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Maybe that's what
I should do.
Step back and
let distance take
its toll.

I don't have
time to have
my heart broken

I'm falling in
love with you
and I don't
know how to
what does it mean
when home
no longer feels like
Im drowning all alone
No one here to save me
Im falling apart
No one to pick up the pieces
So I'm gonna save myself
Pick up my own pieces
The shadows were not around me.
I felt different; the sun was shining in my eyes,
The air was as fresh as mint candies.
The sky was bluer that the bluest ocean.
She had come back, and I was naked,
I was not prepared, everything was different.
My monsters were jealous, the darkness was wondering,
My heart was beating faster than ever
And the chaos was being victim of the peace.
She had come back and that was something unexpected,
I already had buried all the memories,
The sad moments had been forgotten and the mistakes forgiven,
But she had come and I was totally confused.
My demons were screaming out loud.
She said she missed me and everything turned silent.
Everything was colorful again, the birds were singing sweet songs,
But I was not prepared to restart my life,
I was not prepared to suffer again.
By me, The Raven.
I cant deny that you take my soul with every kiss,
please, don’t leave, make me at least believe,
that I am always in your mind, it doesn’t matter the pain,
I could be by your side till the end…
I love touching your long brown hair, while is hit by the air,
sitting in a beach chair, enjoying the breeze there,
I am reading your body like if it were a paper,
with you I would go anywhere, you are my sweet girl…
You take me apart, to that place where the love is art,
it's like a world apart,  what a freaking impact,
when you hugged me, when you touched me,
when you look at me and you say you love me.
You know me, and you know I can not lie, I am right
when I treat you like me treasure.
Is a pleasure being with you and tell everybody that you’re my girl
I’m sure, don’t you ?
By me, The Raven.
What should I do now that I can’t stop thinking about it?
What should I do now that the birds are not singing sweet songs?
The time runs faster than what I thought,
time, sadness and destruction run together.
What should I do?
What should I do if now I know there is nothing within you and me?
It’s impossible to find love where love is gone,
but the butterflies have not gone yet
What should I do if you have cut their winds?
What should I do if you have cut mine too?
By me, The Raven.
I know you are leaving, I know you want to give up
even my monsters are crying and I am feeling ****** up.
I know that when I open my eyes you will not be here,
You will be gone, so far away, I am full of fears.
Every breath I take reminds me that I am in hell,
the sky is dark and the moon is pale.
The stars also know how much I love you,
my tired soul knows that I belong to you.
I have cried enough, there is nothing I can do,
It’s known that everything have its end,
Forget you? Never! Or at least that is what I pretend.
The scars your love caused will never be erased,
You tore my heart but you will always be the best.
By me, The Raven.

I will love you forever.
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