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Livia Nov 2015
I won't be able to live without you
Without your understanding
And without your company

You are beautiful in your own way
Lighting the room up with your presence
And your never-ending, beautiful grin

I know that my worst days
Will be some of your best
And for some reason, I'm happy

I hope you find happiness
I hope you are loved
But most of all, I hope you smile

                                          Because your smile takes my breath away
To everyone.
Livia Oct 2015
Strong enough to stand up
Brave enough to speak out
Smart enough to understand
Will not let injustice win
I will not let you cry
I will always be there
You be there for me?
Will you save a person's hope?
Or would you let it shatter and
Well.... sorry guys.
Livia Oct 2015
Through trials, tribulation and
Never ending doubt and hesitation
There is a voice of determination,
Whispering in your ear, keep going
And you did

Fighting against all odds
Knowing death may come
But there is a bit of happiness
Knowing that they were doing the right thing
They sacrificed, but made it

I brushed off the nervousness
And put on a strong expression
Hope lost in my eyes,
But not in my soul
And I got up.
For someone feeling sad :).
Livia Oct 2015
Apparently I was yelling in my sleep.
What I was yelling about I didn't know.
I pretend to not have any fears,
But I am the most scared person I know
Snakes, darkness, not being good enough...
I've dreamt about those before.

Over the summer I gained a new fear;
Not just psychically, but mentally as well.
Falling into a pit of self-pity and depression...
Feeling everything as my body and mind shatters.
Being aware as my life gets destroyed.

Nightmares I can deal with,
But the haunting feeling of this one hasn't left me.
No one was there to hear
My petrified screams as the ground disappeared
I couldn't be saved... no one saw me fall and I knew this.
But I still cried out the scream that woke me...

*"Please don't! Don't let me fall! Please!"
Welp, true story. Depressing but whatever.
Livia Sep 2015
I refuse to fall in love.
And even though I fall
Into a beautiful trance whenever I gaze
Into his alluring eyes,
I will not fall in love.
Even though I can talk to him
For hours on end
Without ever getting bored,
I cannot be in love.
His dark hair
His handsome smile
His jovial laugh
The way he makes me feel complete....
I still refuse to admit that I do indeed love him.
For someone truly special to me....
Livia Aug 2015
Upon the clouds the figures stood
Clad in milky white, airy robes
They were both in jovial moods and nothing
Could make them downhearted
Staring into each other’s eyes, all problems in the world seemed to fade
But that was their job; they were angels after all
They were supposed to make things easier on the living
To make it as good as they had it
Or so they thought.
The two lovers had been unaware
Of two gleaming red eyes glaring at them
And the tip of a scarlet trident pointing at them
More specifically, the woman angel
With a wicked grin, the Devil struck
With a bolt of lightning shooting out of the trident,
The angel woman dropped, her magnificent white wings covering her
She fell threw the clouds before her partner could react
Becoming a fallen angel.
Tears spilled out of her ex-lover’s eyes
But the Devil’s smile got wider
She strutted out of her hiding place
And stood next to the grieving angel
He took one look at her, and he knew she was the murderer
Two scarlet horns on the top of her head, and her matching red trident
Her fair skin was adorned in a wine-colored dress
His anger overpowering him, he grabbed the trident the woman held so dear
And impaled her in the back.
He dropped the trident on the cloud and walked away feeling accomplished
But as he was almost to the Gates, the trident reappeared in his hand
Terrified, he tentatively reached a hand to his head
Where it came across two pointed lumps.
He looked down at his previously white clothes; they had become blood-red
A new devil was born.
I wrote this poem when I was a little bit younger...... man was I dark.....
Livia Jul 2015
Cannot be perfect
I will keep on trying but
I will not achieve
First haiku on Hello Poetry!
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