darkness.
For just a moment beloved,
You and I were all that ever had,
And ever will exist.

Our souls bound in a covenant,
Forever entwined.
I saw the universe in your eyes.
Nothing else mattered, in that moment,
I could have died in your arms.
Feb 2016 · 588
Your Shadow.
Loveless Feb 2016
You swore you would always come back for me.
Here I am, still holding on to that promise,
Though the hope has started to disintegrate,

When you leave, the rain never stops pouring,
Or is it my tears that won’t seem to cease,
Your absence is like a knife slowly twisting,
The blood dripping out has all my memories,
Memories tainted with you,
Time has stopped
As if it has malicious intent,
With neither time not fate on our side,
How could we possibly hope to fly?

Every time I close my eyes, I smell your scent,
I know you feel it too,
This undeniable pull,
The need to have you is so strong,
I feel breathless..

There is no light in you,
I’d fall into the darkest depths of despair with you,
I’d let you taint me.
I only ever wanted to stand in your shadow anyway.
Feb 2016 · 305
Loveless Feb 2016
The river of life stops for no one,
It keeps flowing right through me,
While I dance, scream, and cry,
All the petals that fall around me,
Carry your heavenly scent,

Take my hand beloved,
I’m so tired of getting lost on this path,
So many ends and choices,
You told me at the end of them all,
We would still stand strong.

I feel so weak now that your gone,
You said you would be back soon,
Now all I do is wake from tormented dreams,
Dreams of you, fading from my sight.
You said you would break my wings,
Then I would never be able to fly away.

Now you’re the one who dissolved,
Into the petals that fall down around me,
Taunting me, as I dance,
I'll keep singing my requiem,
until you return to my side.
Feb 2016 · 316
Thinking Of You
Loveless Feb 2016
You speak so beautifully.
Like a golden thread of lies,
So artistically spun,
So many times I could have walked away,
Should have perhaps,
I nearly did,
I still might..
wrapped around your finger,
so tightly,
I can’t even think straight,
You’re so beautiful,
I cry thinking about you.

My resolve crumbles,
Every time you call my name,
If it would make you mine,
I’d carve your name into my skin..
Feb 2016 · 667
Greatest Sin
Loveless Feb 2016
He was my greatest sin,
The devil tempting me,
Just one taste..
Was all it took,
For my entire world to decay,
Shining so brightly,
I was blinded by his charm,
Still sinking deeper,
I refuse to let him go.

I was his greatest sin,
The one no one else could reach,
Not even in their dreams,
The one he put up on a pedal-stool,
His beautiful prize,
Forever his queen,
He swore to keep me by his side,
No matter the cost.

Our selfish needs,
Our joined betrayal,
Made them all weep,
never to be forgiven,
eternally cursed,
These are just the sins we bare.
Feb 2016 · 191
Loveless Feb 2016
My darling love, you were always such an enigma to me,
Your words and thoughts not always on the same page,
Carrying around too much pride, it burnt a whole between us,
Both of us fell into this tainted sin together,
Neither of us willing to walk away,
Yet we both know.. We know it’s killing us slowly,
But it’s just the price we pay in order to continue this sordid affair.
You said our love is cursed, because it brings more pain than pleasure,
And yet you would take the pain everyday just for the sake of being with me,
But baby can’t you see, if we jump off into the abyss together and take a chance,
Maybe we’ll find paradise.
#Sin #pain #love #sadness #affair #tainted #dark
Feb 2016 · 282
Only one
Loveless Feb 2016
Cut me, wrap your chains around my neck, I don’t mind,
You said you would set me free, if that was the only way to fix this,
All the while knowing, such words would only make me cling to you more,
Your cold eyes bore into mine when you took a step away from me and said you would never touch me intimately,
And if you cannot lay your hands upon me,
Then you would be ****** if anyone else could,
Your cryptic words, did nothing but fill me with despair.
You said your reasons were because you thought it would scare me away,
But I already know what sort of monster you are,
Have you not realised yet that I’m incapable of turning away from you..
If only your cold eyes would see, I’m here bleeding for you, longing for your touch..
Feb 2016 · 249
Inhuman lovers
Loveless Feb 2016
In our past life we were incapable of showing our true feelings,
Despised, deplorable nothing more than a mask,
This time though it might be real,
If I could feel as others do this might be love,
Neither of us considerably human,
Getting lost in these feelings,
You and I, what we have is much stronger,
More resilient than what humans call love,
Love which can so easily turn to indifference I never needed,
If I could choose the type of love we would share,
I would choose a love that transcends all others,
The type of love others would **** and die for,
On this ****** path, could we ever hope to achieve such a love?
Or is the price we pay for our sins to carry around this loneliness like a burden?

— The End —