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 Apr 2016 Loveless
 Apr 2016 Loveless
James Nigh
i touched something....
it was bethnal green and i thought it was a mermaid

it bit me!

so i went back to normal girls.

but they bite harder.

at first it's fun; things are removed.........
then you realize there's nothing left

you can't move. or speak.

you're just 2 eyeballs - watching the party go on.
must it?
 Apr 2016 Loveless
Dané C
 Apr 2016 Loveless
Dané C
And as I gazed at the stars to find the epicentre of my soul-
lost in the vast, never-ending lights of the unknown-
I felt so small, but never have I felt less alone.
For the universe whispered through an evening breeze blown;
You're not lost, child. You've always known. You are who you are and you know where is home.
No matter the road. You are your own.
 Apr 2016 Loveless
Sea Level
 Apr 2016 Loveless
I found the love of my life at the bottom of my last regret,
And that's not to say I found him in my brokenness,
But more to say that the broken can still love,
As easily as waves can repeatedly crash,
And a storm can rip through the tide.
If I told you
I'll have to die to forget you
Could you walk away and pretend
I never met you?
She was always beside me
Whispering in my ear
pull the trigger
"If to forget her is to meet death
then there's nothing left to fear"
Be fearless in love.

Quote is my own.
An old piece I posted on facebook five years ago today. Found on my memories and Re-edited for Hello Poetry.
 Mar 2016 Loveless
she wakes me with a kiss on the cheek
puts a hot drink by my side
then gently ruffles my hair
before exiting the room
a towel wrapped firmly around her
what fine form she has
what buxom beauty
and such kindness beneath
I hear the hiss of hot water
as she steps in the shower
and imagine her moist *******
hardening as she soaps up her *******
soaking herself in the steady downpour
a warm sensation filling her insides
like a hot flood in a rain forest
and outside the birds are singing
and inside so am I
because in that moment
she gave me enough strength
to face another day
and I know
that with her
I am home
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