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Natasha George May 2015
Singing to tunes of Cinderella,
not knowing one day I'd listen again;
Tears burning behind these dull hazel eyes,
which have seen the lost
and been the innocent.

Aspects of me now lay in cinders,
you haven't completely burnt me yet.

My throat is parched.
My voice is raspy.
But I'm still here.

So stop
lighting up the fire place,
there's already so much ash up in here!

and just leave me be.
Aspects of me lay in cinders.
My life lays in ashes.
My bones wish to lay in peace.
Natasha George May 2015
Hold me, in your arms.
Rock me to sleep. Peaceful sleep.
Just hold me till dawn.
A haiku
Natasha George May 2015
I assured him I was okay,
insisted he'd go catch his train.

Though the meeting had shook me,
I knew how to stand and behave.

He told me
forget about today,
use camp as an opportunity for relaxation
and not to keep peering at that dense haze.

But I couldn't.
The truth burned and scalded my face.
Her lies felt like a wet blanket,
soothing all the ache.

It would be easier to oblige,
to push aside dreams of justice
and give in to her lies.

But, no I couldn't.
And I wouldn't.
Cause to do so I'd betray someone's trust.

Tear burned behind my eyes.
I told him once again that I was alright.

He let out a heavy side,
left me at the school gates.

Father knew I considered this my place.
My safe place.
My hiding place.
Natasha George May 2015
Let me scream till my lungs collapse.
I don't want to breathe without you.

Internally bleeding,
let me drown on my own blood.
I want this heart to stop beating.

Let me die tonight.
Let me die with you.

I can almost touch it,
I can almost grasp it,
that white bright light that's swiftly fading.

I don't want to,
but I'll have to.

I'll have to live without you.
And you'll have to die without me.
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