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Apr 2016
So it seems you had to leave, for the hundredth time again,
I’m so close to reaching my limit, Know that once I’m done it will really be the end,
Your pretty words will no longer have the power to move me like they once did,
Your sinful charm will no longer wrap around me like chains which seem unbreakable.
Once I’m done, the coldness that you will see,
will even be able to cut your heart which once seemed impenetrable. You’ll tell me again how I’m the air in the lungs. the beat of your heart and the reason for your existence.
Though those words will no longer be able to move me.. It will be as if we never existed, and our love will fade into oblivion, were it belongs, for you and I are no different than the wolf and the moon.  
Calling to one another, in the same world yet not allowed to meet. If it breaks me in the end I swear, I’m taking you with me, maybe we can finally find peace whilst we burn together.
Written by
Loveless  Vatican City.
(Vatican City.)   
   Sisilia and Brent Fisher
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