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Nov 2020 · 161
Mansi Nov 2020
Sleep is a nice break from reality
And therefore very addictive
Especially if you feel more at home
There than in reality
Nov 2020 · 105
Why Can't Time Stop
Mansi Nov 2020
The wet, luscious emerald grass
dancing joyfully in the wind.
A little girl rejoices.
Her yellow dress shines
in the bright sunlight.

She takes a step,
with her dusky bare foot.
The cold water touched her.
With courage,
she took another step.

Before she knew,
she was running free,
as a wild horse.
Her black hair
softly flying behind.

Eventually, she sat down,
in the middle of a multicolored field.
Looking around at the
awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Closing her big brown eyes,
she looked up
stretching her arms
as if embracing the sun.

She thought.
"Why can't time stop?"

She laid awake on her bed,
twenty years later
with her big brown eyes,
now filled with worry
still wondering the same question,
"Why can't time stop?"
This is the 100th poem I am posting on HP and I wanted it to be something special. This is the first poem I have ever written. I wrote it in grade 10 as an English assignment.

I also want to thank the HP community for being so kind and encouraging. I have never felt comfortable sharing my poetry with others but after all the support, I feel more confident in sharing.
Nov 2020 · 118
What Do Children Need?
Mansi Nov 2020
They don't need the latest technologies or toys

They need their parents' undivided attention
They need moments of uncontrollable laughter over something silly
They need to feel safe despite the chaos happening outside

They need beautiful memories with their family not with their devices
Nov 2020 · 85
Mansi Nov 2020
I think some relationships are cyclical
Like going through the seasons

It's painful to drastically go from
summer to winter

Just as it is to go from being in your constant presence
To a rare phone call here and there

However just like summer returns
I'm sure we'll meet again
Nov 2020 · 99
Close Friend
Mansi Nov 2020
Meeting a close friend
After an eternity feels so unreal

Your brain is trying to understand
That they are finally in front of you

But your heart knows
They never left you
Nov 2020 · 177
We Need to Stop
Mansi Nov 2020
We need to stop
telling young children
that their worth comes
from the letters
on their report card

Too many children
are slowly
killing themselves
trying to measure up
to society's
unrealistic expectations
Nov 2020 · 94
Mansi Nov 2020
I think everyone is being haunted
Maybe not by something supernatural
But something more sinister:
Missed opportunities
the choking sensation of their fear
Nov 2020 · 77
Lightning & Thunder
Mansi Nov 2020
I used to be terrified
of lightning and thunder
when I was younger.
The bright bursts of light
the loud sounds
were too much to handle
for my frightened mind.

Now that I am older
I have learned to love them.
They are evidence of how
beautiful and poweful
Mother Nature is.
Nov 2020 · 87
Mansi Nov 2020
My grandparents house
was a safe haven,
A space where
Time nor stress

A place filled with
My grandmothers
Stories of birds
And princesses
That lulled me
Into peaceful

A place filled with
memories of
Eating mangoes,
And popsicles
with My grandfather
On hot summer days
Inspired by Nikita Gill’s “On the Way to Delhi, We Stop at Nani’s House”
Nov 2020 · 242
Peace II
Mansi Nov 2020
I think I finally know
What I mean by
“I need peace”

It’s not that I want things to stop
Because let’s face it
They never will

It’s more peace of mind
To accept the
Chaos and
learn thrive in it
Nov 2020 · 135
Prayer III
Mansi Nov 2020
Fix me Lord
Fix my broken heart
So I can help
Other broken hearts
Nov 2020 · 129
Today I heard someone say
Mansi Nov 2020
“Be where your feet are”

I didn’t realize
how much Time
my mind spends
in the past or the future
And rarely in the present

Makes me wonder
If this has always been the case
or a recent occurrence
Nov 2020 · 911
Mansi Nov 2020
Some days
You just need
To take a
Long nap
To reset your
tired brain
Nov 2020 · 177
Mansi Nov 2020
There is something special
About listening to
Calming music
As you're falling asleep

Your soul
Can freely float
As you rest
Inspired by every Sleeping At Last song I have ever heard
Nov 2020 · 133
Mansi Nov 2020
I don't understand
Why some people
Have different opinions
the pandemic or climate change?

Since when did we
start having opinions
on facts?
When did we start
Picking and choosing
Our realities?
Nov 2020 · 79
Mansi Nov 2020
People will try to belittle
Not because
There is something wrong
With you
But because they don't know
How else to feel better
Oct 2020 · 354
Mansi Oct 2020
You are remarkable
Don’t forget it

The world
May tell you
You are not good enough
to be there

But listen to the
Little voice in your head
You don’t need the world
You have you
And your tribe
Oct 2020 · 151
Mansi Oct 2020
We have to fight for
Our futures

No one is going to
Hand you your dreams
On a silver platter
Oct 2020 · 638
Mansi Oct 2020
Learn to love yourself
Before you love
Anyone else
Oct 2020 · 119
Dear Reader,
Mansi Oct 2020
You deserve the best in life
Regardless of how much
You have
Failed or disappointed

You have an impact on this world
Even if you do not see it
Someone somewhere
Is happy knowing
You're on this planet

Keep taking it one day
At a time

I initially wrote this for a friend but I hope it helps you.
Sep 2020 · 461
Mansi Sep 2020
Perfection is a characteristic
That is force fed to us
A characteristic we must
Die trying to achieve
But why?

No human before me
Has been perfect
Why do they expect
It to start from me?
Sep 2020 · 297
Mansi Sep 2020
I am randomly getting feelings
of impending doom

As if the world will
End tonight
As if someone I love
Will leave me today
As if there is no
Sep 2020 · 100
Mansi Sep 2020
Normal days are the hardest
to remain close to God

On good days
There is something to
Celebrate with Him

On bad days
There is something to
Cry to Him about

On normal days
Everything feels good
That I forget how much
I need Him
Sep 2020 · 94
Mansi Sep 2020
Why do we expect everyone
To react to
Grief, and  
In the same way?

Each person is different
And so is each circumstance
So how can we expect the
Same reaction?
Sep 2020 · 187
Mansi Sep 2020
I am learning that self-pity
Is a dangerous thing
That must never
Be allowed into your mind

It might be comforting
In an unusual way
But in reality
It's slowly poisoning
Your mind
Sep 2020 · 279
Mansi Sep 2020
Imagine a car being stuck in snow
No matter how hard you try
To accelerate out of
The pit of despair
You will be stuck there
That is helplessness

But if you have one person,
Just one,
helps you
You can get out
That’s the power of
I know this is such a cheesy poem but it’s dedicated to my friends who have been with me in the thick and thin
Sep 2020 · 443
Mansi Sep 2020
I understand why
Romanization of death
The world is so exhausting
That death seems like a
better option

However, I wonder
What made life
So mundane and empty
That we seek to
Escape it?
Aug 2020 · 118
Mansi Aug 2020
I no longer know
What progress feels like
Every time I feel like
I have made
A major improvement
I lose my footing
And fall right back down
From where I started
Aug 2020 · 315
Mansi Aug 2020
There is too much happening
Too much to care about
Too much to fight for
All worthy causes
But the biggest fight of all
Is to be empathetic
In this apathetic world
Aug 2020 · 92
Mansi Aug 2020
Why is it so hard
To tell people how we feel?
The society has messed us up
So much
That even talking about
What's breaking our hearts
Seems embarrassing
Aug 2020 · 123
Mansi Aug 2020
When I was younger
I thought I
Craved attention
But in reality I just
Wanted to be acknowledged
By the people I cared about,
Even in a small way
Aug 2020 · 79
Mansi Aug 2020
I need to learn
How to deal
With the stress
As it's coming
My way

My current method
Involves repressing
With such pressure
That I cannot predict
When the volcanic
Eruption of emotions
Will occur
Aug 2020 · 200
Mansi Aug 2020
All my life I’ve heard
That I’m not enough
I’m not fair enough
I’m not tall enough
I’m not skinny enough
I’m not smart enough

Enough is enough

I have learnt to
Be enough for me
And that’s all that matters
My friend gave me a “write a poem in 1 min” challenge and this is what I came up with!
Aug 2020 · 534
Mansi Aug 2020
When I was younger
I always thought
My family loved each other
Not unrealistically like in the movies
But more in their humanly
And flawed way

But now that I am older
I wonder if it was love at all
It all feels like an illusion
To cover up the rotten core
Of greed and pride
Aug 2020 · 159
Mansi Aug 2020
I create clutter
In my head and around me
When I'm stressed
Because I have no energy
To clean it up

As the clutter increases,
My frustration increases with it
Until I can no longer function
Till I clean it up

How long before I finally
learn the lesson
To take care of myself?
Jul 2020 · 336
Mansi Jul 2020
Have you ever wished time would stop?
Like everything coming to a

Just so you can have a moment
To catch your breath
Jul 2020 · 190
Mansi Jul 2020
I’m always afraid of the worst
The fear just churns in my head
Fuelling more of my anxious thoughts
It’s an unfortunate cycle
That I’m desperately trying to break
Jul 2020 · 317
Mansi Jul 2020
Wind has such range:
It is gentle enough
To make a hot day better
Strong enough
To wreck havoc

I think people are the same
Each capable of both extremes
Jul 2020 · 356
Mansi Jul 2020
Take a moment and
Look back at your life

You’ll find a string
Of beautiful experiences that
Placed you where you are today
Jul 2020 · 302
Mansi Jul 2020
I have always wondered
What I will look like when
I take off all of my masks

As I am slowly taking them off
I see scars that
I'm not proud of
But there is more beauty
Than I originally
Jul 2020 · 187
Mansi Jul 2020
The rawness of this world
Is often overwhelming
That’s why easier to find an escape
Rather then live in the moment

We are safe in our hiding place
But from there
we can only
watch life slip away
Jul 2020 · 190
Mansi Jul 2020
If there is a path
I will find it
No matter how hidden
I am not known to give up
Jun 2020 · 618
Mansi Jun 2020
It takes courage to live
Even if you have to
Take it one day at a time

Each moment you try to survive
Takes you closer to the time
When things will be better
Inspired by the Taiwanese tv show “the victims game”
Jun 2020 · 238
Mansi Jun 2020
What happens if
If I can’t go on?
What happens
If I lose my strength
To follow my dream?
Jun 2020 · 219
Mansi Jun 2020
Two containers:
One empty, the other full
Will both make noise
When dropped

Similarly with people
Everyone has an opinion
But you must know
Which one is worth listening to
Jun 2020 · 228
Jigsaw Puzzle
Mansi Jun 2020
It’s hard to see
everyone fit in while
you’re an odd jigsaw puzzle
Be patient!
You fit in with God
And the beautiful community
He provides
Jun 2020 · 182
Mansi Jun 2020
I don't hate you
You were my favorite person
Growing up

I'm just disappointed in how
Different you are
From what I remembered
Jun 2020 · 624
Mansi Jun 2020
Eyes are so simple
Yet so mysterious

A quick glance can tell you
What they're conveying
But the longer you look
The more depths
You discover
Jun 2020 · 105
Mansi Jun 2020
Why is forgiveness important?

It’s not for the other person
But it’s for you
You need to let go of the pain
So you can hold
Something else instead
Jun 2020 · 141
Mansi Jun 2020
When monsters are gnawing
At your heart
It is so easy to surrender
Trust me I've lost that fight
Many times and
Regretted it every time

But it only takes one minute
Of courage
To stand up and fight
Trust me it can be draining
But you'll thank yourself
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