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Lux Nov 2020
Honestly I didn't know how
so many things could fit inside of me,
how so much sadness could be in my heart
how much rage and frustration could welt my soul
but I knew that they were wrong
and that not many could ever understand.

I talk about you,
I let balloons go
I write to you
I send letters into space,
I speak to the sky
Knowing you'll get it.
you always did. They say grief is just love with no place to go.. her name is sarah and beautiful souls are never forgotten.
Lux Oct 2020
The last time I was on this train it was a one way back to the city we hated the most, you were off fighting your demons and I was was here trying to forget.
You were everywhere I looked,
even on a bus ride into a town I knew you hadn't touched still made me feel closer because it was the shortest distance we had been in months.
I often wonder if the you are lingering somewhere inside a body you no longer belong to.
If getting on a plane to somewhere far and unknown was a way of escaping for you, I can understand that more now than I did when I was 18 . maybe you just figured it out before I did
Lux Oct 2020
I tried to recall your face again.
I haven't tried in such a long time,
I remember the frame being as familiar as the back of my hand,
the white of your eyes being too white, eyes like a sunset
how your smile took up your whole face
the faint sound of your laugh,
I always come up lost within your floating matter
which quiet frankly just doesn't matter anymore.
(at least it shouldn't)
Lux Oct 2020
I still haven't forgotten how close we were to the edge,
We could have taken one step
and almost found each other curled up beside one another in the morning. What you're thinking is right, "almost".
There will be a day when I forget because "almost"
is too small of a word for me to hold on to.
Lux Oct 2020
I realized that this town and this state
is as hollow as the people who run it
and i am finally understanding
why it was so easy to leave
e v e r y t h i n g
and never look back
Lux Oct 2020
You're like the ocean, I can never get tired of looking in your direction
and I've never seen brown eyes look so blue.
No matter how rough the waves got,
The noise the water made when hitting the surface
never bothered me,
I can only smile at how beautiful it was when the sun hit the shore.
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