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Sadness is a dark feeling
I don't know whether to consider myself depressed or just
It's like you've fallen into this deep, pitch black hole
And you can't get out
You don't want help getting out
You see the pessimistic side of everything
and you embrace it
It gets even darker
And the hole is eventually filled with the dirt others have poured in
And you accept it
It's you alone with our thoughts
Sometimes they won't shut up and your heart is racing and you shut yourself out from everyone and everything
"You are becoming the most negative person I know," she says
I wonder why
Other times it's completely silent and the sadness flows from your eyes and falls to your toes
And sometimes silence is violent
But the sadness becomes your addiction
This life is so boring
Flies gather on light bulbs
And burn their legs off
I’ve spent the last hour
Rolling their bodies into the storm drain
But they keep coming
They just keep coming
10:11pm, March 21st 2016

I should close my window, but I don't want to deny their right to death.
Summer spoils me with all the sunny days
Autumn colors my life in fiery red
Winter calms me down
But Spring...
Spring makes me think everything is possible
Copyright Afrodita Nestor
My love for you changed me and when you left that changed me too
Maybe that's what
I should do.
Step back and
let distance take
its toll.

I don't have
time to have
my heart broken

I'm falling in
love with you
and I don't
know how to
I want to slow dance with you in the light
Of the stars that shine at night
I want to show you why this love is worth the fight
And give you something to believe in without a fright

I hope you look into my eyes and see waves
That continue to cave and cave and cave
And I hope they bring a smile that creeps up on your face
Whenever you think of you and I being in the same place
"Time waits for no one."*

But I'm not time, so I'll wait for you.
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