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Apr 2016
Perfect for each other yet forced to hide their love in the darkness,
If only he could reach his hand out to her and run them through her hair,
When the sun shines, the ghost of her embrace burns his skin.
She penetrates his thoughts, bringing him close to breaking point,
For the emptiness that awaits him every morning,
Is nothing more than the cold cruel hands of despair
Crushing his dreams from the night.
The light holds nothing for him without her..

Dancing in the moonlight, the stars the only witness to their Sin,
In his embrace she found a new world, where only they exist.
If giving up her life meant this moment could last forever,
She would welcome deaths tender embrace with open arms.
Fear flashes in her eyes, as the sun starts to rise,
Torn apart by the inevitably of their fate,
They part ways once again, though tomorrow night is a new night,
And as the moon eclipses the sun,
They will be joined together in darkness once again.
Written by
Loveless  Vatican City.
(Vatican City.)   
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