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T R H Dec 2020
All my strength is gone
I can't fake it anymore
I'm not strong
I'm not resilient
I'm weak, broken
Damaged, alone
I'm too tired to fight
So I just let them in
Let my thoughts win
And I'm so grateful for these masks
So I don't have to wear mine
No forced smile to hide behind
And if you see it in my eyes
It's so much easier now
To say "I'm just tired,
But yeah I'm fine".
T R H Dec 2020
It's getting bad again
Snuck up unexpectedly
Simple tasks leave me drained
Won't sing to my favorite songs
And the things that used to excite me
Just leave me feeling numb.
Laundry piling up
Dishes in the sink
Don't want to move
Too tired to think.
I have to try to push it down
Been doing too well to backslide
But I can't even mutter the words
Or fake a smile to hide behind
Doing the bare minimum
To keep myself alive
To satisfy my friends and family
But what if one of these days
That's not a good enough reason for me
T R H Sep 2019
Constantly awaiting for my brain to stop being my worst enemy
Always at war against the thoughts that try defeating me
And when my mental illness rears its head it's so disheartening
Because I've been trying so hard to let go of that part of me
However 15 years of struggling doesn't go away that easily
Trying to find meaningful connections is impossible without purposely ruining things
When the consistent mantra my brain keeps telling me
That when it comes to love, you will never be worthy
T R H Aug 2019
I just want you to love me
but I know you never will
Why would someone make me feel
like I'm wanted, beautiful and worthy
When all anyone wants is my body
And what they can do to me.
T R H Apr 2019
Some people are afraid of flying
out of fear of falling from the sky
but I've been falling for so long
with no end in sight
so you see,
when I'm soaring above the clouds
I dream of the plane falling down
because at least I know
I'll finally hit solid ground
T R H Feb 2019
I live my life
just waiting to die
but death sure is
taking its time.
So sometimes,
I blow through stop signs
to try and speed things up.
T R H Jan 2019
I'm not sure who I am
or where I'm going
what choices to make
which direction to go
just floating in space.
always alone.
when I do open up
about how I feel inside
"I'm always here for you"
yet they're nowhere in sight
no one checks in
to see how I am
temporary caring
permanent hurting
I feel unwell
fragile, broken
where do I turn
who do I tell
how do I
get help?

and do I even want it?
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