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Kafka Joint Sep 5
You are my shelter from the rain,
Once more, again and once again,
Without rain and after rain.
Kafka Joint Sep 5
I have nothing to say,
But it took me all day
To figure it out.
Kafka Joint Sep 5
A dictionary has been spilled into a desert,
And so many nice words are laying around, half-buried in the sand,
Waiting for a passer-by to be spelled.
Kafka Joint Sep 3
As soon as possible,
As slow as possible,
And only if you can do both.
Kafka Joint Aug 30
I'm thinking about tomorrow
In a way that, I hope,
Tomorrow isn't thinking about me.
Kafka Joint Aug 30
A small tsunami wandered through the ocean,
Feeling abandoned, lost and alone,
Looking for friends and gaining on motion.
Kafka Joint Aug 30
Take a train,
Then ditch the train,
Come to me
And stay with me.
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