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Mr Morningstar Dec 2018
I once heard a man say “tomorrow is not your friend”
As smoke swirled around the room I pondered what that meant.
You must live every day as if it’s your last
Dwell not on the past
There are days when melancholy strikes like an assigns from the shadows
My heart grows darkness inside golden meadows
A tainted soul locked in an internal war
As dawn breaks my eyes feel heavy.
The bags under them dark like pools of oil.
We have come to another tipping point
Rally I must to turn the tide
For the soldiers in the golden side.
I’ll live to fight tomorrow.
Mr Morningstar Dec 2018
Today I am riddled with question.
My mind races like jets through the sky looking to achieve super sonic speeds
I find myself craving your touch
wanting to revel in your thoughts.
And sit quietly in your company
The small Creases under your eyes
As your lips pull back into a smile
Just moments before a soft laugh breaks free from your lips.
I found you beautiful
And desire to learn all of the beautiful things about you.
Mr Morningstar Nov 2018
Dearest words, my favorite friend
What joy you can bring or pain in the end.
Fashioned true like crossbow bolts.
Reservations for feelings you do not hold
Not like thoughts that ferment and linger
Your precise like the point of the hornets stinger
When I saw you it had not been the first time.
Just the first you’d appear outside my mind
They were not my own
Instead they were heard.
What followed next had to occur
You can hear it like glass under heavy pressure
I guess I continue on my solo adventure
My heart a beast that’s broken, the body lacks its beauty
Perhaps one day someone will see through me.
All that I’ve done returned in kind.
“You have seen inside of my beautiful mind”
I looked in your soul fell in love with what was found
Now a week man. Collapse to the ground
Scream at the sky and curse the moon
My nostrils still smell your gentle perfume
Guys, this feels like dying.
-Mr Niklaus Morningstar.
Mr Morningstar Nov 2018
My mind is addled
The cage has been rattled
How does one define peace
A stoic journey to mask emotions
With reflections to be meditated in private
Does letting it out seem right and good
Theres more going on than what’s under this hood.
Close your eyes and enter the maze
It’s harder to navigate when your minds a haze
Each corner takes you deeper to the Labyrinth’s end
Deeper you dive but not to fast
How else do you make a tempest pass
Thoughts flow like rivers and break the dam
Hearing from you creates mental and emotional jams
To hear from you is to die all over again.
Mr Morningstar Nov 2018
Her smile hits like rays of sun
Her eyes explosive. Like the bang of a gun.
Her hair was soft like tailored silk.
Her voice was quick with witful skill
Her presence calm, an oceans breeze
Her hand in mine, the gentlest squeeze.
Her body pressed so close to mine
A heat that makes a fresh sun shine.
My sweetest angel still.
Mr Morningstar Nov 2018
I made the mistake of looking back at all the pictures of you I saved.
The room got silent and the air went frigid.
In that moment I could hear my heart break into pieces so small they could be passed through the eye of the tiniest needle.
So there I lay, with this boulder of grief on my chest. My minds war ablaze once again razing itself to nothing. Thoughts racing in my head like jets through the sky
It’s times like these where memories are still bittersweet.
A soothing warmth accompanied by a swift chill that freezes over my chest.
The stop in my heart when I think of what was
How at home I felt simply nestled in your thoughts.
How I was no longer alone my soul embraced by your own.
I wish I could take our first kiss at the airport and freeze time in its tracks
simply live there forever.
That moment when you silenced my warring mind
And calmed the butterfly’s in my stomach.
Mr Morningstar Nov 2018
I was something special before you found me.
I’ve become some better since.
A challenge to be a better me.
Risen to because I loved you.
Better then I was at functioning right
But days lack luster and it bleeds into night.
Nothing’s quite wrong, but it still don’t feel right
Back to myself before you had come.
The adventurous man who knew what was fun
So where there was purples and the most vibrants of red
It’s now turning Grey a product of my head?
I guess I’ll just say I’m still in love with you.
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