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  Aug 2018 Caroline
I learnt to


after you’ve gone.


 that’s one of the best things

                                 I’ve felt in
                                    a while.
  Aug 2018 Caroline
Tash Mckay
I'll hold a light for you forever
I'll lock this up
Hide it forever
But I will weep
As you have never been mine to keep
Even when we have dined and laugh at life with each other
I see behind
That smile
I'm not yours
Your not mine
Even when we have made love
Our bodys intertwine
and we both have weeped
As time stood still
In that loving moment
I still wish you the very best
And that all the world see the great hairs on your chest
That I love so much
Yet you hate so dearly
I still will hold a light in the dark for you
I still walk in the park thinking of you
I still miss you
Should I have stayed and thought it
Should I change just for you
No one should change if love is true
Time to let go
Time in where another love is lost
It's time
I will wish you love
I will wish you hope
I will hold a light for you forever
I say goodbye
I let go

Forever x

Natasha ***
Love lost been and gone yet still ill hold dear to me xxxx letting go ***
  Aug 2018 Caroline
I cut the pain away, I cut you off as well
how can I survive, when all I know is hell

I've seen the world burn down, I've seen my self decay
but what should I do, when my reality fades away?

Tell me it'll be alright, tell me the morning is on its way
hold my hand forevermore, and keep the loneliness at bay

The pain rushes in with the tide,
and I feel so alone now, without you by my side
the darkness is whispering sweet dreams of mine,
but what am I supposed to do
when the darkness comes inside?
  Aug 2018 Caroline
Emeka Mokeme
Heaven is surely here,
hidden within the
heart of man as love.
This is heaven
that I feel within.
Pure bliss
it is definitely.
My whole being
resonates to it.
I am grateful
for this moment
in time.
Filled with
unimaginable love,
A love that sheds
a joyous tears.
Sacred and pure,
it is here to
keep and hallow me.
A love that
forgives and forgets,
a love that
remember nothing
but just to please
and love deeply.
A love that
counts no errors,
but enfolds and
comforts you.
No guilt or deceit
can ever penetrate it.
Though sometimes painful,
it heals without a scar.
Weighed on a scale of
divine purity,
it binds the heart
with joyful tenderness
and sets it free.
This love
doesn't criticize,
it admonish
with compassion,
not confusion.
That life you
wanted so much,
is in your heart,
it will sprout to bring
glory to your soul.
Never minding what
you see or feel.
If it finds you worthy
will rest and abide
in you forever.
Cherish this
moment always
for you may never
have it back ever.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
  Aug 2018 Caroline
Anthony Mayfield
Somebody, please take me home
Get out of here fast
Somebody, please make me whole
Make me want to last
It’s like living under a street light
At late nights
Too scared to survive
Someone, get me some healing
Get out of here fast

Somebody’s gonna have to love
Get out of here fast
Somebody, please gain my trust
Make me want to last
Somebody’s gonna have to love
Get out of here fast
Whoever did this to me
Pray for forgiveness
I’m not going to last
That feeling when the lonely night takes over and your past becomes your present in your mind.
  Aug 2018 Caroline
I can't stop the feeling, the aching, the shaking, the beating in my chest.
I can't stop the way my head is throbbing and robbing me of relaxing.
I have half a breath before not breathing at all.
There is a pain in my heart, like its empty and hollow.
There is a pain in my head as if it's about to overflow.
This feeling only ever happens when I see them,
The happy ones
The ones who smile brighter than the rest,
The ones who have a hand to hold,
The ones who have a love to share,
The ones who have someone who cares.
After all,
I do not smile bright,
I have no hand to hold,
I have no love to share.
I have no one who cares, in that way.
That special deep and meaningful way.
In this way and only this way, I am alone.
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