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 Mar 2015 Lux
Scarlet Niamh
The hourglass runs out of sand,
So I flip it and watch the sand fall like liquid again.

Time brings order
To the wretched chaos of our universe.
It coats all things with a thick film
And paints life onto blank canvases.
Such a beautiful little thing, time is.

Dandelion hours float away on the wind,
And the everlasting cycle of time
Brings all things to their inevitable death
With breathtaking, morbid beauty.
 Dec 2014 Lux
I listen to different music
I read different books
I dress in different clothes
But I still love you

I have different friends
I write different poems
I date different people
But I still love you

I wear different cologne
I draw with different mediums
I play different instruments
But I still love you

I’ve tried everything I could
Everything to change who I am


I’m still


for you

I’m still yours
And it’s not fair
 Dec 2014 Lux
I'm not going to beg you to stay
I'm not going to sob please don't go
I'm not going to say you're too young
I'm not going to pretend it can all just be fixed

But I want you to know
I'll miss you everyday, like I already do
I'll pray for you everyday, like I already do
Some near four months ago now, when I joined this site
          you were my first like and follow
          you made me want to write, you still do

You are a comfort and an anchor
I only wish I could be the same for you
You are like my brother, but not, because you'd never hurt me
You make me feel like smiling and
          I wish I could show you my smile, give you my laugh
          give you back all the things you've given me

Late August this guy who called himself Magicath started following me
          and I thought it was the greatest thing ever
But what was greater was getting to know the Playlist Of Souls
          behind the screen name

Andy, I'm not going to ask you to stay for me, because no one's
          been able to do that before,
          never mind like this
But for you to stay
          is my own tearful, secret wish

I love you, darling.
- - -
Challenge by Demonized Angels. #thisisforandy #anewreligion
He's really bad, guys.
- - -
# cancer # hope # always # missyou
 Dec 2014 Lux
Gavin Barnard
I don't have to hope
           When I'm dead.
I don't have to worry
           When I'm dead.
I don't have to try
           When I'm dead.
I don't have to cry
           When I'm dead.

I don't have to feel so useless
           When I'm dead.
I don't have to feel so hopeless
           When I'm dead.
I don't have to feel so pathetic
           When I'm dead.
I don't have to feel so incomplete
           When I'm dead.
 Nov 2014 Lux
Ember Evanescent

I thought it might be nice to do like a secret santa thingy on hellopoetry only not secret and not santa… what I mean is, find a random stranger you literally have never met and do NOT know at all whose poetry you like and spend actual time genuinely reading their work, picking out your favorite lines and responding to them, pondering them, etc. Write something positive to them and post it as a poem with their name in the title. The “DEAR BLANK” challenge only you put their name instead of “blank”. I think we could all use a little recognition that we exist and are worth something since everyone seems a little depressed on here (including myself) which is fine, it’s a great outlet but it would be nice for people to just spontaneously find that a random stranger spent time in their life just to recognize you and care about your poetry. To write a kind poem/letter to them responding to lines in their poetry. If you need an example I just posted DEAR IMALRIGHT which was exactly what I meant. Check out imalright's poetry btw it is amazing.
I plan on doing for more than one person and I'd love for you to do the same. Spread a little kindness, we could all use a little.
Also message me if you are going to do the challenge and message the stranger you do the DEAR BLANK challenge for so they know to look for and read your poem.
I just thought that Imalright who was a perfect stranger to me seemed like a wonderful poet and a wonderful person based on her poetry so I chose her.
You do that too if you accept the DEAR BLANK challenge.
please repost this over and over so we can get as many people involved as possible and try and make a difference in a couple people's lives because I just want to make everyone feel loved but I'm just one girl, I can't do it alone. Please help me with this and join me in the DEAR BLANK challenge. Take time out of your day to properly appreciate someone's poetry who you do not know.


 Nov 2014 Lux
k o s m i k
i love you. i do, i really do. and i’m sorry if it freaks you out sometimes, but these feelings are so overwhelmingly strong that it shakes my whole system even after 2 am. i dream of you constantly and it horrifies me because they seem so real — as if i could still feel it, taste it, remember it like it happened yesterday.

i love you, and it’s scary to think that your words can break me anytime, any moment. i am vulnerable to you, and i think it’s both beautiful and sad how i easily & effortlessly gave it all up just so i could be with you. there’s just something — God knows what — that made me want to be with you even though i’m aware that you’re galaxies away from me.

i love you, and i love how i feel beautiful when you say that you are in love with me too. God, you are my favorite. i must admit that i have kissed & loved enough boys to know what brokenness truly feels like, but you mended me just like i’m something familiar, something you’ve been fixing your entire life. it’s a sick, mad world we’re living in, but you make it seem less agonizing whenever i hear you say those three words at 3 am, 4 pm, or 11 pm.

i’m in love with you, and it’s more intoxicating than the cigarettes and the alcohol i’ve taken in my whole life combined, and i don’t even want to be sober. you are the high even without the drug. you are the euphoria even without the ******* (beautiful) fireworks. you are the emotion even without the words.

i love you, and it’s okay if you can’t put it into words — how you feel — because even the silence i spend with you is enough to give me butterflies in my empty stomach. i don’t know what time it is, but it’s past midnight, and i’m still writing about you. i am a mess for and because of you, and my handwriting is proof. you shake my system even when you’re not there, and my dear, this is rare.

i love you dearly, with all honestly, and with all faithfulness. and i can’t help but think about you, every **** day. you’re both my drug and my antidote. my poem. my sunlight, my stars. my soul.

and i hope you love me too, as much as i love you.
 Oct 2014 Lux
I remember when you first kissed me
My heart pounded in my heart like a red breasted spring robin
You tasted of pure happiness,
Because after all the months I had waited for this moment
It had finally come, it was so brilliant.
Feeling your breath against my skin as you gently kissed my neck.
It was amazing being so close to you, feeling although we were one.
Feeling your arm wrap around the small of my wispy cloud body
As we kissed the wind blew around us
Pulling us apart as it seemed,
I let my hands drop as I realized you had left
And your lips had turned to dust
You left as swift as you could
Like you had not put up a fight to love
I spiraled into dark claws of heart break, only to crawl back out
Whether I was to come out with bruises on my hands, knees,
Or even my heart
I wouldn't allow my happiness to be based off of someone who would leave.
 Jul 2014 Lux
SG Holter
I have more than seventeen
Poems that
Mention me watching
You draw
Tracksuit pants
My sweater
Knitted socks
Colouring in some creation
With the tip of your
Tongue peeking out
From the side of your mouth
As always when
Light from the stove
Flicking curiously
Upon your person
Dry firewood heat in
Contrast to the outside
Beading our foreheads
At times
We were that old couple
On the picture
You cried when
I showed you
You are in truth the most
Beautiful person
I've ever consumed
With my every
You made me
For so long

I'll miss you.
*******, little girl.
I'm really
Going to
Next page