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 Jul 2015 Livia
Ansley Popov
 Jul 2015 Livia
Ansley Popov
Sometimes I think that I am childish for flashing back.
My only justification is that I have no control over it.
Move on.
Grow up.
Let your innocence rest in peace.
 Jun 2015 Livia
I passed a milestone on the way
Exactly when, I cannot say
Maybe where the grass grew long,
Or when the wind blew extra strong
I passed it though, of that I'm sure
That one's gone, but there will be more

many  more
 May 2015 Livia
 May 2015 Livia
Ice is what people slip on,
Cars crash on,
And animals die on

Ice is what makes you be able to walk
on water

Ice is unforgiving,
Haunting you.

Ice is like a cold, sharp knife
piercing your heart

Ice is the last thing you see
when it is too thin

Ice is what is between life or death

You plunge
you keep yourself upright
and let the ice hold you
This is a weird poem, but why not
 Apr 2015 Livia
ms reluctance
It is time to wake up
from the languid daydreams
that once I treasured so.

The place that used to be a haven,
an escape from life’s banality,
now feels like a gilded cage.

The mind wanders, untethered,
through sunlit corridors of indolence
pushing to see how far it can go.

Tantalizing me with possibilities,
never reality, this limbo
is only good for the occasional vacation.
NaPoWriMo Day #26
Poetry form: Tercet
 Apr 2015 Livia
Amitav Radiance
Eyes speaks thousand words
Holds the sparkling stars
Enchanting cosmos of feelings
Night’s traveler halts here
 Apr 2015 Livia
 Apr 2015 Livia
pieces that attach to each other,
pieces that don’t,
are like my mind.
to put together,
once arranged correctly,
makes sense.
I think this poem describes me, because I am confusing like a bunch of puzzle pieces
 Apr 2015 Livia
Sam Stone Grenier
Dark rivers run between society and I
slicing a **** where these words bled fourth
like this since animals touched animals
hypocrites are we
for we forget the past
     but keep it in our hearts
to teach our children
the way to start

Wrong, but so wrong are we
let us pass the past
to society
(wrong, but so wrong are we)

Let us not look to something new
Let us look to something old

Forget how to be human
Forget how to evolve
 Apr 2015 Livia
You cover everything
in a blanket of white
making the world simpler

In fairy tales
you are created by fear and magic,
but you bring
peace and hope

You come from water
and from the sky
just like the sun and the moon
and everything else that is good

You are so powerful
that the weak fear you,
the strong look up to you

You are the one thing everyone has in common
you are made of water
and so are we
So in some ways,
you unite us
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