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Kafka Joint May 7
I bought a drone,
That was brought to me by another drone,
Which politely declined to stay.
Kafka Joint May 7
The joker is sad and doesn't understand any jokes,
The joker is tired,
The joker is going mad.
Kafka Joint May 7
Always dancing, never thinking. Some people can be happy just like this.
Any situation should be current. Beware of permanent ones.
Normal people are having strange thoughts, weird dreams and boring lives.
Points of no return are all coming back and asking for permission to stay.
I don't have what it takes, to give it back. So, I'll keep it.
Kafka Joint May 6
I'm a lot of things. Wait, I have a list.
I'm enjoying myself with a somewhat frightening determination.
I'm not other people. Who is this strange person Other People?
"I asked for a room,
The room was promptly given,
You'll find me then in any given room."
I finally got this joke, I'm getting it every morning now, with nobody to witness though.
I'm not drunk, you're not funny, that's a lot to think about.
I'm cancelling my dreams. See the big red button with "Reality" on it? I'm pushing this button now.
Kafka Joint Apr 28
For every soul
There is one underground,
To be lost and found, to be lost and found.
Kafka Joint Apr 25
A foolishness is something I can feel every morning waking up.
Then I'm normally having a distracted thinking or musing, which is a favourite pass-time of our Universe.
You know, pieces and bits, until it fits.
At some point a feeling comes, that the closure is coming to get me or ask me for the last time:
"Make love, or at least sense".
Well, I am surrounded by love with question marks!
So, don't take me, seriously.
Anyway, in life you only have to know what to stop, and then you should stop it. That's it, really.
The next message,coming to me, will be even more clear: "Reality wants back to you".
Just one last thought before giving in to it:" Love is a tricky business with some weird schemes for overzealous investors".
Kafka Joint Apr 25
If you look, you see.
If you look...
You see?
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