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Sweet Calamity Sep 2020
Help me I’m drowning
I really can’t breathe
The worlds on my shoulders
Expecting too much of me

I can’t reach the surface
I just don’t feel like me
I’m surrounded by this dark cloud
Who am I becoming?

Help me I’m considered “essential”
And always working
I ******* hate my job
My family life is crumbling

Help me I’m a new mom
To my precious Sunny
I’m numbing her out
I’m not the mom I should be

Help me I’m lonely
I have been in quarantine
With fear of exposing my child
To Covid-19

Help me I cannot relate
To the people around me
The politics are consuming
And we’ve all become mean

Help me I’m overweight
My health is declining
When I look in the mirror
I don’t like what I see

Help me my husband
Really doesn’t like me
I’m not easy to be around
And we aren’t connecting

Help me I can’t find a reason
To keep on living
The world is a dark place
With no room left for me

Help me my temples
are always aching
I know what would relieve the pressure
That has been eating at me
scrawny Sep 2020
Why are you being a ***** to us....
Cant take it anymore, so many lives have lots due to whats happening around us (racism and the pandemic) but i guess 2020 is teaching us that if we work as one we can achieve justice to all the lives that had fallen and maltreated and pass this pandemic safely

— The End —